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Painting can be done through various means; You can use old school paint brushes, or rollers, or paint sprayers. It depends on the painter’s preference for the use of tools for their painting project. In between pros and amateurs, there are also a few of us who like to do our home projects on our own as well. And usually, when people take up painting projects of their home, they resort to traditional tools for painting.

Whether you are using rollers or brushes, there are accessories to them that you can use for extra effects. Same way with paint sprayers, you can choose from titan packing kits that can provide you with extra parts like spray tip patterns, etc. that can help you customize your painting project.

In this article, we have mentioned the pros and cons of both conventional painting methods versus paint sprayers.

Pros and cons of Conventional Painting Methods

When we speak of conventional painting methods, we mean painting with brushes and rollers. What’s amazing is, that no matter how old these tools are they are still used today in the year 2020. And the way they are used today has only made them being used creatively and uniquely.

Here are the Pros of painting with brushes and rollers:

  • Inexperienced painters and DIYers can use brushes and rollers for painting as they are fairly simple and easy to use.
  • These tools can be paired with extension poles that can increase the reach of the painting tool for the painter, without straining himself.
  • It barely requires extensive cleaning routines and procedures. All you have to do is clean your brush or roller at the end of a job with a thinner or soap and water and you are good to go.
  • Best of all, conventional painting tools are cheap and affordable. It does not require much investment making it easy for pros or homeowner to take up projects without having to worry about breaking their bank accounts.

While above are the few pros of conventional tools of painting, below are cons of painting with rollers and brushes

  • It is hard to paint on textured surfaces with brushes and rollers. You might miss a few spots or you might end up over painting to reach that spot.
  • Painting with conventional tools requires a lot of time compared to a paint sprayer to complete a project. Sometimes, it means days, while on other hand it might mean months.
  • It is hard to achieve a consistent quality smooth finish with traditional tools unless you are a pro and know your way around things.
  • Painting with rollers and brushes are messy. You can end up with a lot of paint dripping and splatter on yourself or nearby surfaces etc. You would need to cover yourself and the nearby area properly to protect yourself.

Now that you have read the pros and cons of conventional painting methods, let us highlight the pros and cons of painting with paint sprayers.

Pros and cons of Spray Painting

The following are pros of spray painting:

  • With a paint sprayer, you can cover a large surface efficiently and effectively promptly. You can cover large surfaces easily, without straining yourself much compared to traditional methods.
  • You can ensure a smooth, quality finish with a paint sprayer. The sprayer allows the painter a variety of pressure control settings that can enable you to control the result of painting.
  • It is good with painting textured surfaces and can reach nooks and corners that you might be able to miss when painting with brush or rollers.

Here are the cons of painting with a sprayer:

  • Sprayer requires you to continuously clean them and maintain them. This means taking out a few parts of the sprayer and cleaning them, then drying them, then putting them back.
  • The sprayer requires a certain amount of preparation, like plugging it in, filling the paint can, fixing the fluid section and setting fluid pressure, etc. This can become time-consuming and annoying if you are an amateur.
  • You might need to practices a paint sprayer before using it for a project. If you don’t have a grasp of things, you might end up ruining a project.
  • The paint sprayers are expensive, but they do come with titan packing kits that extend the life of the sprayer.


Whether you are using sprayers or conventional painting methods, in the end, it comes down to the quality of the result you can achieve through both methods. And quality results depend on the painter, if he knows his way around the tools he can achieve the best results for himself or his customers.