Creative and Unique Flooring Ideas for Your Exhibition Stands

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An exhibitor always wishes to showcase their brand and its services and products. To make it happen, they focus on each nook and corner of the exhibition stand. Right from structure to branding and ambiance to meeting area, a professional exhibition stall designer pays to heed on every part of the stand to ensure ultimate perfection. Even though every designer focuses on the whole stall, flooring is something neglected by most of them. To ensure success, it is important not to forget flooring as it enhances the overall beauty of the stand. It influences how visitors will see the atmosphere, shape, size, and function of a stand. In simple terms, appealing flooring can elevate the footfalls.

Indeed, an exhibition designing company cannot put add-ons to make a floor look beautiful, they should work towards making it attractive by integrating creativity in the designing part. Since there are countless flooring options available to choose from, it is quite obvious to get perplexed in picking the best one. If you are also going through the same scenario, then need not to worry, we have listed some of the finest flooring ideas to add more stars to your stand. Have a look:

  • Use Colored Carpet: Using colorful carpets is the easiest way to make your floor look attractive. It is said that – ‘simplicity carries the real beauty’, so the same theory also applies to the exhibition stand. For example, you can go for something colorful rather than using green or grey color. You can also use your brand’s color or official/logo colors with the stand’s theme.
  • Keep the 3D Graphics of Your Stand in Mind: If you are using 3D graphics in your stand, it is suggested to choose the flooring accordingly. To enhance the overall look of your exhibition stall, ask your exhibition stall designers to use similar colors and graphic patterns for the flooring as well. It will not only make your stand look attractive but help you get more foot traffic and leads.
  • Use Location Graphics to Take Your Visitors to the Location: Transport your attendees to the location or destination by using location graphics like a yellow brick road or train tracks on to the floor. These will help you engage your visitors and promote your goods and services. Your exhibition stall designing company will also guide you about the right flooring designs that perfectly match your brand’s reputation and identity.
  • Add Some Texture: To give your stall a completely new and fresh look, it is advisable to add some attractive and eye-pleasing texture to it. You can use the stand’s theme in the flooring as well. Whether that is wooden or just the metal one, using flooring accordingly will help you add more lure to your stand.
  • Get the Benefits of 3D Flooring: Technology is evolving with leaps and bounds. This is one of the reasons that you can use the 3D design for your stand as well as for flooring. By using the same, you can enhance the outlook of your stand and elevate the brand image. These types of flooring can look captivating but double the footfall as well. 3D flooring for exhibition stalls unlike other decorative flooring is distinguished by its inimitability and makes any ordinary stand look striking.


So, these are some of the best flooring options that you can get from your exhibition stall designer to use while exhibiting. However, it is good to do some online research to find more options and stand out in the crowd.

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