An Effective Guide To Leverage Instagram For Marketing Using All Its Features

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Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, and if you want to reach out to them, you will need to make the best use of all the features that the platform provides, especially to the business account holders. Moreover, there are more than 50 billion photos shared on this network, and therefore it is essential that you make your pictures and posts stand out from the rest. Once again, the features and its proper use will help you a great deal in this.

Sadly, most marketers overlook the massive marketing potential. There are several reasons for this, such as:

  • Lack of proper knowledge
  • Uncertainty in the type of pictures and videos to share and
  • Inability to design and follow a proper marketing plan.

If you too are one of those who lack in these, then you are surely missing out on the massive opportunity of Instagram marketing. If you do not want to continue on that path, this article will tell you how exactly you can reach a worldwide audience quickly and engage with them in a much better way.

  • First, know the objectives of your marketing so that you can create a sound marketing plan to gain immediate results.
  • Next, create blog posts that are relevant to your business and include all vital information about your business and product so that readers can make a buying decision.
  • Follow it up by creating calls to action and links to incorporate in your Instagram posts so that users are directed to your website.

You may also have run successful contests on Instagram. Just make sure that you always follow the right approach.

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Instagram content formats

Apart from the basic posts, there are various other content formats offered by Instagram. Each of these comes with unique features, advantages, and uses. Therefore, do not restrict your Instagram marketing campaign to those standard posts only. Instead, experiment with all of these available formats to create content in a fun and engaging way.

  • One such is Instagram Stories that will help you to establish a connection with your audience more quickly.
  • You can also promote your brand and product by a contest or a giveaway. This will help you to grab the attention of the followers and increases the number as well as drive more engagement from them.
  • You may also conduct polls and quizzes to ask questions about your brand, which will once again engage your audience and enable you to start a conversation with them.
  • Showcase all your achievements through the Stories. It will not only increase your brand image and personality but will also drive conversions.

Last but not least, you can also use Instagram Stories Ads to make the best of the format but make sure that you post it with a purchasable link. All these will help you to reach a larger set of audience.

Strategies to follow by small businesses

The Instagram marketing strategy to follow by small businesses starts with creating a business account. If you have a personal Instagram account, you must switch to a business account so that you can use the features that are allowed for business account holders. These features include:

  • Viewing analytics
  • Connecting your account with Facebook page
  • Running paid ads and more.

All these will make it easier for your followers to contact you. As on your part, it will help you to establish your brand presence.

The next steps to strategize your Instagram marketing efforts include:

  • Filling in your bio within 150 characters along with a link and hashtags
  • Establishing your brand identity and look with proper color palettes, fonts, and style
  • Analyzing your competitors and planning your content
  • Using hashtags strategically
  • Using Instagram Stories
  • Incorporating videos and sending direct messages.

Last but not least, make sure that you engage with the users actively to encourage engagement from them.

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Be creative with hashtags and captions

If you want your business to be found on Instagram, you should be consistent in posting and strategic with your marketing approach. You must pay special attention to your captions and hashtags and be as creative as you can while using them in your posts. You will get a lot of ideas about it when you visit marketing sites like Blastup and others.

The captions play a significant role in attracting more followers to your account who could be your potential clients. However, remember that:

  • Your caption should be relevant to the content which could be your brand story or a text or video to educate the users.
  • The length of the caption will also depend on the type of content you want to use it on and
  • Your captions will be more attractive when you use emojis in it.

As for the hashtags, use it strategically after thorough research. You must include at least 12 hashtags into your post and choose only those that are popular and have more than one thousand uses. However, do not choose hashtags that have more than a million uses because it will increase competition, and there is a high chance that your post will be lost in the crowd of a million.

Ensuring Instagram success in 2020

Follow the tips and advice of social media strategists, content producers, and professional marketers to ensure success in Instagram marketing in 2020.

Instagram is the future of business marketing which will provide businesses, both large and small, with more creative ideas and better tech solutions.

A few of the trends that you should watch out for when you plan your Instagram marketing strategy in 2020 are:

  • IGTV and Instagram Stories because the video will rule the marketing world
  • Augmented Reality Filters because the tech landscape will be flooded with AR, VR, and AI-powered solutions
  • The digital ecosystem which will drive most revenue and sales
  • Shoppable Influencer Posts in the checkout page so that users do not have to leave the app and
  • Organic Reach.

Without following these changing trends, it will be tough for you to sustain in the years to come.

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