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If you ask anyone from anywhere in the world about how they feel about office moving, you will get a consensus response, and that is challenging. Your employees are the most important assets of your office, and they need to stay focused on the job with minimal disruption. It is not unusual for the things to get sidetracked during the office moving because there is a lot of logistics involved. Man and van Shoreditch has listed some of the common mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Consider Various Factors

There are various office removal companies that you will find offering very good and reasonable prices. However, this is not the only factor that you need to focus on. You want someone who can take care of your valuable equipment and other aspects related to punctuality and insurance as well. For this, you need to check the previous customer’s reviews regarding the company services and make sure that you are getting a good deal.

How Many Items Do You Need To Move?

It is always better that you disclose the number of items you have for moving. It is considered as a norm, that majority of the professional office moving companies will pay a visit to your premises to scrutinize the number of items you have for transportation. This is vital because it will help the companies in bringing the right size of the moving van that will be used on the day of office moving. Wrong van size will lead to more than one trip. And this, in turn, inflates the overall costs.

Reputation Office Removal Company

The reputation of the office removal company plays a vital role. This is one of the main key components of properly vetting the companies and then choose the one you like best. Contact their previous customers and ask for their suggestions and visit their websites to get more information.

Last Minute Bookings

When you procrastinate or there comes an emergency, these situations call for the last minute booking of the moving company. So, in this case, it will be recommended that try to book the removal company as soon as possible. Last-minute booking will force you to hire a company that you are not sure of in terms of reputation, experience and insurance matters.


Hiring a company that provides insurance coverage will protect you from any unforeseen mishaps. Usually, individuals do not consider this aspect, and this leads their business costing a fortune. So before you get to hire any office removal company, make sure that the one you hire provides comprehensive insurance coverage for your items.

Interruptions in Business

Office relocation means that the time you will spend office moving will make your business unproductive. It is best to plan your move in advance. So there are no delays even if you are doing it outside the business hours. Haste always results in damaging and loss of your property valuables. A well-reputed and professional man with a van company follows your schedule and ensures that your business is up and running as soon as possible. Again, the burden of finding the right moving company is solely your responsibility.

Moving On Your Own

You might consider performing the moving job yourself as it will save a lot of money. Many people have attempted this and in the end, suffered from damages that are caused to their property or lost their valuables. Loading, unloading and unpacking is a difficult job, and you cannot do it alone. The entire process is tedious if there are no experts to assist you.

Transparent Pricing Policy

When a removal company provides a price quotation, there are certain bits of information that needs to be included as well. This includes volume, weight, number of movers and much more. These can be individual or a combination of these. This will show the company integrity when it comes to being transparent with their pricing policies. If you only get the total cost without the details of it, then keep yourself away from such companies. Because you don’t know what you are dealing with and what the charges are for.

Conditions of Payment

A reputable and professional company will only give the total amount incurred after the relocation process is completed. And your items have been delivered safely to your new location. Sometimes they will ask for deposits, especially if the distances goes beyond the normal locations of operations. Also, it is best that the company always provide vital documentation regarding the acknowledgement of the receipt of deposit. Never agree to pay cash upfront without getting solid proof and documentation in return.

Promotion on Social Media

If you are viewing a company that has only a social media account and not a relevant website, then you should avoid hiring these office removal companies. These types of companies are not reliable for moving. It is better that you look for another company with the necessary details and clear way of contacting them.

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