Goa is considered to be one of the most favored beach destinations not only by Indians but also by foreign tourists. Be it newly-wed couples, bachelors, families with children or seniors, there is something or the other that offers great pleasure here. The adventure water sports, pristine beaches, church tours, cruise rides, nature’s serenity and nightlife are quite tough to resist as well as attractive. What if you are on a very short trip to Goa and plan to spend just 48 hours here? Is it possible to cover all the attractions and all the exciting adventurous activities offered at this place? The truth is, although Goa is a very small state, there are plenty of things to do here. Hence, 48 hours is quite less for anyone to derive full excitement. But if then you do not have more time to spend, it is possible to at least enjoy a part of it with some proper, advanced planning. Going through alila diwa goa tourist reviews will allow you to book a room at your preferred place to optimize your short vacation. 

Day 1

Morning hours

The very moment you get refreshed at your hotel, visit immediately Baga Beach to enjoy the waves and the sand here. It is one of the less populated beaches in Goa and offers you with some isolation. Then enchanting sunrise and golden sands are want makes it more attractive. You can also perform your morning exercise or yoga and breathe in some fresh air. 

Breakfast at Infanteria

After taking a refreshing walk at Baga beach, you may order breakfast at Infantaria located at Baga-Calangute Beach stretch. This place is peppy and lively and offers tasty baking options and cuisines to choose from. It also has a great ambiance. It is located just opposite Ticlo Resort. The recommended dishes to try out here are Coffee, Pasta, English Breakfast, Croissant, Apple Pie, etc. 

Afternoon hours

You should visit Calangute Beach to enjoy the water sports offered there. Based on your interest and moods, you may indulge in sailing, kayaking, water snorkelling, wind surfing, dolphin watching, fishing or water-skiing. You will get proper guidance from the operators and these activities are completely reliable and safe. 

Local Goan Food

Indulging in various types of activities is sure to make you quite hungry. To satisfy your hunger pangs, you may try Local Goan food served at Brittos. This foodies pilgrimage offers a wide range of Goan delicacies. It does boast of having a mesmerizing atmosphere and a mixed crowd. Every foreigners visit this place. The seafood served here is exquisite. The live sea-food selection, unique cocktails and wall graffiti makes it a wonderful place to dine. Some of the recommended drinks and dishes include fish, seafood platter, mocktails, cocktails and smoothies. 

Evening hours

Chapora Fort

It is a popular chilling spot for couples and got famous with the Bollywood movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai that got shot here. This fort overlooks River Chapora. During the evenings, you get to see the glorious setting sun. 

Dinner & Dance

You may spend your time dancing at Titos or have dinner at Mambo. They\ are both the favoured sundowner spot in Goa. Mambo offers beachfront view and great food. It is located at Baga Calangute, Saunta Vaddo. The recommended dishes and drinks here are pizzas, cocktails, beer and garlic bread. 

Titos offers an amazing floor to dance the whole night to the tunes of local, domestic and international DJ artists. It is also located close to Mambo. Here, you may order pizzas, cocktails, seafood, pasta, sandwich, fish and tandoori chicken. 

Day 2

Morning hours

You should visit North Goan beaches like Morjim, Candolim and Anjuna as they offer a fabulous sea, sand and sun experience. The refreshing atmosphere, pristine beaches is sure to make you feel lively. 


At Anjuna Beach, you should visit Artjuna to have delicious breakfast. This quaint, rustic cafe also offers souvenirs, artefacts, furniture, books along with traditional Goan weaves. It isolated at Monteiro Vaddo. You can order here coffee, sandwiches, waffles, salads, shakshuka, etc. 

Afternoon hours

Check out some interesting places like Panjim, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Fort Aguada. The fort allows you to learn something about Portuguese culture. It is open throughout the week from 9.30am to 6om. 

Basilica of Bom Jesus is considered to be a world heritage site and also the oldest church of Goa, constructed around four centuries ago. It is well maintained and open on all days. 


