Need Of Blockchain Technology In Healthcare Sector

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Cryptocurrency is incomplete without blockchain technology, and there is no doubt in it. If you are abreast of blockchain education news, then you are expected to know about its actual meaning or work. But for someone who is newly introduced to this digital technology, might not have much idea about it. So in short, one needs to understand that blockchain technology is a distributed public ledger, which plays an important role in cryptocurrency by storing transactions and keeping track of assets. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has also reached new heights by becoming a need for many sectors. One such is healthcare. So today, we will be throwing light on the need of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. 

The function of storing data in the blockchain has made this distributed ledger technology at much demand in the healthcare sector. The importance of this technology is being acknowledged and being referred for the improvement in managing medical records, the process of the insurance claim, speed up research on biomedical and clinical. These expected operations are all because of blockchain technology’s basic aspects, involving, data provenance, decentralized management, being strong enough, better privacy and security, and unchangeable audit trail. Even though there have been many discussions on these possibilities, but what strikes the most is the need of blockchain technology for getting back of data’s subject right.

Other than hospitals, medical data should be functionalized and accessed by data subjects. This signifies patient-focused operability, which is different from institutional-based operability. Several prevailing issues are emanating from patient-based operability, including privacy, security, data standards, adding on to technical problems like speed, governance, scalability, and incentives.

Blockchain technology has the potential advantage to bring change from institutional-based operability to patient-based operability. The need of blockchain technology will enable patients to access their medical data, like allowing special researchers to use some extracts of their data for a limited time. With the help of blockchain technology, patients won’t fall in any complex situation, as they will be able to tie-up with hospitals and can access their medical data, easily. 

Although it would be too early to estimate the completeness of blockchain technology, one thing is sure, is that this technology is speedily improving faster. However, there are some big issues, which it has to resolve, for being adopted in healthcare and biomedical applications. The first major issues are secrecy and clarity because everyone has access to explore anything on a blockchain network. The second-most important issue to resolve is scalability and speed. 


The rapid rise of cryptocurrency has become the reason for the need of blockchain technology in different sectors, including healthcare. Although, there are some problem areas like speed, scalability, transparency, and confidentiality which are must be resolved. But apart from these challenges, there is another major challenge, which needs to be resolved is a 51% attack. Being a possible threat, it is imperative to find a solution for it. Observing the importance of blockchain, some people even consider this technology useful for the change in medicine and further. But one cannot rely upon mere speculations. There must be strong evidence for blockchain technology worth to prove it. So keep track of blockchain crypto news, to get further updates.

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