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If you are reading this, then we suppose you are already aware of cryptocurrencies or at least heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nevertheless, in this article, we are going to review a platform that offers services for crypto trading, wallets and many more. Yes! We are talking about Coinpayments platform. Many of you must have heard about Coinpayment wallet, but it’s not only the wallet that it provides but many other services which make it stand above its competitors. Whether you are a HODLer, trader or a business accepting crypto payments, you should read this complete review of Coinpayments platform to learn about the very benefits of it.

Actually, the thing that makes this platform unique is that it provides services for businesses to accept crypto payment, eventually helping in wider adoption of crypto. And as you know there are many options available when it comes to trading services as well as crypto wallets but not the services for business accepting cryptos. The reason behind that, you can say, is the fact that there are thousands of cryptos out there and while someone wants to pay using Bitcoin, others want to pay using ripple or cardano. CoinPayments is indeed working hard to work on this problem by supporting a wider range of crypto coins. Let’s start with our guide to Coinpayments platform.

What Does the Coinpayments Platform Offer?

Coinpayments is a platform that offers services for crypto trading, wallets, vault service, shopping cart plugins and many more. The platform is currently accepting Bitcoin and more than 1,900 altcoins, which is quite impressive as compared to its competitors. If you’ll check out its platform, you’ll find out that it has an intuitive interface with many easy to use plugins. Moreover, the crypto platform has millions of vendors worldwide which make it one of the widely adopted crypto service providers. Now, you might think that there are numerous crypto wallets and trading platforms out there, what is special about this one? Well, it’s not just a crypto wallet or trading platform, it is an all-in-one crypto payment gateway, which means you can use it to accept crypto payment on your website or platform through its merchant tools, make use of its POS facility, purchase gift cards, and many more. Now, let’s review the Coinpayments platform features and services right away.

Review Of CoinPayments Platform Services

From shopping cart plugins to buying gift cards with cryptocurrencies, vaults services, and point of sale facility, Coinpayments platform offers it all in a single platform. If you are someone looking for any such services for the growth of your business or offline store, read about the many features of Coinpayments.

Shopping Cart Plugins

CoinPayments allows you to add crypto plugins and buttons on your website. You can use this service if you want to accept cryptos for payment of the service or products provided on your platform. You can find almost all the famous and mostly used webcarts like Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce etc. check out all the shopping cart plugins supported on Coinpayments from its official web page.

Digital Gift Cards

Don’t get surprised to know that now you can buy gift cards using your crypto coins because Coinpayments has made it possible for you. All you need is to sign up on the platform and purchase the gift card of your choice. CoinPayments enables you to buy digital gift cards from almost all the famous retailers like Best Buy, Adidas, Hulu, Uber etc.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Accept crypto payment on your offline store making use of Coinpayments point of sale facility. The platform lets you accept payments in cryptocurrencies with an easy to use and interactive POS interface.

Vault Service

Use Coinpayments Vault service to securely store your cryptocurrencies until you don’t spend it. It is an extra layer of protection for your cryptos and their private keys.

Multi-Coin Wallet

Coinpayment multi-coin wallet is among the top and most reputable crypto wallets out there. It lets you store, send and receive thousands of supported coins using its online wallet. Coinpayments is doing great by providing all these services in a single platform, although, we recommend you to not use online wallets for security purposes.

GAP600 Confirmations

Crypto Payments through CoinPayments would be faster than before as the platform uses GAP600 Instant confirmation feature. Because of this, you would be able to process payments in less time and wouldn’t have to wait for hours for the confirmation.

CoinPayments Mobile App

Make use of all the services offered by Coinpayments simply by accessing its application on your Smartphone. You can download this app on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Is CoinPayments Safe?

Now that we are done with the review of Coinpayment platforms features, let’s step to its security. So, is CoinPayment Safe? Not as safe as you think but not that bad either. Why are we saying this, because the platform suffered a security breach back in 2017 and a lot of users got hacked of their ripple coins. That was it, the one moment when CoinPayments lost the trust of a lot of its customers. So, we can’t give you a 100% positive review about the platform’s security but surely the platform has improved in all these years. But the fact is that when it comes to crypto services, you can actually trust any platform entirely.

Moreover, CoinPayments managed to repay the victims of the breach that happened in 2017 within a few months which represents how well it has dealt with the situation.


That was it in the review of Coinpayments platform. If you are worried about how to trade on Coinpayments platform, let us tell you it is really simple and you can do so by simply signing up on the platform. You can make use of the platform for various purposes like adding shopping plugins on your website, using its vault service, buying gift cards using cryptocurrencies and many more. As we also said above, we don’t recommend using Coinpayments wallet for storing cryptos as it is an online wallet and prone to attacks. If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets, we suggest you only trust hardware wallets and not software wallets.

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