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Jewelry is a timeless piece. Every piece of jewelry has its own specialty and uniqueness. We are using accessories always sometimes, our grandmother has their marriage occasion jewelry.

So, what is the first thought comes to your mind after seeing their beautiful ornaments? You think that fashion jewelry wholesale is antique because it has an old design that we saw today. 

There are two types of fashion jewelry wholesale are Antique and vintage. Now we have created one doubt in our mind that is, what is Vintage or Antique jewelry? Have you ever discussed this with your mother or grandmother? If not, let’s see what is that mean,

Antique Jewelry:

Here, we are talking about some important topics of antique jewelry. In ancient times, it can use as a Fashion jewelry wholesale. At that time, also accessories have too many designs and look different from others.

Antique jewelry is too much old. It must be at least 100 years old or more than and this can be made with a very high level of craftsmanship, materials use that was very pure and elegant.

Its beauty and purity are for a long time and even for thousands of years. Its shines never gets dull because of the purity of metals. Today you can find every single antique item in the museum and private collections!

Vintage Jewelry:

Antique and vintage jewelry has not too much difference. But vintage jewelry can be old for less than 100 years. Your mother has vintage jewelry because it can be Old for the last 20 years or more than that.But the most important thing about this was that you can wear it freely without any hesitation. 

So, your mother’s gold plated chain is the best example of vintage jewelry. Check out your mother’s jewelry box to see the best design and diamond jewelry as vintage jewelry.

It can be made between 100 years ago since fashion is seasonal, it can change when new arrivals come. Gold plated chain is one of the best arrivals in vintage and antique jewelry 

Vintage jewelry can do by orders in ancient times. Our mother and grandmother have antique and unique customized jewelry items. That’s why she can take care of their jewelry in all possible ways.

Antique jewelry VS. Vintage jewelry

The difference between vintage and antique jewelry is simple and proper. Vintage jewelry is made in the last 100 years old, and antique jewelry is more than 100 years old. 

Vintage and Antique Ring:

vintage Jewelry VS.antique jewelry

Vintage jewelry (RING)                  Antique jewelry(RING)

Here, you can see the difference clearly vintage ring gives you a beautiful and elegant look. Whereas antique ring is good but, no one can wear this in regular life because it is costly and precious. Generally, people only make collections of antique jewelry. They like it but, they don’t even wear that jewelry in regular life. They only love to wear vintage jewelry only.


vintage necklace VS.  antique necklace

Vintage Necklace                               Antique Necklace

Both necklaces look very beautiful and Eye-catching. Necklaces make our beauty charm and shine. That vintage necklace describes its own prettiness with a full of Shining diamonds, and that is one of the Real reasons that our mom keeps it safely with too much love. Antique necklaces have their specialty of looking different from every single piece of jewelry. That can be wear on any occasion or function. 


Antique jewelry VS. vintage jewelry

Vintage Bracelet                                          Antique Bracelet

Now, here you have to observe that which is the best jewelry ever? Or which jewelry you like to wear on regular days? Have any answers. If you like to wear bracelets on regular days then, you have to choose vintage jewelry. These can give you comfort and a rich look. 

Antique bracelets are outstanding but, this only you can wears occasionally, not in daily life. It can be wear by the queen and princess in ancient times. We cannot wear these because they are too heavy to wear.


I have done a detailed discussion about Vintage and Antique jewelry. You have seen that it has Simple differences. I have cleared your confusion about both jewelry now, you know what vintage and antique jewelry. Here I have given some hints to understand which jewelry looks good and can be wear in daily life. I hope you will like my suggestion and applied in daily life.