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8 Statements that Could even kill the deadly virus!

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It has been more than a year of us dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. It sure is the biggest challenge presently but what is making it tougher are the statements being made about the virus. Not just are they disturbing, but most of these statements tend to spread false information about the pandemic. You’d be shocked to know that most of these statements have been made by the most popular leaders of not just India, but the world too. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the most disturbing statements made by political leaders from across the world.

Govind Patel:

Govind Patel, a BJP MLA from Gujarat, was questioned about the rallies that have been hosted by BJP, even during the pandemic. To this question, the MLA responded, “Those who work hard do not get a coronavirus infection. BJP workers work hard, and therefore, not a single worker has been infected with the virus.” 

Swami Chakrapani:

Swami Chakrapani is the National President of the All India Hindu Mahasabha. He has been in the headlines for making some problematic statements about the covid 19 pandemic. This time he commented on the vaccines that are being given to people. Swami Chakrapani asserted, “Before bringing Corona vaccine or medicine to India, the government and international pharmaceutical companies should clarify to the country if the vaccine or medicine does contain cow’s blood or any such substance which hurts the spirit of Hindu Sanatan Dharma.” He had previously said “Corona is not a virus, but an avatar for the protection of poor creatures. They have come to give the message of death and punishment to the one who eats them.” His statements have been confusing us, if he wants to get rid of corona did we just encounter a legit case of ‘Stockholm syndrome.

Donald Trump:

The former president of the USA has been known for his problematic and controversial statements more than he’s known for the work he’s done in America. He is counted amongst the most disliked politicians of the USA. However, when the corona pandemic started in 2019, Donald Trump said, “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.” We aren’t sure if he was being positive or was it sarcasm served cold. Donald Trump was even seen refusing to wear masks and not follow the guidelines issued by WHO regarding prevention against coronavirus.  

Ramdas Athawale:

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale became quite famous on social media with his slogan “Go Corona, Corona Go”. Several memes were made on the politician and his statements about the corona pandemic. However, as the second wave of corona hit the country, he couldn’t stop himself from making a statement like, “Earlier I gave the slogan ‘Go Corona, Corona Go’ and now Corona is going. For the new coronavirus strain, I give the slogan of ‘No Corona, Corona No’.” 

Dilip Ghosh:

The BJP chief from West Bengal sabotaged the guidelines issued by the WHO and made the most inappropriate statement he could, especially in such times. He said, “Look here so many people have assembled. Thousands of people are here praying. They are drinking water, taking ‘prasad’. They are not even washing their hands. They are not afraid of the disease. We are taking the ‘prasad’ together. Nothing will happen to us, as the gods’ blessings are with us.” In the statement, he was addressing a crowd that had gathered to worship Manasa Devi. He appreciated them for gathering in the name of God.

Trivendra Singh Rawat:

Just when you think, the world is devoid of humanity, some men come forward to prove that “sensibility” is what has gone extinct. Trivendra Singh Rawat, the former chief minister of Uttarakhand, talked about how the Covid virus also has the right to live. He asserted, “If we talk philosophically, then the Covid-19 virus is also a living organism which wants to live and has a right to live just like humans. However, we consider ourselves more intelligent than any other living organism. We are now after it and to escape, the virus is changing its form constantly.” According to him, we weren’t human enough towards the virus therefore we are facing the repercussions. He said, “Hence, we now have to keep our distance from it. It is also moving and we are also moving, but we have to move faster than it so that it gets left behind.”

Rameshwar Sharma:

Rameshwar Sharma is a politician and a member of the BJP. According to him, the covid 19 virus is a demon and the construction of Ram Mandir is the beginning of its end. He believes and makes believe that Shree Ram will wash away the virus from the country. He asserted, “Lord Rama had reincarnated for the welfare of mankind and to kill demons at that time. As soon as the construction of Ram temple begins the destruction of the Covid pandemic will begin too.” He does not think that hospitals could have done a better job in helping fight the pandemic.


President of Brazil, Bolsonaro insisted that Brazilians must not worry about the coronavirus and that it isn’t something to be feared from. The Brazilian president asserted, “Everyone is going to die. There is no point in escaping from that, in escaping from reality. We have to stop being a country of sissies.”


Some popular leaders from India and across the world have made some inappropriate as well as completely senseless statements about the coronavirus pandemic. The list includes Govind Patel, Bolsonaro, Rameshwar Sharma, Trivendra Singh Rawat, Dilip Ghosh, Ramdas Athawale, Donald Trump, and Swami Chakrapani. Some believe that hard work protects a person against coronavirus, while some think the coronavirus isn’t something to worry about. Some even said that the construction of the Ram Mandir will cure the covid pandemic while several ministers said that the coronavirus is also a virus and has the right to live. They believe that we weren’t human enough towards the virus and so now we have to run from it. 

With this article, we wish to inform you about the false news that has been surfacing across the internet. Do not follow the news without a trusted source. Follow the WHO guidelines and be safe. 

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