Electric Coin Company Educational Initiative To Make Crypto Global

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Cryptocurrency might seem a complex, unknown, and outer concept to understand for many newbies, leave alone holding. But it can be one opinion when it can prove much helpful for countries and communities, that are not satisfied by monetary policy or experiencing insufficient use of banking services. If you follow crypto educational news, then you will understand that crypto can be a much useful concept to spread education. Electric Coin Company who created ZCash, partnered with a high school teacher from New York, undertook many companies related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, in promoting education through different mediums, including workshops.

Know About Electric Coin Company

Before flocking on to know its educational initiative, we would like to impart a brief knowledge about it. The Launch of ZCash cryptocurrency is credited to the Electric Coin Company. All the developments that you see in ZCash are underpinned by this company. The latter digital currency was built with a robust technological base. It stands on its objective for protecting privacy for the users. Ever since its inception, ZCash proved its mettle as a worthy cryptocurrency, worldwide.

The outline of the ZCash protocol lies beneath scientific principles. Electric Coin Company has no role in supervising its distribution or mining. In short, it does not control ZCash. There is a contribution of every user behind its decentralization. They even take initiative in keeping it protected from getting corrupted or downfall. 

Educational Initiative Taken By Electric Coin Company

Electric Coin company introduced its official initiative through a blog post and was being helped for its pilot program by its partners including Digital Currency Group, Gemini, Messari, Flexa, and also LEANLAB Education. If you read its blog post, then you will come to know about the first Crypto in Context pilot was generated with Carlos Acevedo, a South Bronx teacher, who emphasized on literacy by preaching students, and also imparted education about cryptocurrency knowledge. 

With the alliance of its onboard partners, it paved a workshop of two days. The fruit of this result produced internships of three students, leading another workshop to happen, with sponsoring of other educational events by Electric Coin Company. A refugee from Syria, took the onus to host the virtual workshop and educated on cryptocurrency and its other related issues to the fellow refugees inTurkey.

The objective behind the Crypto in Context is to promote education, all over the world, and it is much initiated by local leaders by taking the keen initiative in hosting events. Thereby, Electric Coin Company will also be taking onus by providing funds for such events, and to organize logistics, by aligning presenters as well as sponsors.


So this is all about the Electric Coin Company and how it is taking initiative in promoting education on cryptocurrency through workshops and events, to make this digital concept familiar to the whole world. If you follow altcoin breaking news, you will certainly know about such innovative initiatives in the crypto world. Even though cryptocurrency today has become a popular concept, but still it has not fully convinced some section of people, who have not much idea about this technology, and consider it to be very complicated. Crypto in Context is needed to be applauded for promoting education of crypto, globally.

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