Rise Of Bitcoin Amid Russia’s Bemused Crypto Laws

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If you are abreast with the latest Bitcoin news, then you must be aware of the popularity of Bitcoin that seems to be growing in Russia according to P2P cryptocurrency trading data. Now, this is surprising to observe that amid so many strict regulations of the country targeting cryptocurrency, we are seeing the rise of Bitcoin. Currently, according to the published draft version of the Russian government, public opinion has become important for lawmakers. Even though Russian bureaucracy has drafted a strict proposal on cryptocurrency, it is surprising to observe the demand of the country’s citizens for trade volumes on particular exchanges.

Currently, after the release of a draft called ‘’ On Digital Financial Assets’’ by Duma, the state of Russia, it proposed litigation pointing to cryptocurrencies and the firms that are linked with this new digital technology. This updated draft indicates how the crypto industry would be regulated by the lawmakers in the coming years. However, there is not much focus on crypto trading and holding, until it becomes applicable for startups and old companies using cryptocurrencies for maximum advantages. In that way, it is possible to see the rise of Bitcoin, as people have a right to own this crypto coin, and other digital currencies too. But circulating widely is strictly prohibited by the new proposal. 

In Russia, it seems that cryptocurrencies have totally fallen into the grey zone. There is no fear of risk among the people holding a certain amount of bitcoins. But hosting of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges on Russian sites are at risk now.

Bitcoin Thriving In Russia

What seems to notice is the challenge for the updated new proposal, where Bitcoin trade volume on the P2P trading platform on Localbitcoins is gushing. By observing past previous months, you will notice that many countries have been outpaced by Russia. These countries have experienced tremendous trade volumes generating from the people of Russia. These possible factors indicate the rise of Bitcoin. Despite Russians being kept in dark by regulatory clarity, the data of Localbitcoins display the curiosity of the people for the demand of Bitcoin than they had expected in previous times. 

The rise of Bitcoin in Russia has also paved the way for its hard fork, Bitcoin Cash. Citizens of Russia have expressed a keen interest in trading in it. Other than Russia, there are countries like Columbia and Venezuela, where people have traded bitcoins around 100 times using the bitcoin marketplace. But seems people of Russia are more active in buying and selling the latter cryptocurrency in large numbers. In Russia, a trader has even revealed about buying Bitcoin Cash by settling almost 15K trades.


If you haven’t been actively following crypto news, then you must have missed about the rise of Bitcoin amid Russia’s confusing law. ‘’On Digital Financial Assets’’ a draft released by Duma, state of Russia, has proposed litigation pointing to cryptocurrencies and the organizations connected with it. But despite that, the liking for cryptocurrencies has no sign of downfall. Rather it is surprising to notice the curiosity of the citizens who are interested in buying and selling bitcoins and other digital assets. This straightly speaks about the importance of Bitcoin and the wave of cryptocurrency that has gripped the people of Russia.

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