If you want to have tasty Indian cuisine for lunch, then visit Chulha located at Panjim. You are sure to have a royal feast here. It also offers families with a great ambiance. The service, crowd and vibe here are worth special mention. It is located on the first floor of Grand Hyatt Goa. You may order here paratha, tikka, sev puri, papdi chaat and laal maans, etc. 

Evening hours

High-Tea Cruise

Visiting Goa, you should enjoy the cruise ride at Panjim. The vibrant, attractive cruise accompanied by melodious music and hi-tea spread is sure to provide you with a memorable evening. From the cruise, you can get to have a picturesque view of Goa. To enjoy the cruise ride, you have to visit Captain of Ports Jetty, Panjim. High-Tea Cruise ride is offered between 5 and 7pm. The package offered includes premium, superior and Regular Hi-Tea packs, with each one coming with snacks/buffet and liquor, based on your opted pack. 


You may end your Goa trip by having party in Calangute at Club Cabana. This neon-lit club is sure to offer an amazing hippie vibe and atmosphere. Renowned DJs will make you to dance to their tunes. The club’s setting is also equally fabulous, as you can dance right under the starlit sky beneath the treetops. Being a high-end place, chances are you may spot some celebrities here. It is located at Arpora Hill, Anjuna Road. You may order here chicken tikka, pizza, French fries, cocktail and beer. 

Alila diwa goa tourist reviews can help you to make your hotel and tour plans properly.

We all know that the heart is one of the most crucial organs of the body. Every individual needs to ensure that they are in good heart health to not end up becoming afflicted by heart diseases like untold numbers of people across the country. Some people are not aware that heart conditions occur when plaque, a substance containing fat, calcium, cholesterol, and other nutrients in the blood, accumulates in coronary arteries, which convey oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. Consequently, blood flow to the heart’s chambers becomes obstructed, resulting in heart attacks, sudden cardiac death, and strokes. When a heart patient suffers from several forms of heart disease, the disease affects different parts of the heart and occurs in various forms. 

Therefore, the patient needs to have heart health insurance to at least prevent financial instability when the heart patient suffers a heart attack. You can focus 100% of your attention on your recovery with a health insurance plan rather than worrying about your financial situation. Concentrate on your recovery rather than your financial condition. The best insurance for heart patients includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. You can choose premiums that are affordable even when you have pre-existing medical conditions. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act offers various tax benefits for health insurance plans. Heart insurance covers all kinds of heart conditions, unlike regular health insurance and critical illness insurance. Health insurance plan that will cover pre-existing conditions Stock plans that pay one lump sum regardless of actual costs incurred for diagnostic tests or medical procedures Affordable premiums. 

Due to poor diet, lack of physical activity, and work stress, the majority of individuals in India are prone to heart-related issues today. As well as this, the death rate for individuals afflicted with cardiac illnesses has gone up significantly in recent years. Finally, the cost of health care has gone up significantly as well, which hits middle-class people hard. Therefore, to secure financial support during a difficult time, make sure you buy a heart insurance plan from a reputable insurer. These health insurance plans are mainly intended to provide coverage and financial support against sickness and medical expenses associated with hospitalization and treatments for heart problems.

Tips to buy the Best health insurance plans for heart patients:

