Some Of The Best Cryptocurrency Startup Companies To Know

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If you are abreast of crypto educational news, then you will know about some cryptocurrency startup companies which have shown their potential with booming performance in the previous years, whereas, some have proven their worth by becoming popular with their names. If you look back at the year 2016, then you will observe that many crypto-based startup firms have mostly focused on software, financial services, and payment processing. However, getting instant success, in the beginning, is not possible for these startups, as most of them fail. It is very tough for small businesses to take a lift upwards so fast in the beginning. This is the reason why it is not so easy to involve in cryptocurrency businesses.

However, we are not going to emphasize any of the risks and other factors. Rather, we will be introducing you to some of the best cryptocurrency startup companies, which you must know.

Startup Paisa

Some of the best cryptocurrency startup to start with is Startup Paisa. It is the best platform which has a goal to support entrepreneurs and investors. Startup Paisa makes it possible to interconnect business, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Startup Paisa is very beneficial for angel investors and the capital funds team to get joined with reliable projects. This funding platform has given new hope for those startup industries which are moving at a slow pace. 


Javvy is another name that joins the list of cryptocurrency startup companies. The main motive of this cryptocurrency startup company is to take place over maximum cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges very simply. Javvy is even coming up with a universal wallet, that will be supportive of all decentralized exchange and digital currencies. It is possible when being connected to different exchanges, ending the need for opening separate accounts with multiple exchanges. The creation of Javvy utility token for getting 50% off on fees is also an initiative by Javvy. 

Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group is the biggest cryptocurrency startup company which initiates in investing in crypto business, around the world. Barry Silbert, who founded NASDAQ is the creator of this crypto startup company. Around 145 companies have been considered for investment by Digital Currency Group. This makes it one of the activated crypto investment company. Since 2013, Barry began its investment initiative in Bitcoin companies. After that, he never turned back with a firm belief of Bitcoin driving out Gold. According to him, there is nothing wrong with speculating about cryptocurrency. It is because it generates an ecosystem and a need for liquidity for accepting cryptocurrency among the people. 


Joining the list of the best cryptocurrency startup companies is SpectroCoin. It comprises its wallet, where cryptocurrencies like NEM, Dash, Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum can be stored by users. Besides it, SpectroCoin also runs as an exchange. Bankera, a cryptocurrency giving service is also an initiative by SpectroCoin. Bankera, as the name suggests, wants to be categorized as a bank, which will open the opportunity to fill up the connectivity between cryptocurrency and regular banking. 

Bankera aims for blockchain technology use, in limiting counterparts connected in the banking sector, to enable simple and affordable for making payments. Apart from it, Bankera also dreams to become an important stop for financial services by using blockchain technology in providing standout services. If you are not much active in Bitcoin news today, then you might not be knowing about the Bitcoin debit card provided by SpectroCoin. This card is very useful for functioning in over a million cash machines and shops.


So these are some of the best cryptocurrency startup companies, which you were reading about in this blog. One needs to know that the emergence and growth of these crypto startups are very essential for traders dealing in cryptocurrency besides, investments. Or it can be said that the more there is acceptance for cryptocurrency, the more it becomes very worthy. These crypto startups are those medium to grab it. Also, if people take a keen initiative for crypto use, the factor of liquidity will become more added to it. This means it will become very simple for buying and selling. It is advised that every crypto trader must seek for cryptocurrency startups and know about its evolving trend.

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