Why “Now” Is the Perfect Time To Start Your Blockchain Enterprise

Why “Now” Is the Perfect Time To Start Your Blockchain Enterprise

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The massive popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has got many people thinking. Almost every day I am volleyed by questions like 

“what would be the perfect time to start your blockchain enterprise?”

And I always smile at them and say to them Blockchain would offer them more and more opportunities at it matures. They can’t necessarily wait all their lives to invest in this extraordinary technology. So, I tell them that the time is NOW. Yes, you read that right. Invest now and you can reap its benefits two or three years down the line. All that you need to do is seek opportunities that provide an effective real-world application that would bring in potential buyers.

Solving Problems of the Real World

Any blockchain startup needs to ask itself whether or not they are solving a real-world problem for its customers. So it’s the idea behind the project that matters the most. Explore the blockchain space, read blockchain magazine to get hang of the ideas doing the round in this industry. If you have a concept ready that you think you can sell, then it’s the perfect time to start your blockchain enterprise.

Seek Investors Who Are Much More Than Source of Capital.

Most ICOS that would see on the ICO listing only look for investors who can contribute funds for their project. However, they fail to understand the significance of the contribution that experienced and seasoned investors make to any project. Always look for such investors who can contribute beyond the capital. Such investors would often go out of their way to offer help and guidance because they know what it takes to succeed during the early stages of a project launch.

Find Long Term Colleagues Who Believe In Your Idea

My experiences are replete with memories of partners who only wanted to launch a new coin and pump value out of it. They didn’t have any long-term vision, which was entirely antithetical to the fundamental idea behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies– long-term revolution and transformation. Seek out partners, colleagues, and also investors who get the long-term picture behind your idea. Your project might require people to invest time and patience, which only such people can offer.


Crypto prices have already started recovering and the market is all set to welcome new entrants. Also, the prospects of blockchain technology are immense. So, the perfect time to start your blockchain enterprise would always be “now”. Just take care while seeking out colleagues and partners and come up with a concept that can actually help people. Your project would be set to pay high dividends all the way.

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