Why You Must Have Cryptocurrencies In Your Investment Portfolio

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Nowadays it seems like wherever you turn your head, the topic of cryptocurrencies will pop up. Either Elon Musk tweeting about Dogecoin and Bitcoin, or yet another cryptocurrency making headlines because it has grown by 6,000% in a matter of days. Either it’s a long or short term investment, everyone seems to be making money on cryptocurrencies in the modern day world. In this article we will be breaking down why you as an investor MUST have cryptocurrencies in your investment portfolio and what is a great place to buy them.

A New Safe Haven Investment

 Even though cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and some cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can lose thousands of dollars in value in a matter of hours, some consider it a “safe” investment. At this point you must be asking yourself, how and why. And the answer is fairly simple. What goes down, will come up. That is exactly the logic that most cryptocurrency investors have. For example, since Bitcoin broke through the $1000 mark, people know that investing into bitcoin is like a rollercoaster ride. It quickly goes up, and quickly goes down, occasionally stopping somewhere for a while. Since crypto has been widely accepted as an investment opportunity, most seasoned traders think of bitcoin as a “safe” investment for that specific reason. It always returns to its historical maximum at some point.

Professional Knowledge Is Not Required To Invest

 It is true that many crypto investors cannot afford to buy a whole bitcoin or ethereum, but that is exactly why other smaller cryptocurrencies have been getting so much traction lately. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there that are being bought up on a daily basis that cost less then a single dollar! The latest investing waive trend has without a doubt been the Shiba cryptocurrency, also known as the “doge killer”. Shiba claims it will over take and out tech the legendary meme coin in the upcoming years. Right now, if you invest $10 into Shiba, you will own 1,269,854 of those tokens. Currently, Shibas market cap is 3.2 billion dollars, meaning there is a serious trend and belief behind this token. There is a very high chance that in 2-3 years, once the token announces and develops its tech side, the value of a single Shiba will grow to a dollar. If that happens, your $10 investment can turn into $1,269,854 million dollars in just 2-3 years! How’s that for an investment opportunity?!

Where You Should Buy Cryptocurrencies

You should only invest with regulated and trust brokers. We recommend investing with https://nsbroker.com. This is a trusted broker that has been around long enough to gain the trust of hundreds of thousands of investors and traders across the world. Always make sure you do the research before making any sort of investment, since at the end of the day, any investment is still a risk. Thank you for reading!

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