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Macarons are not only delicious but also beautiful. Different colors of macarons are available in the markets. These different colors make these delicious bakery products attractive. For those who run bakeries or sell macarons; otherwise, it is essential to make them appealing. Bakers use different strategies to make their macarons more beautiful than the competition. However, you should know that there are some other ways to improve the presentation of macarons.

Using custom macaron boxes can help you appealingly present these already beautiful products. Do not rush towards purchasing boxes for the macarons you sell. Instead, first, understand how you can best use the packaging for your advantage. There is a lot to the packaging boxes, which has an impact on the end consumes. When you are to select packaging boxes, consider them from a consumer perspective.

What Macaron Packaging Demands?

The first thing you should consider before you purchase boxes is the need for packaging of the macarons. The macarons are delicate and soft and can easily be broken. To avoid this, the packaging must be soft but also rigid and reliable. The macaron boxes you choose must be in accordance with the size of the macarons you sell. Giving extra room to macarons in the packaging boxes can damage the macarons. Last but not least, the packaging must be able to attract consumers.

How to Meet These Demands?

Unlike earlier days, the packaging industry is today capable of providing creative and innovative packaging boxes. When you are in need of a packaging box for a specific purpose, in this case, for macarons, you do not have to compromise. You no more have to settle on a box that somewhat covers the needs. Instead, you are now able to get an exact box as you need it.

Nowadays, you get to design each and every aspect of the custom macaron boxes to meet the demands of your business. For businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the markets, it is important to be innovative. Through unique macaron boxes, you can get that competitive edge you need to enhance your sales.

How to Design?

Designing a macaron box is not as hard as you might think. All you have to do is to have a basic idea of what kind of boxes you want for the macarons you sell. The companies manufacturing these custom boxes for macarons have experts who can help you create the boxes of your imagination.


There is a wide range of boxes that you can use for the packaging of macarons. These boxes are different from each other from multiple perspectives and focus on different things. For instance, using gable macaron boxes is a quite effective practice. These boxes have an open-top which can easily be closed carefully. The shape of the box is what makes it attractive.

On the other hand, there are simple open-top boxes, square boxes, window boxes, structural boxes, and many more. All of these types of boxes offer some extra advantage to your consumers and hence improve your brand image. Usually, the gable boxes and window boxes are more effective in improving the presentation of macarons.


No one prefers a poor quality packaging for any product whatsoever. The poor quality of packaging often points out towards poor business and, thereafter, poor quality of goods. Especially for the food and bakery products, it is very crucial to use high-quality packaging. The macaron boxes must be strong to hold the macarons safely. Kraft macaron boxes are able to deliver the strength and still be soft for the safety of macarons. Furthermore, these boxes must also be able to appeal to consumers through appearance.

cutom macaron boxes

So quality is not only what the macaron boxes are made of, but also how these boxes are finished. The modern packaging industry uses die cutting for the production of high-quality packaging boxes. Further, maintain the quality, the industry uses off-set as well as digital printing to ensure a reliable print on the macaron boxes. Finally, a brilliant finish with UV lamination makes these custom printed macaron boxes all the more attractive.

How to Order macaron boxes?

Designing custom macaron boxes to the highest standards is one thing. When it comes to ordering these boxes, you need to be very careful. To ensure quality in the macaron boxes, the industry uses state of the art resources. However, not every provider has that kind of resources. Moreover, when you order wholesale macaron boxes, you can have some discounts on the price. This is because macaron boxes wholesale orders demand larger volumes.

In the United States of America, when you need high-quality packaging boxes, Plus Printers can provide. They have a substantial active client base to whom the company is regularly providing custom boxes for packaging purposes.

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