Reading books is the best habit to develop. It is much better to be idle and doing nothing. Moreover, they can be your best pal at times of traveling. Even though you must have read numerous books by several authors, like any actor or sports star, some writers become your favorite. 

If this is true, then I am sure you won’t leave any chance of staying updated with the new release of that particular author. You are inquisitive to buy that book written by your favorite author. Today, I am going to explore an Indian author who is very connected to his young readers through his books. He is none other than Chetan Bhagat.

This famous Indian author-columnist and also the motivational speaker was listed among the list of influential people around the world by Time magazine eleven years ago. However, he did not remain stuck to this job and left it to pursue his career in writing. Up till now, Chetan has written 9 novels and 3 books (non-fiction). If you are a great fan of this Indian author then you must be familiar that Five Point Someone is known to be his debut novel. 

After this book, came a follow-up of more books including The 3 Mistakes Of My Life, Revolution 2020, Half Girlfriend, One Night At The Call Centre, 2 States, The Girl In The Room 105, and the latest One Arranged Murder. There are Bollywood movies based on his self-authored books. This indicates evidence of his success as a writer

All of his books have been best sellers. This gives a strong reason for being a Chetan Bhagat fan. You might be an avid reader of his non-fiction books, but are you familiar with his early life, career, earnings, etc? If not, then today, you will be knowing about all these in this blog. So stay abreast till the end. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Chetan Prakash Bhagat
Stage Name: Chetan Bhagat
Gender: Male
Birthday: 22nd April 1974
Plac Of Origin: Delhi, India
Age: 47 years old
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Nationality: Indian
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Anusha Bhagat
Profession: Writer, Banker, Screenwriter, Author, Motivational speaker, Columnist
Total Net Worth: $50 million

Early Life

Chetan Bhagat was born in 1974 on 22nd April in Naraina Vihar, Delhi to a middle-class Hindu-Punjabi family. His father served in the Indian Army as Lieutenant Colonel and his mother had a job in the government sector in the agriculture department. Chetan did his schooling at a reputed Army school in Dhaula Kuan. 

It would come as surprising to you that this acclaimed writer was average in his studies. So no need to be sorry if you haven’t been a topper in school. Chetan has set an example that if you are good at something, then that path will take you to that path granting success. 

Chetan is a graduate from IIT Delhi is a BTech degree holder in Mechanical Engineering. After that, he joined IIM Ahmedabad and finished his post graduation in Business Administration in 1997. In the following year (2018) he was bestowed with a prestigious honor by IIMA in the category of Art & Entertainment. 

Personal Life

chetan bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is married to his Anusha Bhagat who comes from a South Indian background in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The movie 2 States starring Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor was based on his novel of a similar name. It reveals the true love story of Chetan and his better half Anusha. 


After becoming a graduate with a degree in business administration, Chetan Bhagat got placement in a Hong Kong-based investment company Peregrine Investments Holdings from the campus. However, he never continued with this job and left it to pursue his career in writing. He quit the investment company in a very short period. His decision was totally fine, as the company shut down its operations in 1998. 

After the closure of this Hong Kong-based investment firm, Chetan got another job as an investment banker in another big investment company Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. He was not at all on good terms with his boss. Still, he continued his job there. However, his stay in Goldman Sachs came as an advantage to draft a new story for his second novel One Night At The Call Centre by keeping his boss as a villain character in this book. 

Chetan took most of the advantage of the opportunity in Goldman Sachs investment company in writing, finishing, and drafting his debut novel Five Point Someone. It took at least 2 years for the final acceptance of his manuscript and publishing of his book by Rupa Publications. After working for some years in Goldman Sachs, Chetan Bhagat bid a final farewell to this investment company of Hong Kong. 

He switched to a German-based multinational investment company and financial services. He was vice president here. His 2nd novel One Night at Call Centre became the best seller after it got published in the year 2005. After 3 years, he returned to India with his wife and kids. Chetan later became a director at an investment bank in Mumbai. 

Final Closure To Banking Career

During that period he came up with his 3rd novel The 3 Mistakes of My Life on which the movie Kai Po Che was based. It got published after 3 months with 5 lakh copies sold. He later put an end to his career in banking and dedicated himself to writing books. After his 3rd book, he came up with more follow-ups including Revolution 2020, 2 States, Half Girlfriend, The Girl In Room Number 105, and now the latest One Arranged Murder

Besides being a writer, Chetan Bhagat also became a motivational speaker. Every youth must listen to his speech as it will help in their career building and facing bitterness in life. Till now Chetan has spoken at around more than 200 organizations in fifty cities worldwide. 

