7 The “Most Liking Destinations” For Your Summer Holidays

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Summer is on the next shore and this is the best season when you can chill a lot without thinking about snowfall, or frozen wind. This would be definitely true that – you are planning for the coming weekend and if it’s true then stop scrolling the options on Google. Today we are sharing the options that are best for your holidays and you can enjoy them along with your family, friends. 

Here we are unboxing the most liked destination for your visitors 

  • Greenland – 

If you have a desire to visit the Arctic circle then this place would be the best where you step in ahead. This is the coldest region enclosed with snow and all the cold-region creatures you can see here. For the best experience take with yourself a bag full of woolen clothes and rigid cold weather-protecting stuff. The best thing about this place is that – you can travel and visit the place in the day because here days are longer and nights are shorter. This place does not exist in India and if you have plenty of budget then you can visit once in your life. The thing that you should keep in mind is that – a favorable time to hit the spot is in the month of June till September. Well, this place is not in INDIA, so visitors will find some troublesome changes if they are not aware of this like currencies, language. 

  • Cappadocia – 

The most attractive thing that visitors like is – the hot air balloon ride. Along with that, this place has caves and epic panoramic views that can amaze your mood. In this place, someone can visit multiple destinations that are also cherry on the top of the cake and these are – pigeon valley, pasabag, and uchisar. A favorable time to visit this place is the month of April to May. This is a warm region and that is why it is crucial to bring water bottles all the time. Suitable for couples, adventure, or solo travelers, and you can come along with your family or friends. 

  • Siem reap – 

The most famous place here is – Angkor Wat and if you want to share anything about this place then you can do it without any haste. 

A favorable time to visit this place is in the month of January, December to June, and a few more places that you can visit there – Bayon, floating village, and Angkor night market. In this place, visitors can do temple tours, shopping, boating, hiking, and cycling. To protect themselves from the summer region, keep with yourself sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat whenever you move out. The language of this place is – Khmer and make sure you have a little bit of knowledge about it. 

  • Pokhara – 

If you don’t want to go for a long time then you can visit the nearest destination like NEPAL. This place still has charming and alluring beauty that everyone wants to experience in their life. From all over the world, visitors come here to see the places like cape point nature reserve, signal hill, sea point swimming, and Robben island museum. In this place, someone can go hiking, picnic, shopping, can taste lip-smacking foods, boating, and bungee jumping. Furthermore, there are multiple places where you can visit – Phewa Lake, Mahendra cave, and Begnas lake. One thing to remember is if you want to step into this place then pack woolen clothes to protect themselves from spine-chilling cold weather. 

  • Iceland – 

If you want to see the blend of beautiful colors of nature in the sky then this place is the best spot. In this place, someone can see mesmerizing healing beauty that connects the soul of visitors directly to nature. Also, you can enjoy the world’s famous blue lagoon Spa here, and Gullfoss. From all over the world people come here to visit the famous blue lagoon and nothing could be more heart-pleasing than experiencing it once in a lifetime. The favorable time to hit the land is in the months of July and August only. 

  •  Kerala – 

The southern region of India still has overwhelming views and beauty. Choosing this place over another option seems like pouring in an unexpected day. There are multiple things that you can see are – National parks, peaks, beaches and many more. The favorable time to be here is in the months of June, July, and August

Summing up – 

Where are you going to explore in your summer holidays? 

These all “most liking destinations” are located out of India and if you are packed with your wallet then this is the time to take a flight and land on these places. 

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