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Looks like your hunt for the best crypto trading platform has ended as you are looking to know about Trade.IO. Don’t worry if you are still confused about the platform because in this guide we are going to clear them all. Unlike Binance, trade.io is not that famous among crypto traders but if you check out its services and features, it’s no less than them. In this article, we will note down everything that you need to know about trade.io including its pros as well as cons.

So, what do you mean when you refer an exchange as one of the best or what are the features that make an exchange best? Excellent security, intuitive interface, advance trading tools, a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, numerous payment methods, low trading and withdrawal fee,  both fiat and crypto deposits and last but not least, company’s reputation. Let’s rate trade.io exchange on the basis of all these aspects and decide if it is a best fit for you or not.

What is Trade.io

Launched in 2018, trade.io not only offers an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies but also a liquidity pool, FX market. The platform claims itself to be the future of crypto trading platforms. It offers a better, safer and smarter approach for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Like other major exchanges such as Bitcoin, Bitfinex, Kucoin, OKcoin, Trade.io is also based in hong kong, the country having the most crypto exchanges. To trade on trade.io, you would need to go complete a short KYC process first. The platform offers low fees on trading as well as withdrawal and has decent customer service.

NOTE: Starting October 2019, Trade.io is in hibernation mode and not providing complete services. If you are willing to trade on the platform, you must wait until it opens for full services again. Although, you can still buy and trade in the native token of trade.io from tioprime.com and Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum CFDs on tiomarket.com.

Know About Trade.io Liquidity Pool and TradeTokens (TIOx)

One of the best thing about trade.io is its liquidity pool. The platform allows you to earn daily profits from its native token TIOX on its liquidity pool platform which is now available on tioprime.com. The pre-ICO of TIOX utility token was started in November 2017. Not only trade.io allows TIOX holders to participate in the liquidity pool but also trade forex on its FX market platform. 

To participate in the liquidity pool one need to invest a minimum 2500 TIOx tokens. Users will be benefited from profits which will be transferred into their wallets on a daily basis. The more you’ll invest in the pool, then you’ll earn interest on it. Moreover, if there is a loss, you can withdraw your tokens from the pool anytime as your wallet will remain intact. If you want to know about trade.io forex and CFD platform, continue reading.

Trade CFDs On Tiomarket.Com

As the exchange is in hibernation from more than 6 months now, you cannot buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency on trade.io. As per the developers of the exchange, they are currently focusing on their liquidity pool and tiomarket platform. It says that the platform is not out of service and will be back to work once again with much more to offer. So if you want to earn profits and make money from cryptocurrencies, you can still use its FX and CFD markets.

Why Choose Tiomarket Above Other FX/CFD Brokers?

That’s a legit question! So why would you use tiomarket and not any other forex or crypto CFD broker? Let’s know about trade.io forex and CFD trading platform.

Tiomarkets is a Forex and CFD trading platform that was launched in 2018 in the United Kingdom. The best thing about this platform is that it is licenced by both FCA and FSA. The team behind the platform has over 40 years experience in FX and CFD markets which is why it is also considered as one of the safest brokers out there. It lets you use TIO tokens to trade in various markets and earn profits on the platform. From forex to indices, shares, energies as well cryptocurrencies, you can trade in any market on Tiomarket.com. There are more than 100 trading tools available on the platform.

If you are situated in the United Kingdom, you can take the most benefit from the forex & CFD exchange as it is providing services with no commissions and thin spreads. Coming back to crypto CFD trading, you can trade Bitcoin, Etheruem and Litecoin with low spreads. Moreover, the CFD broker accepts over 45 currency pairs that include, USD/SEK, USD/ZAR, USD/SGD, USD/TRY, USD/MXN/, USD/HUF and USD/CNH etc. You can access the platform in various languages that include, Russian, Polish, Spanish, English and Chinese.

Before the platform is rebranded to Tiomarkets in 2018, it was known as Primus Capital Markets Ltd. Trade crypto on Trade.io CFDs platform, Tiomarket and go short and long whenever you expect the price to drop or surge to earn profits. The broker also allows you to use leverage to increase your profits on all markets.

How To Use Tioprime And Tiomarket Platform?

Whether you want to trade crypto on trade.io crypto CFD platform or just want to earn profit from liquidity pool, you first need to sign up on Tioprime and buy TIOx tokens. To register on Tioprime.com, follow the steps given below:

  1. Register on the platform using your email
  2. Verify your email account
  3. Complete the KYC requirements by uploading ID proof and address proof

As soon as you register yourself on the platform, you can make your purchase for TIOx tokens and participate in liquidity pool. Moreover, you can also use these tokens to trade CFDs on trade.io’s forex and CFD platform.

Last Words

Trade.io exchange was launched almost 2 years back but went into hibernation after a year. Although, it liquidity pool platform and crypto CFD trading are still open and users can earn profits from its excellent services. The team behind Trade.io has decades of experience in forex as well as CFD trading which makes it one of the most secure platforms among all.

We hope the guide was helpful to you and that there’s nothing else left to know about trade.io exchange, liquidity pool and Forex and CFD platform.

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