Net Worth of Chetan Bhagat

As of July 2021, $50 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of author and motivational speaker Chetan Bhagat. He earned his fortune by working in investment banks including Peregrine Investment Holdings, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche bank. Later on, he made writing his passion and another source of his income. 

The evolution of the monetary system has gone through many changes over time. In ancient times, it started as a barter system and has evolved into a new manner in the contemporary era. Between the old and new era, paper money and coins became a staple form of payment. And with the change in technology, the dawn of chip cards, credit cards, and of course, the new digital electronic payment method, cryptocurrency came into being. Since the inception of Bitcoin on 3rd January 2009, the wave of cryptocurrency has spread all over the world. But with popularity, came challenges too. This has raised the importance of crypto regulation, amid the challenges given below.

Holding Value

For holding value, crypto regulation is very important. If you have been following the cryptocurrency regulation news, then you possibly know about how cryptocurrency has faced uncontrolled swings in the past. There have been excessive rises in value, followed by unexpected drops, while gold values remained stable. It is obvious to see the happiness on investors’ faces because of large gains, but simultaneously, it also gave many tough times. 

Those having a good understanding of the crypto world will understand how buying and trading cryptocurrency at the time of the rise in value would lead to major losses when their values get dipped later. This spawns the need for crypto regulation that would certainly put an end to such changes.

Snuffing Out Fears

Another reason which demands crypto regulation is snuffing out fears and wrong notions about cryptocurrency. But there is already self-regulation in a specific amount, and it is all because of blockchain encryption technology utilization in cryptocurrency transactions. Since there is no need for the banking system, and the possibility of theft is not easy, crypto regulation in some of these areas is not much needed.

But what seems possible is completely contrary in reality. We are saying this because there had been cases of digital money thefts that generated fears about cryptocurrency use. These fears can only be minimized if the value becomes stable by further regulation. However, there is another reason behind the stemming of these fears. And one general reason is being unfamiliar with the concept of cryptocurrency. This is why crypto regulation must be encouraged, as it would lead to wider acceptance of this digital field by experiencing its use. Therefore, it will result in eliminating fears and will enhance more knowledge.

Resolving Tax Issues

In the present scenario, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) does not have a favourable view of cryptocurrencies. By keeping cryptocurrency as an investment, you need to report about capital gains as well as losses. However, there are other concerning issues, including taxes, which is another reason why we need better crypto regulation. Cryptocurrency has been used by companies for evading taxes, as it is not being considered as money. The IRS has made an effort to track down cases of tax abuse, but it is not so easy to track down all unlawful activity.


This article must have given you ample insights into the importance of crypto regulation. With its application, it will certainly resolve major issues like tax-evading, imparting thorough knowledge to those who are unaware of this digital technology and will also eliminate fear about its use. The more you gain knowledge about it, the more you will become familiar with its concept. Another very important goal, which it can achieve is the stability of value. It has been noticed that people often buy and sell cryptocurrencies when their value increases, but also have to face huge losses when the value takes a down dip. However, that can be avoided by keeping yourself updated with all the breaking crypto news.

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Blockchain technology shares an equivalent success with cryptocurrencies, in being a new popular digital innovation. There is hardly any sector left where you won’t find any role of this digital ledger. Be its hospitality, textile, films, fashion, aviation, healthcare, and various others. Today, we will let you know about how blockchain can change tunes in the music industry. If you are abreast of blockchain education news, then you will become familiar with its importance in various sectors. Blockchain technology has the potential to bring changes in many lives, globally. It is a much-needed technology for emerging economies. So come, let us explore all about it. 

As we all know that the existence of this distributed ledger system is much used in the field of digital assets and currency, where there is a possibility of the digital transfer of value with no interference of middlemen or any duplication risk. And it is all because ownership is rigid and verifiable. Beyond finance, these similar applications can also be interpreted to other industries.

Take an example of the music industry, which is often controlled by big players, will also come under a loupe. However, with the emergence of the internet, followed by running platforms like Spotify and Napster, have brought changes to much extent, blockchain technology will be the new addition in terms of powering creators and the ones who listen to them. 