  • Choose the one with a quick claim process: Claims processing and settlement should be simple for the insured. The faster claims settlement, the better it is for the insured. Therefore, these two factors should be considered when selecting a policy. Good customer support is another advantage one should consider when choosing a policy. The confusing jargon of policy wordings and the wide variety of plans only add to the confusion. While buying health insurance can be difficult, there are some things to consider before finalizing your choice.
  • Select the right insurance amount: The amount one selects for their health insurance policies should be well thought out as it covers the medical expenses for one year. Take into consideration the age of the person selecting a policy; the younger the person, the lower their premium. Another vital aspect is to consider the add-ons for they influence premium amounts. We recommend another look at one’s income level when analyzing the affordability of a premium. Before purchasing a policy, make sure your loved ones don’t have any pre-existing conditions.
  • Check for the number of hospitals covered: Cashless network of hospitals should always be checked with the insurance provider. The hospitals in the network offer cashless options to the insurance provider that pay the medical bills directly to the insurance provider during a medical emergency or hospitalization. Before buying an insurance plan, make sure you consider the age and health of your family members as well as their present ailments if any. You ought to also consider the family’s medical history before purchasing an insurance plan.
  • Check for the expenses included: When you are hospitalized, you get medicine, undergo tests, and see the doctor. After you’ve been discharged, you have some expenses incurred – these cost money for follow-up with the doctor, medicines, and so on. Ensure that your insurance policy covers these aspects. Buying a health policy that offers lifetime renewability is the best option for you since you are more likely to suffer from illnesses and diseases in your old age than when you are young.

You should choose a health insurance policy that provides a free medical checkup. This, however, does not affect the premiums when agreements are renewed. A health insurance policy will benefit you the most during medical emergencies. For heart disease patients, different health insurance plans are available. You can purchase a cardiac insurance plan or a critical illness policy that includes heart insurance coverage. Care Insurance is the best health insurance provider when it comes to buying a health insurance plan for heart patients.

The improper fractions as the name signifies will be the fractions that are not done properly for any kind of number, element or object. In the world of mathematics, the improper fraction will be the one in which the numerator will be bigger or greater than the denominator for example 3/2 is the perfect example in this particular area. On the other hand in the cases of the proper fraction, the denominator will be greater than the numerator for example 1/2.

  The fraction is considered to be the part of the whole and it will be having two parts of the whole thing for example numerator and the denominator. If 1/3 is the fraction then one will be the numerator and three will be the denominator in this particular case. Suppose a comprehensive activity has been undertaken and the Apple will be cut into two equal parts and every half of Apple will be represented by 1/2 of the Apple which very well means that it will be the fraction of the Apple.

 In the world of mathematics there are three types of mean fractions which are explained as follows: 

  • Proper fraction
  • Improper fraction
  • Mixed fractions

With the help of different kinds of fractions, people can go with the option of performing different kinds of arithmetic operations on them as well for example multiplication, division, subtraction, addition and several other kinds of available options.

 It is very much important for the kids to have a good command over the simplification process of the improper fractions which has been discussed as follows:

 People need to determine if a particular fraction given is improper or not. After this people need to interpret the denominator and check how many parts it is dividing the numerator into. Now we will need to check the common factors of numerator and denominator After this people need to cancel the terms from both the numerator and denominator in the whole process so that there is no problem at any point in time and overall goals are very easily achieved.

  At the time of converting the improper fraction to the mixed fraction, people need to divide the denominator by numerator and the question will also become a whole number. The remainder will be the numerator and the divisor will become the denominator in this particular system. Although the improper fractions can be converted to the mixed fraction there will be several kinds of situations that expressing of the fraction as the improper fraction will help in minimizing the confusion aspect and will ensure that understandability of the things will be significantly improved without any kind of issue.

On the other hand, people also need to be clear about the conversion of mixed to the improper fraction so that there is no problem at any point in time and concerned individuals can solve the questions very efficiently. Apart from this people also need to be clear about adding the improper fractions, subtracting off the improper fractions and several other kinds of arithmetic operations so that there is no problem at any point of time and for this particular system people always need to be clear about checking if the denominators are same or not. The second step will be to rationalize the denominators and the last will be to apply the operation as per the demand of the question for example addition or subtraction in the whole process which will provide the students with accurate answers in the whole system without any kind of issue.

  Hence, being clear about all these kinds of technical points and registering the kids on platforms like Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that everybody will be having a good command over the fraction number without any kind of problem. This is considered to be the best possible opportunity of scoring well in the mathematics exam.