Manoj Singhaniya


The sudden impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a massive and unexpected twist in everyone’s life. This drastic change has not only affected our health but crumbled our social life and the economy as a whole. As the government has already laid strict rules and regulations like lockdown restrictions that makes it even harder for us to connect with the world. Thanks to the power of digital transformation that makes our communication worry-free with the help of smart Digital visiting b2b ecard vibes.


From ditching the traditional paper counts to making our communication contactless, the digital business cards have given us new opportunities to grow our network positively. This article will explain to you the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on paper and virtual business cards.


The Final Goodbye of the Paper-Based Visiting Cards During Coronavirus

Can you believe that Covid-19 can kill the centuries-old practice of sharing visiting cards? This sounds too sad but true. 


The Coronavirus has relentlessly left an unforgettable mark on the business as well as the digital world. Just like any other marketing tool, it has unabashedly disposed of one of the oldest marketing tools i.e; digital business card vibes. 


Did you know the USA alone generates over 10 billion business cards every year by cutting down nearly seven million trees? Out of which 90% of paper-based cards are likely to be immediately thrown away by the user within a week.


This shocking statistic has proved that visiting cards are losing their existence due to advancements in technology and trends.


Along with this, the strict guidelines laid by the powerful bodies due to the global pandemic have restricted our movements altogether. Enforcement of new laws has also aggressively affected the world of visiting cards.

This could be the possible reason why most businesses are ditching visiting cards and shifting their focus towards new-age virtual business cards.


The Multitude Benefits of Using Electronic Cards for Business Post Covid-19

No, it is wrong to say that the impact of Covid-19 is killing the digital-based electronic cards vibes. Now, business owners are implementing the newest technologies, advanced methods, and concepts to get faster results. In this millennium age, businesses are finding new ways. and creating solid digital solutions to meet ever-changing user demands.


Since half the population worldwide has shifted towards digital platforms. Hence it is a lifetime opportunity for brands to create feature-rich virtual electronic cards for better customer satisfaction and maximize sales. Today’s best ecards for business boasts of benefits like:

  • Unlike traditional paper cards, modern digital business cards will go beyond the typical contact information. You can genuinely take your business to the next level by adding useful information like the company’s logo, name, email, contact number, social media profiles, images or videos, and more in single digital business cards.
  • Having all the useful information available in the card related to business, there are fewer chances of missing your cards.
  • Using digital visiting cards, you can indirectly take an initiative to our trees, planet, and the environment alike.
  • The virtual ecard gives you the freedom to make relevant changes whenever needed without spending extra dollars.
  • The e-card can be accessed from anywhere and at any point in time.
  • Investing in digital business card vibes is far more affordable than paper visiting cards that can save you millions.
  • Since digital business cards are enriched with impeccable text, fonts, and images. This helps you to make a good and positive impression in the mind of the audience.
  • Moving from physical business cards to virtually appealing electronic cards, you can reach the masses in just one single click.


A high-quality virtual business card could be your friendly marketing partner if crafted properly. It is used to promote your products or services or to market your brand. And there is an innovative and ninja technology to follow up with millions of people without breaking the COVID-10 norms..


Therefore, partner with a smart digital business card website to build connections with the audience without missing the beat.