Blockchain: A New Changing Technology 

Blockchain is a new streaming technology that is going to disrupt the music industry. But, how? Well, the answer lies in its ability to erase the role of middlemen from streaming and music sales process. Streaming platforms have played a vital role in influencing the consumption of music, and letting it accessible to listeners, widely. These platforms have also generated a new mediation level between fans and artists.  

The control of third-party intermediaries in deciding what music is supposed to be heard by the general public can be shifted with the help of blockchain technology. This will certainly bring positive change for the budding music artists. Many music streaming platforms based on blockchain have also taken a keen initiative to tackle this persisting problem in the music industry. One such example is Opus, leveraging distinct P2P networks to completely wipe off middlemen and to establish a fully decentralized streaming platform. 

Opus platform is equipped with a special mechanism, called IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). It is a P2P network meant for storage and file sharing, where users perform as servers. In that way, it becomes possible to virtually remove all hosting fees with streaming. With the use of smart contracts, Opus lets direct payment upon the stream of a song or buying to artists. This reflects the independent distribution of royalty and the content. 

Apart from Opus, there are other blockchain-based platforms like EMusic, Mediachain, and others, that too focus upon royalties, by exploiting the best use of blockchain technology, and to let independent artists get their creative dues. This digital ledger can also resolve other facets of the music industry, which are a barrier to the talent growth of budding artists.

Blockchain technology also finds its best use in the US-based project, Open Music Initiative. This project helps in identifying music rights holders and has garnered likes of Sony, Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube as members. This is yet another evidence showing blockchain importance.


So, after knowing a lot about how blockchain technology can help in bringing positive changes in the music industry, do you still have any doubts left? Start following blockchain regulation news, as it will keep you updated about the current developments of blockchain and how it is influencing various industries. The latest example is the music industry. Blockchain will become no lesser than an angel for upcoming artists in resolving issues in the industry. And with the blockchain-based streamlined platforms like Opus, Mediachain, EMusic, and others can certainly make it possible. Blockchain will also end the domination of third-party intermediaries.

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If you are abreast of crypto educational news, then you must have come across various important terms that have some correlation with the cryptocurrency. One such is the Funding rate. You will find this new concept in perpetual futures contracts. In short, the funding rate is a small fee paid by one section of the contract to the other. It varies from short or long pay. The prime motive is to push the price of the perpetual futures contract to remain near the basic spot index price. Let us help you understand more about it in this article.

Concept Of Funding Rate

The funding rate is closely related to digital assets. In other words, it is a mechanism that defines the correspondence between index and contract prices. This term can also be defined as periodic payments that are either short or long based upon the difference between spot prices and persistent contract markets. Hence, it depends upon the situation, on whether the trader will make the payment or will they receive funding. During the time of high volatility, there is a difference in the price of the lasting trade at the time of low volatility, resulting in maximum funding rate to minimize or fence the gap between the spot price and perpetual swap. 

Use Of Funding Rate During Crypto Trading

The funding rate represents a sign of the volatility of the underlying asset, different from what has been said before. While exploring this term, you will notice that there is a close link between the movement of funding rate and the spot price. We mean to say that, whenever there is more movement in the spot price, it simultaneously leads to an increase in funding rate and vice versa. But here you need to understand that the funding rate is always led by the price, not the other way round.

Also note that if the funding rate is higher, then there will be a large division between the spot price and lasting trade. It shows the investors higher interest in selling and buying of basic crypto. Although a volume increase also determines the indication of the robust interest of investors, it can be manipulated, as described by many studies.

So, here you find that the funding rate does determine real interest in selling and buying of a digital asset. The more positive the funding rate is, the more it will indicate interest in buying. Contrary to it, if it shows the negative, then it will certainly indicate the pressure of selling. A case in mid-March 2020 is the best example to mention. Now, look at another approach. If in case there is a declining funding rate from the highs, then it defines the investors’ minimal interest. However, it will be wrong to assume the reversing situation of the basic asset price. 

Impact On Traders

Now, if you ask about what impact do funding rate has on traders, then there is a valid and simple theory to answer it. Funding rate can help in the development of trading strategies by the traders, and can even lead to profits amid markets with low volatility. Moreover, funding rates are designed to influence traders to take a stand in bringing spot market and perpetual contract prices together.


