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All thanks to the Internet, in recent years, the Whisper Challenge phrases is a sport that has become extremely popular these days.

Basically, the game requires that players listen to deafening music using a headphone, and one of the friends whispers some whispering phrases in their ear. Players sentence from one participant to the next, until it is passed from around the last one. The final translation of that phrase is spoken out loud, and it seriously leaves the crowd in a fit of laughter because of how funny the final sentence really gets!

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Whether you plan to have a sleepover with your friends or some ideas for an icebreaker game, Whisper Challenge is the game you’re probably looking at!

Whisper challenge phrase/sentence:

Below are mentioned fun phrases for the whispered challenge that you can use for a great round of games with a couple of your friends:

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  1. A Zebra Licked A DVD
  2. Angry people need hugs or sharp objects
  3. Banana Suicide !!
  4. Blue is greener than purple to be certain
  5. Daily loot
  6. Come in the dark we have cookies.
  7. Has my satire hurt your feelings? Get over it.
  8. Don’t bother, mediocre talent at work.
  9. Do not play with me! I have a stick!
  10. Eat your feet.
  11. Even my issues are discussed.
  12. Expelled is on Netflix
  13. Obese children are challenging to kidnap.
  14. Rise high, climb a tree.
  15. Go to pre-order handwritten
  16. I’m not pretending to be a tomato.
  17. I am a lot more blue than purple.
  18. I don’t remember if it’s your medicine or my time
  19. I don’t go out, why should I shout out from the sun.
  20. I got two pickles
  21. I hate green, flashing lights.
  22. I knew kung-fu and fifty other dirty words.
  23. I like to eat my toes
  24. I can drive to all the malls
  25. I shout you shout we all scream for snow
  26. I stamp on the corn flake, now I am a grain killer
  27. I follow the sarcasm instead of hurting you right in the face
  28. I want a yummy little puppy
  29. I’m addicted to you
  30. I feel a little mad
  31. I’m on seafood, and I have to watch and eat.
  32. Internet kids never sleep
  33. Is Your Eye Bro Game Strong?
  34. Chinese who is a genius
  35. Lady Gaga has seen in American Horror Story
  36. Life is like a box of chocolates
  37. Love your enemies; it makes them angry.
  38. Aud can be in your favor anytime
  39. Miranda is queen
  40. My Eraser Will Kill Your Eraser Ace!
  41. My mother said that I am calm because I do not do drugs.
  42. Never keep a cat on your head.
  43. Never set yourself on fire.
  44. What is your favorite color of the alphabet on a scale from one to ten?
  45. Penguins are the only thing I don’t have.
  46. Pikachu, I choose you!
  47. Save a drum, to a drummer.
  48. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.
  49. Save a tree, eat a beaver.
  50. Save water Drink Beer.
  51. School is lame
  52. Sheep are just candy floss sticks
  53. Bananas have legs!
  54. Koala jumped on a turtle
  55. They all say that hard work never harms any, but to why risk it?
  56. This is Bob. Bob likes you. Bob likes hot things. I suggest you run from Bob.
  57. Yesterday has been canceled due to lack of interest.
  58. We are all about to leave the earth, but I have a helmet.
  59. When life gives you lemons, surprise the people you hate
  60. Why is that dog cutting grass?
  61. You’re my queen kill me
  62. You make me, and I give you
  63. Whisper Challenge is one such great, fun game, and it definitely makes players laugh.

These are the questions that are very important:

What did you say Whisper game?

It is called a Whisper game as it is played when someone whispers some funny phrases not verbally but in your ears. It all happens when one player places a pair of earplugs in the ears and the other teammate has to whisper a phrase (funny) for him to try to decode. Every player representing his team should be acquainted with earplugs. Whichever team comes up with the correct guesses of the phrases, is declared the winner. The Whisper Challenge is suitable for players aging from 2 to 8 years and more. 

This game has become much popular on the internet. There is no need to gather more people if you do not have many friends. One friend is enough to accompany you in the game and to make your day wonderful. But in case you wish to get a chance of getting more absurd sentences, then having one friend will not be a solution. For that, you need to add more people. So do aim for one or two friends especially if you wish for quick sentences to go by. 

It’s up to your choice whether to add more people to the game. But it would be more convenient for you to have less number of participants. It is because if you add more people, then it will take much time in passing around the sentence. So I think it is okay to have a few friends and enjoy the whisper Challenge game with more excitement and full of fun. 

What is a good phrase for the telephone game?

A good phrase for the telephone game is indeed a childhood game but with it, this is the best way to develop your communication and listening skills in a funnier way. If you make it much more entertaining, then it is important to come up with good phrases. The telephonic game will become more interesting if you are ready with some phrases, before the start of the game. 

Hence choose words and sentences that seem challenging and are simple to be misunderstood at the time of whispering. Phrases should be made silly for teens to make funny facial expressions at the time of the message getting passed. For such telephonic games, rhymes, alliteration, phrases that don’t make sense, funny statements, and tongue twisters are some of the best terms to be used for children. 

But one thing that must be kept in mind while playing the Whisper Challenge game with tweens and kids, is keeping the phrases appropriate according to their age group. Let they should not find it hard to recall or pronounce. So make sure they should not seem lengthy and complex. 

There are several good phrases for the telephone game. One such is ‘’ a guppy in a shark tank’’. Others include red roses with thorny stems, doorknobs and doorjambs with hasps and hinges, and candy-crunching coconut lovers. 

Other good phrases for this telephonic game are:

  • Bread always falls buttered side down
  • Birds of a feather flock together
  • Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
  • As you sow so shall you reap
  • A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind horse


What do you do in the whisper challenge?

When it comes to playing a game then we need to know how it should be played. So if you want to play the Whisper Challenge game, then you need to follow the rules to play it. According to the game, participants have to whisper the phrase, sentence, or word only one time, with no repeating. This rule is applicable even if the person has not heard it properly or understood what was whispered to him/her. The game has to be continued as per the rule of the game. 

Although you need to whisper the words, make sure it should not loud enough to be heard. Speak it clearly so that it should be audible to the person. And what makes the game more interesting and enjoyable, is using words that are not commonly used or spoken or which are not easier to be pronounced. Hence, it is great to use rhymes and alliteration. At the start of the game, you must share the original message with the first player. It should be kept secret until the game ends. Some of the best phrases that are easier for kids to understand are:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Angry birds
  • Grumpy Grandpa
  • Guinea pig
  • Baby shark
  • Jingle Bells
  • Fairy godmother
  • Holy Night
  • Netflix and chill
  • Olive juice
  • Just do it
  • Dainty dishes
  • Black crow
  • Bluebird blinks
  • Snowflake Sunday
  • Gobbledygook
  • Crazy fox
  • Hugs and kisses
  • Topsy turvy
  • Sparkling water
  • Salty and spicy
  • Greek grapes

These are simple phrases that are easier in understanding for children. 

Where did the whisper challenge come from?

The whisper Challenge game has gained ample popularity on the internet. But there is a curiosity as to where it has come from? In fact, if you notice that there are shows which are inspired by old shows. Similarly, Whisper Challenge has also been inspired by The Tonight Show which was inspired by Lip Sync Battle, a hit television show on Spike TV. 

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