Health, fitness and beauty go hands in hands. Especially for ladies, maintaining optimal fitness levels is crucial, as their bodies go through more drastic changes throughout life than men. Fitness and health are terms that are often and generally confused for the regular exercise and workout. In reality, the meaning is far more profound and accompanies a lot of other factors as well. Fitness is just a part of it.

Keeping the holistic view of fitness in mind, health is defined as the state of total physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Today’s mantra focuses on all the essential elements that contribute to fitness, and everything women need to focus on to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at ten tips to get you healthy and in shape without a further delay!

Balance Is The Key; Know Your Servings

Your first step towards fitness as a woman should be the balanced diet and knowing your plate. When it comes to a balanced diet, always remember that you should eat in variety, not bulk. Each meal has to have food from major food groups. It includes carbs, proteins, milk, vegetables, and fruits. Drink plenty of water, and keep yourself hydrated.

Understanding the serving sizes is another perfect way of ensuring overall fitness. Keep trans-fat low, eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetables, take carbohydrates to meet your glucose requirements, consume two to three servings of milk and protein. Keep processed foods to the minimal and avoid carb loading that can result in extreme weight gains.

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Keep A Steady Weight

The second step on your fitness journey is to keep a steady weight. You can do that by knowing your BMI and your ideal weight. Several online platforms can help you with the dietary calculations, or you can get a professional consultation about weight goals and diet plan. If you are overweight, start the weight loss program and bring the weight range to the ideal weight.

To keep it constant and plateau at the optimal range:

  1. Stick to a healthy dietary regimen.
  2. Don’t worry; it does not have to be strict or lifeless. You can enjoy all types of foods as long as you burn enough calories and not exceed requirements.
  3. Eat everything and eat healthily, so you don’t have to worry about the weight fluctuation.


Workout-Keep It Is Moving

Exercise is your best friend when it comes to fitness and health. It helps with the fat mobilization that tones the body and builds muscles. It also helps with the blood flow to all parts of the body, and every cell gets adequate nutrition. Each cell maintaining its balance contributes to the overall health and fitness levels.

Another way exercise helps your body is through its hormonal workup. The practice is known to release the endorphins that are the positive hormones of the body. They help in uplifting the moods and work closely with the long term gratification mechanisms of the body. In other words, workout leaves you in a good mood, and it lasts for a long time


Keep It Consistent

When it comes to attaining a steady fitness status, consistency is the gold standard for everything you incorporate in your diet or exercise. For instance, if you start making dietary changes by introducing two fruits before your meals, you can do every day without a break. It is crucial to develop a long-term habit, keep improving, and work continuously towards the goal.

Similarly, for a fitness training exercise, choose the ones that are easy to follow and the ones that can keep doing without losing too much energy. If you start to drain yourself even initially, you will tire yourself out, and the likelihood of giving up the routine will increase. Thus, whatever you do make a routine out of it.


Spice It Up With A Variation

One issue most women complain about is that diet and training is not working. It is usually not the diet or exercise’s fault. In reality, the underlying issue lies in the missing out on the variety in diet and exercise. As the body acclimatizes to a particular activity, it sometimes stops responding to it.

The solution is to add the spice of variety to the exercise. Use a blended approach and mix up cardio and resistance exercises. Target the muscles of your entire body to get holistic results. One important thing to remember is that don’t overdo everything. Give your body a day to rest. It helps in the muscular remain and reverses the wear and tear of your face during the training.


Start Small And Go Big. 

If you are new to fitness training, you should know that you always start small and then add up to the routine. Start by going on a walk for 20 minutes then begin to increase the time. Increase the intensity of the exercise by alternating between slow walking and brisk walking.

As your body copes with the newly introduced regimen, go for other exercises as well. Start with beginner level crunches and push-ups to strengthen your core. Include a resistance band to push your muscles. You can always invest in sportswear and equipment to make the activity a bit easier to perform.


Don’t Forget The Vitamins.

If you believe that your diet cannot meet the daily requirements for micronutrients, you can include the multi-vitamins. For girls of growing age and women, the deficiency can sometimes occur. For instance, iron losses due to blood loss during menstruation and calcium losses due to low estrogen levels can deplete.

Thus, the recommendation is to get the blood work done and see if you are deficient in anything. If so, then have a nutritionist recommend you multivitamins. They also contain minerals, so you will quickly meet the recommended dietary intake of all micronutrients.


Pay Attention To Your Skin.

As we surpass our teens and twenties, skin starts to take a step backwards from the glow, and the degenerative process begins with ageing. It is normal, and the most human function, but we can take steps to keep our skin healthy through the natural process of ageing. Thus, a part of your fitness routine should also contain skincare routine.

Like any muscle in our body, facial muscles also need work and workout routines. It is one of the reasons why facial yoga and training are trending. Go for monthly facials that are best suited for your skin, cleanse and exfoliate regularly. It is ideal for the overall fitness that your whole body, including your face, feels fit, and healthy.


Don’t Miss Out On The Doctor’s Appointment.

Regular checkups also help out in fitness. For women, regular visits can minimize the incidents of extreme disease progression, and it keeps the health in check. Specific biomarkers and physical appearance sometimes indicate underlying deficiencies and diseases that you might not know about.

Thus, regular checkups can help you plan the intervention on time. Physical exam and blood work every three to six months will give you all the information about your health status. If you are over forty, then breast exam through mammogram should also become a part of your yearly checkups. Hormonal changes during menopause or due to any reproductive issue should also be monitored. 


Get Your Beauty Sleep.

Sound body and mind also demand adequate nightly sleep. The daily grind and hard work need rest and sound sleep. The body has the mechanism of rejuvenating and re-growing cells while we sleep. Hence, you must make a routine that includes at least eight hours of sleep in total. Overall, it will make your skin glow and help your muscles recover from the exercises and the tearing.

In addition to the nightly sleep, afternoon siesta and nap is also crucial. You can divide the 8 hours into the two hours naps and six hours of the night’s sleep. Napping can help you energize during the day time. Researches have shown it also helps reduce the incidence of heart attack and reduces the overall stress.



Now that we have listed all the pro-fitness, it is safe to assume that over health does not only mean exercise. It is a blended approach that comprises several other elements. The key is to take care of all the factors equally to get the desired results. The life-dependent transitions that every woman goes through, take a toll on health and fitness. Thus, it is crucial to maintain a lifestyle that you can benefit from to stay agile and healthy. Following the tips mentioned above can give the fitness level you aspire to achieve. It is so starting working on yourself today and letting your journey begin.