So this is all about the funding rate, which is being explained in this article. Today, you get to know all about the important facts about it. If you are abreast of cryptocurrency latest news today, then you must have noticed how many cryptocurrency exchanges refer to funding rate tool to line up the index with contract prices, most of the time. However, the rates can vary at times when asset prices revolve to bearish or bullish phase, defined by market forces. One important fact you need to know about is that funding rates might also reflect differences through exchanges. The rates can be continuously higher on certain exchanges. Taking an example of Binance Futures, where a lower funding rate is maintained. 

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Bitcoin has now become a decade-old cryptocurrency, since its inception on 3rd January 2009. But the wave of its popularity is still prevalent among the crypto lovers, globally. It continues to maintain the status of being an asset for investment, and the best substitute to fiat currencies. But today, our main subject is not centred around this cryptocurrency, but its ATM. Being a crypto enthusiast, if you follow Bitcoin educational news, then you will know about the steady rise of Bitcoin ATMs reaching their target of around 9000 ATMs worldwide. 

Yes, you read that right, the Bitcoin ATMs are on the verge of growing in numbers. For your information, you will be surprised to know that currently, there are around 9000 Bitcoin ATMs that have been placed, globally. If you want to know which country has the largest number of Bitcoin ATMs, then it is the U.S. The other two countries following this row are the UK and Canada.

Bitcoin ATMs: Reaching To Maximum Limit

According to a very renowned cryptocurrency ATM tracking website, there are around 8,947 crypto ATMs, for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies across several countries. Back in July, the number soared from 8,490 to 8,919. This month, about 544 new Bitcoin ATMs have come up. However, more than 100 machines have also been closed down. 

As stated above, the U.S takes the lead in having the maximum number of Bitcoin ATMs with 6,879 machines in the country. Most of these machines are installed in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago. Next comes Canada with 816 Bitcoin ATMs, located in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Apart from these two big nations, there are other countries like Switzerland, the U.KPoland, Spain, Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic that also have more than 50 Bitcoin ATMs.

Companies That Manufactured Most Bitcoin ATMs

So, now you very well know about the Bitcoin ATMs installed in the big countries. But do you have any idea about the manufacturing companies behind it? If not, then you must know it. Genesis Coin has manufactured maximum machines (around 3rti,101). General Bytes is the second-largest name in the manufacturing companies, with 2,661 machines. During the last month, 56 Bitcoin ATMs were also added by Coinsource. Besides these manufacturing machine companies, there are other names like Rockitcoin comprising 436 machines, and Bitcoin Depot with 791 machines.


So now you are smart enough to analyze or measure the success of Bitcoin in terms of cryptocurrency as well as Bitcoin ATMs. These machines are manufactured by companies like Rockitcoin, General Bytes, Genesis Coin, Coinsource, Bitcoin Depot, and many others. The U.S is that country which has taken the lead in having the maximum number of Bitcoin ATMs followed by other big countries like Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Germany, and many more. At present, there are over 9000 Bitcoin ATMs, worldwide. If you are interested in gathering more such interesting information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, then you need to start following cryptocurrency regulation news to access all the updates.

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If you regularly follow the latest Bitcoin Cash news, then you must have come to know about the latest BCH upgrade. Well, if you don’t, then you have missed an update about Bitcoin facing a new tension brewing from DAA (Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment). It has become a matter of topic, where talks are on for the replacement of the latest DAA of the network. There are even doubts over the split of a chain. To know more about it, let us delve into this article.

In every duration of six months, there is always a formulation for the up-gradation of a plan by the community of Bitcoin Cash. However, in the coming November, there have been speculations about another split in a chain, among many users. Apart from it, there have been brewing differences among the BCH developers and within the community. The DAA discussion has been the core point, where the whole matter has been derived from. 

What Do You Understand By Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment?

A Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment can be understood as an algorithm, which balances the mining difficulty parameter. The mining difficulty parameter of all 2016 blocks was being adjusted by Bitcoin. But contrary to this, the Emergency Difficulty Adjustment algorithm that ran along with DAA was being added by its hard fork, Bitcoin Cash on 1st August 2017. In the same year in November, there had been a change in DAA on the BCH chain for balancing the mining difficulty parameter.

The DAA Feud

In 2019, there have been complaints regarding DAA by people. They thought to be manipulated. During this year, the matter of DAA subject has often appeared, but currently, the discussion on this matter became more disputed. If you are abreast of BCH news today, then you might be knowing about the meeting between the Bitcoin Cash developers and Chris Pacia, a BCHD developer on 3rd August. But as per the tweet of Chris, the meeting didn’t end on a good note. It resulted in a serious situation when people move out of this BCH developer meeting. However, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, intervened in the matter and had a word with the supporters of Bitcoin Cash from both sides.

