The Double Bonus

Do you want to monetize your writing skills? Well, we at Crypto Blog, are here to help you precisely with that. You can utilize your writing skills to contribute to the platform that we have built, particularly for writers like yourselves. While most sites would give you a do-follow link, other generous websites might choose to reward for writing  to you in some other way.

At Crypto Blog, you get both- do-follow links as well as weekly rewards. We pay our five best contributors tokens worth $250 every week based on the engagement on their content. The tokens shall be divided among the winners according to the percentage of visits that their blogs receive. The contest begins today and will continue till Sunday 27th of October. The list of winners would be displayed on Monday, 28th October, and, thereafter, it would be updated every week on Mondays until notified otherwise.

Toward A Transparent Mechanism

To ensure the utmost transparency, the names of the writers who win our weekly contest would feature on our platform. Also, the unique engagement that they have on their blog posts during a week will be displayed to give you an idea about how much audience you need to reach to the top. The list will be updated every week, thereby giving you the opportunity to earn every week.

How to Claim Your Reward

Your account will be ready the moment you register yourself at our platform. By filling out a simple form, you can make yourself eligible to receive prizes that we have for you. The tokens that you win will be transferred directly into your Cryptoknowmics accounts from where you can redeem or withdraw them.

So what are you waiting for? Write something and send it to us and get the opportunity to win big.