BigOne: A Global Crypto Exchange Where Security Breach Is Impossible

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In the cryptocurrency world, the factor of security has been a very pivotal issue, which matters to every crypto user. If you have been regularly following cryptocurrency latest news today, then you will get to know updates about digital currencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. There are cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase,, and others, which adhere to privacy and security matters for safe trading. Well, there is another global crypto exchange trading platform, called BigONE, that too joins this brigade, adhering to its following four tenets, which are honesty, truly professional, beneficiary, and security. 

The development of a wide range of digital assets trading services has been an important initiative of this global crypto exchange platform. It covers the range, comprising margin as well as spot trading, B2C loans, products of wealth management, contract trading, and various others and becoming a one-stop solution for users’ digital assets. BigOne, a global crypto exchange is engaged in stationing superlative technologies and secured mechanisms to protect the digital assets of users, safely. Ever since the inception of BigONE in 2017, there had been no case of losing any single token by the latter global crypto exchange platform, which seems to be like a world record.

BigONE dedicated team is clad with experience of about 5 years, in administering cryptocurrency trading platforms, and also in sourcing digital assets. BigONE is well- approved of blockchain technology, and is confident of its potential in curating a promising future., a very popular cryptocurrency exchange from China, is the predecessor to BigONE. The latter global crypto exchange is known to have extracted significant assets from this Chinese exchange. 

The discovery of premium blockchain projects like NEO, SC, EOS, QTUM, and ETH was firstly done by the team of BigONE. With the emergence of EOS, the prosperity and development of its ecosystem are been facilitated by BigONE. It quickly opens important trading pairs, other than underpinning the EOS Candy airdrops. BigOne, the global crypto exchange trading platform, has come up with its refined features, by simultaneously developing along with its users.

BigONE: Where Security Breach Is Impossible

Now, let us emphasize how it claims for no possible chances of the security breach:

Secure And Safe

The reason behind its claim of being a global crypto exchange trading platform is the absolute reserve fund deployment. Also, getting the biggest security audit verification from SlowMist, the world’s leading blockchain security firm. BigONE comprises a special mechanism called slider mechanism code, which finds its best use in human-machine verification. The global crypto exchange has even developed a special way to keep users away from phishing via anti-phishing reminder. The security team of BigONE is well-efficient in tracking down through manual-checkup in case they found something fishy during the process of login.

Private Key Security

Another method that makes this global cryptocurrency exchange so confident in claiming no security breach is the security of private keys as well as passwords. They are monitored through k8s, a special secret tool. It is the onus of experienced professional person in updating the secret An engineer is unable to plaintext it, other than quoting it.

Nothing Awful

Ever since its inception, BigONE has always maintained its morality, by not falling into any awful situation. It even adheres to it for its daily operation. You will never find one single evidence of its involvement in market manipulation or taking undue advantage of users’ trust. There are no unfair trading activities practised by BigONE users.


Those who have never been so familiar with BigONE before, have known it today. This global crypto exchange platform is known to be the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. If you are not abreast with the breaking crypto news, then you must have missed the fact about its launching of new VIP system, which is helpful in the conversion of all engagement of users with the fellow platform for their benefits, like minimizing leverage interest rates, increased referral bonus, and discount on spot trading fees. No doubt, BigONE truly has proved its claim on being a platform where there is no chance of security breach. It’s user-friendly products and morality for fair trading, makes it very applauding.

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