The majority of Bitcoin Cash supporters are not in favour of split in the chain again, but others have a contrary view on it, indicating split as unavoidable. Dennis Jarvis, the CEO of, looked into the matter on a popular social media, terming the situation as sad to hear. Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of, too had expressed his views on the brewing matter on the social media platform. According to him, the possibility of the split in the chain would bring adverse results for Bitcoin Cash. He also added that the motive should be to make BCH acceptable in being a simple, much utilized, and suitable option for payment. 


So the brewing tension of DAA (Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment) became much serious concern for the developers of Bitcoin Cash and the community. The meeting held with BCHD developer, Chris Pacia, ended on an adverse note when people walk away. There have been mixed opinions among the people, where one section does not approve of the split in the chain, whereas, others say, it is inevitable. However, Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of, too is not in support of chain split and regarded it as terrible for BCH. Well, let us see what happens in the coming time. Till then, keep your attention glued to the latest cryptocurrency news.

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So far we have been familiar with traditional currencies as staple mode of payment and transactions. But with the advent of crypto services, people from all around the world are prompted to explore its uses but are also keen for secured privacy. The best thing about these digital services is that they don’t let you depend upon any middleman or a third party, and even eliminate the interference of central authorities like banks and government. Today, we are going to introduce you to Orchid Network, and how does it ensure digital privacy to its users.

The Orchid Network helps in purchasing bandwidth from service providers, globally to the users, as it allows decentralized VPN (Virtual Private Network). To execute this function, the network utilizes OXT, an ERC-20 token. This token is featured with special VPN protocol, payment operations, and smart-contracts with algorithmic advertising. To link with bandwidth sellers, a provider directory is being used by the users of Orchid. 

VPN is a very helpful tool for the users, for protecting their network link and getting more privacy. The way through which it executes its operation is by sending the data via a tunnel that is encrypted. There is no possibility of its tracing from outside. Kudos to Orchid Network, which is attached to this digital technology. 

Previously, VPNs were being referred for the secured connectivity of employers to the company network. Now, in the current scenario, everyone can access to VPNs. Many of VPN based centralized services are indulged in utilizing data of users through logging and selling. Though they deny about it and are often prone to get shut down or even blocked.

OXT: The Digital Currency Of Orchid Network

As mentioned above, OXT is the cryptocurrency of the Orchid Network. The prime motive of this digital currency includes tracing of computing services, and its provider. Besides this, it offers value in multiple ways to its network (Orchid Network). Let us discover what are they:

Bandwidth User

Now, users can take benefit from paying for internet connection, which ensures security as well as privacy. All it requires is downloading of Orchid VPN, and then adding OXT to a wallet. After that, they can use the internet via a path that is chosen by the user for ensuring a worldwide secure link. Payment must only be done for consumed bandwidth.

Bandwidth Marketplace

The bandwidth marketplace is a P2P that operates fully in a decentralized way, having no dependency on a central authority. The main objectives of this new digital currency (OXT) is having a digital currency which is connected to the bandwidth use on the Orchid Network, and also to benefit it with the putting of operator motivation.

Bandwidth Provider

Here, an Orchid Node is being run by everyone, but it is required to stake OXT with the number of staked OXT, resulting in big reward opportunities in the Orchid Network.


According to cryptocurrency advisors, Orchid Network is a new dimension for digital privacy equipped with foremost P2P and motivated privacy networks with incentives. The Orchid digital currency, OXT, can be used for buying and selling bandwidth on the network. Browsing can be done privately and content can be used with no geographical limitation. Orchid is comprised of decentralized design, Open Source ethos, and multi-hop architecture. To summarize in one single sentence, it can be hopefully said that Orchid provides its users with digital privacy, which has never been expected before. The way it is attached to the VPN service makes it a commendable network for its users.

Bitcoin has always been a center of interest among investors and people all over the world. Ever since its inception and global growth, crypto enthusiasts have even considered it as the best alternative to fiat currencies. It is the only crypto coin from where the concept of cryptocurrency started developing to the whole world. Many people even become richer by investing in it during its initial days. But being so much popular, what lead to hard forks of Bitcoin coming into existence?  

