Guide To Choosing A Perfect Wood Burning Stove For Sale

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Every house has the same favourite feature, and that is the fireplace in the living room. We have always dreamt of having one in the house, and the inspiration behind this comes from the old movies. However, there is always a concern of air getting polluted when the smoke is emitted from the chimneys. And there are some regions where there is a strict regulation regarding Smoke Control act. So the best alternative for this is installing a wood burning stove for sale. Still, the variety of options available can be overwhelming or bewildering because you don’t know where to start. So we have put together a guide that will help you in choosing the right design stove for yourself.

Look and style

This is one of the important aspects, how would you like your wood burner stove to look like. There is a huge variety available like freestanding stoves, inset stoves and cassette stoves. There are the traditional ones and some with classic black option. Some companies will offer all types of colour options, for instance, sleek misty grey to appealing spice red. All of these are manufactured with no-smoker paint, which doesn’t emit fumes or odours when the stove gets first lit.


Next thing to consider is what size of the stove you need to have that will perfectly heat the room where it will be placed. A rough guide in this would be to measure your room, multiple its width, depth and height and after that divide the entire figure by 14. this will give you the average requirements in kilowatts. You can share it with the experts, and they can help you in choosing the right model. There are stoves available in various sizes that offer various range of outputs for various spaces. There are also boiler stoves that you can use to warm your radiators and heat the entire home.


The third aspect is where you are going to position your wood burning stove? There are also strict rules regarding the distance between the stove and any flammable materials. In any case, a minimum gap of 2.5cm at the back and 10cm on either side is recommended. It will ensure that it works as efficaciously as possible. There is another regulation as well, and that is the hearth of the stove should be higher than the ground floor, and the amount concerned is the only 1mm.

A qualified company expert will also be able to guide on the position and all other aspects of wood-burner safety and efficiency. Keep in mind, choose the one that is registered.

The chimney

There are various factors involved that determine whether your chimney is suitable for the stove or not. The best solution is to get an expert to conduct a survey and then advice on the adaptations needed. The wood burner feature involves that is required narrower flues than open fires. So in this regard, you need to make sure that your chimney is high enough to draw all the air out effectively. If you have no chimney built in the house, then you have to get an insulated flue installed that is on the exterior of the house.


Another aspect that is most important is to identify what type of fuel you will be required to burn. Usually, wood is considered as one of the most environmentally-friendly and economic choices. But here is the limitation, you need to use a dry, seasoned and untreated wood that has a moisture level of less than 20%.

Coal is not recommended at all in these days. However, there are solid smokeless fuels like anthracite that you can use. Several companies also offer multi-fuel stoves that worked equally well with wood and solid fuel. You need to check that with them.

In case you desire to have a wood burner without getting concerned about getting the right fuel to use, then there are also Ecoburn Plus Gas. These are powered by gas and has a remote control to adjust the temperature and the height of the flame.

Care and maintenance

As soon as your timber-burner has been installed, you’ll need to look after it well to make sure it keeps to burn cleanly and efficiently. Always observe the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of lighting fixtures, cleaning and refuelling, and keep a close eye fixed on any components that might want servicing or changing. You’ll also need to get your chimney cleaned regularly, once a year at least, and twice a year if your range is your own home’s most important source of heating).

So this guide will help you in getting the right wood burner stove, without wasting your time and money. If you still not sure, the best solution is to get expert guidance in this regard.

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