Will The Un’s Suspension Of Russia From Hrc End The Conflict?

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Russia-Ukraine has become the biggest concern across the globe. Every organization and country has tried to stop the war in their capacity. The hope for peace seems like a far-fetched dream. Russia has invaded Ukraine with its troops and has been attacking the civil population of the country, blurring the lines of humanity. 

Keeping in view the merciless invasion and attacks of the Russian troops on the Ukrainian land, the UN has decided to suspend it as an expression of their disapproval of their “gross and systematic violations and abuses of human rights“.

Nato In Support Of Ukraine:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on April 7, joined hands to help Ukraine in fighting the injustice being done to its land and people. Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg held a meeting with all the foreign ministers and concluded that NATO shall be providing Ukraine with multiple weapon systems as required by the country to fight against Russia.

G7 Comes Forward To Support Ukraine:

Inter-governmental political forum G7 has assured that they shall be becoming one to increase and maintain pressure on Russia to abstain from its inhuman brutality against Ukraine and its people. The G7 foreign ministers have stated that they shall do everything in their capacity to restrict Russia from the massacre it has been executing.

Hard For Moscow To Invade Mariupol:

Based in Eastern Ukraine, a pro-Russian separatist confirmed that Forces from Moscow have been trying to take down the city of Mariupol. However, since the city is besieged, it is hard to assume that Moscow might be successful in invading the city anytime soon.

Unga Holds Emergency Special Session:

On April 7, the UN General Assembly held its emergency special session. The objective of the session was to decide whether or not to remove Russia from the UN Human rights council. 

Ukraine Representative Appeals For Help:

After the country’s representatives started to vote, Ukraine representatives asserted that Ukraine is stuck in a unique situation. He said that Ukraine is a sovereign state and in its territory, a member of the UNHRC (Russia) has been committing brutal human rights violations & massacres that might lead to war crimes and will end up in crimes against humanity.

The Ukrainian representative further added that suspending Russia from the UN Human rights council is no longer an option but should be taken as a duty. The UN should join hands to express its disapproval against Russia.

Western Countries Are Butchering The Un Architecture: Russia

The Russian representative present at the UN general assembly maintained that the western countries and their allies had been trying to butcher the present human rights architecture. The representative asked all the members of the UN to consider their decision twice and vote against the resolution.

Ukrainian Pm Meets Un Aid Chief:

The Ukrainian prime minister Denys Shmyhal had a meeting with the UN aid chief Martin Griffiths. Their meeting was held in Kyiv. In the meeting, the Ukrainian prime minister expressed his gratitude to the UN for providing them with all the help and support to fight Russia. He also requested further aid to completely stop the inhuman and unjust invasion of Russia in their country. 

India Abstains From Voting At The Unga:

While most countries at the UN general assembly voted for the resolution for removing Russia from the UN Human rights council, India maintained its stand for diplomacy and abstained from voting. Indian representative at the UN, TS Tirumurti asserted that India is deeply concerned about the worsening situation and believes that the hostilities being done against the Ukrainian population must stop immediately. 

He suggested that in situations when innocent human lives are facing the brunt of violence, diplomacy remains the only option to tackle the situation. The Impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict can be felt beyond the region and the countries. The costs of food energy have increased and many developing countries have been suffering from it. 

Tirumurti said that it was the duty of all the countries at the UN to come as one and work inside as well as outside the UN to make efforts to resolve the conflict between the two countries. He said that we are very disturbed to hear about the civilian killings in Bucha. 

India has unequivocally condemned such a brutal act and believes that an independent investigation should be called for to serve justice on the matter. Ever since the Russia-Ukraine conflict arose, India has maintained its stand for peace and the importance of dialogue and diplomacy to bring about peace. 

Brutal murders of innocent lives are not going to serve any benefit to any country and must be ended immediately. India is on the side of peace and will stick to its side, maintaining that this brutality must end.

Russia Suspended From Unhrc:

The UN general assembly passed the resolution suspending Russia from the UNHRC. As per the voting figures, 93 countries voted in favor of suspending Russia, 24 countries voted against it, and 58 countries abstained from voting on the draft resolution. India was one of the countries that did not vote.

Illegal And Politically Motivated Decision: Russia

Responding to the suspension of Russia from the UNHRC, the Russian representative at the UN said that the UN’s decision to suspend Russia from the UNHRC is “illegal and politically motivated”.

Is The Suspension Of Russia The Solution?

Suspending Russia from the UNHRC is undoubtedly an expression of disapproval for the violation of humanity that Russia has been up to. However, it might not be the best way to pressurize a superpower like Russia from backing down from warfare they’re leading. Diplomacy and dialogue between the countries, followed by genuine and justified negotiation might have proved to be a better idea.

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