This question is indeed have triggered every crypto enthusiast to know the valid reason behind the spawning of Bitcoin hard forks. If you go with Bitcoin technical analysis today, then you will discover that despite so much acceptance in the world, Bitcoin did not comply with some technical needs, and this lead to the emergence of hard forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV to overcome those shortcomings. 

Both these hard forks of Bitcoin are special in their characteristics, and also differ in terms of market capitalization. So let us delve more into it, and know about the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash, and how they differ from their elder sibling Bitcoin.

Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash

To start our discussion on hard forks of Bitcoin, let us begin with Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin. As we all know that the latter cryptocurrency was founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin emerged as a new form of P2P electronic cash technology and posed a big challenge to the financial environment and banking too. But it did have some pitfalls. 

And one of the major one to mention is the problem of scalability. The blockchain of Bitcoin is capable to manage around seven transactions in seconds, only, and it is all due to the 1MB block size. This became a big matter for crypto advocates. They doubted Bitcoin competency with Visa, which can process 65,000 transaction messages a second. 

This spawned the need for the hard forks of Bitcoin that would overcome the persisting technicality issue of scaling in the latter cryptocurrency. There have been many differences in opinions regarding the output of updating. If you follow BCH news crypto, then you will know about the emergence of Bitcoin Cash in August 2017. This initiative was taken by a group of developers and miners.

Now when it comes to point out the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash or say, the actual reason for the need for this latter hard fork, is its increased block size. Bitcoin Cash comprises 8MB block size, bigger than Bitcoin’s 1MB size. This is enough to give you an idea of how BCH fares better to its older sibling in terms of managing multiple transactions, regularly. 

Another major advantage of Bitcoin Cash is the fastest speed in terms of processing payments, curbing unnecessary long hours of patience, which has been seen in the Bitcoin network. Currently, BCH has gained much importance among the retailers as a popular payment mode.

Bitcoin And Bitcoin SV

After knowing a brief about Bitcoin Cash and its need to overcome the shortcomings of Bitcoin, and how it excelled in terms of block size bigger to the original. This must-have answered the discussion on hard forks of Bitcoin; are they better than the original. Now, let us shift our focus on to another hard fork of Bitcoin, which is Bitcoin SV. For your information, the word SV stands for Satoshi Vision. But what is Bitcoin SV? Well, if you want to know it, then you need to refer Bitcoin whitepaper which was published 12 years back in October. 

Just like we did a comparison between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash above to know the need of hard forks of Bitcoin, similarly, we need to know about the emergence of Bitcoin SV. Well, here also, the matter circles upon block size. Like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV also differs in terms of block size, which is 128 times bigger in comparison to the 1MB block size of Bitcoin. This Bitcoin hard fork even claims to replace the payment system in terms of security, good user feedback, and affordable merchant cost.


It won’t be wrong to say that Bitcoin is the underlying reason for the spreading of cryptocurrency waves to the whole world. But there have been some major loopholes in the form of scalability and block size. This lead to the spawn of hard forks of Bitcoin – which are Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash. Both these hard forks fare better in terms of increased block sizes in comparison to the 1MB size of Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin Cash comprises 8MB block size, Bitcoin SV exceeds in 128 block size much bigger to its sibling and the older one, Bitcoin. But whether these hard forks will maintain their existence in the crypto zone? Let’s see what lies ahead.

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Being a crypto enthusiast, it is indeed to gather knowledge about the performance of various cryptocurrencies. In 2020, from January to June, there have been top cryptocurrencies who have performed well. However, it came with mixed results. According to market capitalization, in the month duration, the stronger coin fared better with 181.8%, whereas, the weaker managed to bite the dust at 62.9%. If you have the conception that Bitcoin, as usual, will top the list, then sorry to inform you, that this time, it didn’t. The latter cryptocurrency somehow made a good comeback, after its fall in March. However, it could not make it to the starting list of top cryptocurrencies from January to June. Now, it becomes interesting to know which are those cryptocurrencies that made it to the top list. 

Top Cryptocurrencies Who Performed Better In 2020

Well, if you regularly follow Cardano news today, then it will seem surprising for you to know that Cardano with the growth of 181.8% has bagged the top position among the list of best-performing cryptocurrencies in 2020 from January to June. Coming on to the next best performer in the list of top cryptocurrency after Cardano is Chainlink. Some investors had a notion about this digital coin in delusion due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). $4.57 was supposed to be the price of Chainlink on 1st July. 

