Top Crypto Startups Of 2020

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It has been decades since the Bitcoin became a milestone in the contemporary financial era. After its immense success, there have been remarkable changes observed since the last years. It was hardly expected that such new monetary innovation would become so popular. If you have been following live crypto news, then you will understand that ever since the concept of cryptocurrency came into being, many established banking became insecure. They considered it to be an easy platform to carry out fraudulent activities. But no criticism could impact its growth. Today, we will be introducing you to the top crypto startups of 2020.

Seeing the wave of cryptocurrencies spreading all over the world, it has given rise to a competitive environment for emerging crypto startups. Each startup is doing efforts to establish itself in the booming industry. Some of the businesses with a high success rate have become the major driving force in terms of popularity. Let us discuss some of the top crypto startups given below:


Among the top crypto startups comes Ox token. Founded by Yi He and Changpeng Zhao in 2016, the headquarter of this decentralized protocol is situated in the USA. Ox is a non-permission protocol that enables ERC-20 tokens transacted on the blockchain of Ethereum. The offer of token trading capabilities to users is possible due to the availability of online services by Ox. The team of Ox is optimistic about the belief that in the coming years, users will be facilitated with numerous tokens spawning from Ethereum. The protocol also offers a reliable and authentic medium for exchanging them. 


Coming on to another name among the list of top crypto startups of 2020 is EOS. EOS is a decentralized blockchain protocol that made its debut in the year 2017 by Brendan Blumer. He is also credited with the foundation of Bitshares and Steem. If you follow EOS crypto news, then you must be knowing that EOS enables developers to use its native coins in making applications. It is efficient in terminating fees for the transaction and operates numerous transactions per second. 


The secret of success of any technology lies behind its dedicated team. Bitconch is the existing example to quote. Bitconch along with a team of IBM, Google employees to work on a network that promises 120K transactions. If Bitconch becomes much successful, then it might surpass the opponent’s traditional payment methods like Visa. The remarkable speed of this protocol is efficient enough to draw the interest of the number of crypto users.


Biki is a well-known exchange from Singapore which was founded in the year 2018. This exchange offers services to serve the international market. The main objective behind Biki is to provide a solution for those seeking trade at the international level. Over the last year, it has gathered registered users (over 1 million). It signifies Biki, being one of the speedy exchanges.


In the world of cryptocurrencies, people are bothered about two main factors, one is user data security and other is transaction speed. Thankfully, Rubix fits well for both the queries of yours. Rubix is an exchange platform that was founded in the last year by Andrew Hamilton. The prime objective of this exchange is to make hassle-free trading, buying, and selling of cryptocurrencies. Your account data is not even accessed by the employees of Rubix, forget any other authorities. It strictly adheres to the security and privacy matter of the users. It is also listed among the top crypto startups of 2019.


So these were some of the top crypto startups of 2020. The success of these crypto startups lies behind the success of growing cryptocurrencies throughout the world. The credit which is to be given for such a remarkable rise is Bitcoin. If you constantly follow Bitcoin news today, then you must have read so many writeups on this popular cryptocurrency defining its features. They might be termed as rival technology for the established banking system and traditional currencies. Still, there is a conception about cryptocurrencies of being a platform for spamming or fraud. But whatsoever the challenge might come on the way, cryptocurrency is ready to face it.

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