Vital Facts About Verge Cryptocurrency; How It Differs From Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has been a wonderful milestone in the form of digital currency which made its debut on 3rd January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the only crypto coin who brought the concept of cryptocurrency to the whole world. It created such a buzz that people were interested in knowing about how to invest in Bitcoin and various other topics related to cryptocurrency. After its success, many other cryptocurrencies also followed it, which are popularly called as altcoins. One such altcoin is Verge, which you might not be knowing too much. But today, we are going to reveal some interesting facts about Verge cryptocurrency and what are those features which set it apart from Bitcoin.

Facts About Verge Cryptocurrency; What Sets It Apart From Bitcoin?

If you think there is hardly any altcoin who could fare better than Bitcoin, then, you need to rethink this approach. Bitcoin, no doubt, is the foremost cryptocurrency that made everyone admiring it, still, there are some lacunas that make Bitcoin fall behind altcoins like Verge. In comparison to this latter cryptocurrency, Verge provides complete privacy and is better at speed. Also, it is much cheaper for Bitcoin. This is one of the amazing facts about Verge cryptocurrency which tells you how it is different from the latter digital currency. 

When Verge made its debut as cryptocurrency in 2014, it was not known by its current name. Initially, its name was DogecoinDark. It was later rebranded to its name Verge. The reason for its foundation was to bring a cryptocurrency that completely adheres to privacy. The idea came when its founder came to know that there is an absence of anonymity in Bitcoin. So this led to the formation of new blockchain where tracing of transactions could not be made possible.

You will surprise to know that still, no one is sure about its founder, just as in the case of Bitcoin. As Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the Verge is also known by Sunerok, a username. This coin is popularly known by XVG as its ticker symbol. It is estimated that Verge coin is supposed to be having coins around 16.5 billion in comparison to 21 million of Bitcoin. 

There are other important facts about Verge cryptocurrency, among these is sending and receiving of the transactions that are unknown. However, the process of transaction is much faster (just 30 seconds) than Bitcoin which takes minutes. Apart from this, the Verge coin also fares better than Bitcoin in terms of scalability. It has the potential to process the maximum number of transactions in a few seconds in comparison to Bitcoin.


So if you think that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is all impactful to its users, then change this perception. After knowing about vital facts about Verge cryptocurrency, you will see that there are other coins who have the potential to compete with Bitcoin in some prominent features like providing privacy, scalability, and transaction speed. If you are concerned about the safety of your coins, then the verge wallet proves as the best-secured option in storing them. Now apart from investing in Bitcoins, you can now think of investing in verge cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency aims to become the global payment system. Well, let us see whether it truly becomes successful in achieving that goal.

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