Both Chainlink and Cardano are known to have successfully achieved triple-digit gains and got listed among the top cryptocurrencies. Moving on to another best-performing cryptocurrency in 2020 is Tezos. This altcoin stood third in the list with a 77.7% return. In the second quarter, Tezos became the only altcoin that didn’t face waning investor interest.

With the listing of altcoins like Cardano, Chainlink, Tezos, one cannot expect Ethereum to be left behind or opt-out from the list of top cryptocurrencies that performed well in 2020. Yes, it is true. Ethereum too is listed in the top brigade with a boost of 72.8%, from the beginning of the year. Very surprising is to see the Bitcoin, the dominating cryptocurrency, who is mostly at top of its rival altcoins, failed to make it to the top position this time. However, its hard fork Bitcoin SV managed to get it into the list of top cryptocurrencies by rising to 61.6%. 

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency who failed to make it to the top position, XRP, the cryptocurrency of Ripple too shared the same fate as of Bitcoin in failing to reach among the best performing cryptocurrencies. Rather, it became the worst-performing cryptocurrency in 2019.


So these are some of the top cryptocurrencies that became the best-performing crypto assets in 2020. This is the rarest result showing altcoins like Cardano, Tezos, Chainlink, Ethereum made it to the top position, whereas Bitcoin bites the dust by falling below to them. Competition is always uncertain, where unexpected results do happen sometimes. Now, the question arises whether altcoins like Chainlink, Cardano, and Tezos will remain consistent with their top positions or not? To know this, be abreast of the latest cryptocurrency news, where you will get to know new updates related to the performance of all cryptocurrencies in the coming time.

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If you are abreast of Monero news today, then you will certainly accept the fact that Monero is the worth altcoin in terms of privacy. This is the reason for its preference among consumers. According to Monero cryptocurrency, there is no connection to certain users with the transactions on its blockchain. However, it is good for those who follow censorship. But critics have another take on this. They say that it can pave cryptocurrency to be misused for unlawful activities including financing terrorists, which is a global threat. Today, we will brief you about price prediction for Monero cryptocurrency in 2020. And will also let you about its functioning.

Brief About Monero Cryptocurrency

For those who are dipped in popularity of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency must not overlook Monero cryptocurrency. This altcoin is popularly called as a privacy coin, which means a user need not have to worry about the security of his/her privacy. In the beginning, there was a notion about maximum cryptocurrencies to be anonymous, but it did not come out completely true. It was found that there was no connectivity of an individual’s account with transactions and BTC addresses. Compromise on anyone’s identity has been possible with the use of wallets and exchanges. Apart from this, it has been noticed about the tracing of transactions on the Bitcoin network. It needed some kind of detective activity to reveal the owner of a particular address.

This is where the importance of Monero takes place. The framework of Monero trading seems to be distinctive. Being decentralized, this cryptocurrency does not allow any interference of the third party, in terms of the safety of coins. There is even a special obfuscation mechanism, which finds its best use in protecting the transaction origins and its value. The validation of transactions by a group of users is done in such a manner that it becomes computationally complex for someone to track down the person responsible for it.

Glancing At Past Performance Of Monero Cryptocurrency

Before proceeding for Monero price prediction, let us have a glance at its past performance for six years. In comparison to its rival cryptocurrencies, Monero began with the little movement. Back in 2017, those who invested in Monero cryptocurrency had quids in, when this privacy coin touched the target of $476 in December. Although, in 2018, it faced some down track during March and April. During that time $1.46 billion was supposed to be the market price of Monero, according to CoinMarketCap.

Monero Future Price Prediction in 2020

Now, let us discuss the Monero cryptocurrency price prediction in 2020. Analysts who had been doing price prediction for other cryptocurrencies have also predicted the latter privacy crypto coin. According to them, in the coming 12 months, it might be possible to see Monero reaching its best target. The focus on anonymity by latter cryptocurrency will lead to prices around $500 or maybe much beyond in the coming years.


So this was all about Monero cryptocurrency, and its future price rise. Those who are not so familiar with the speciality of latter altcoin must have known today about why it is being called a privacy coin. This means it promises its users or consumers with complete privacy. If you have been finding a cryptocurrency that would promise you with ultimate privacy, then Monero is the right choice for you. This altcoin stands among the list of other prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Neo, Tron, and others. You can also add Monero as one more cryptocurrency to invest in just like you prefer these cryptocurrencies for investment.

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