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Cryptocurrency is gaining traction in financial markets due to the inflationary nature of fiat currency and the increasing dependency on US dollars. Blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency has gained the attention of the traders of traditional markets and also of new investors due to its highly volatile nature and the huge profits associated with an investment. It is being advised to crypto traders not to invest all of their money in one type of coin but in a variety of coins to rebalance the profit and loss associated with crypto markets. Traders generally hesitate to put a variety of eggs in their basket or maintain a variety of coins in their crypto wallets or diversify their crypto portfolio. But presently, many apps and websites have emerged in markets to help you in tracking the prices of coins so that you can maintain your portfolio. This article is all about helping you to find the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker to maintain your digital currency.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Portfolio? |Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Crypto portfolio

A crypto portfolio is like a basket with the collection of investments owned by the trader across a variety of crypto assets. Like, if a trader owns a few Bitcoins, some Ether, and some stablecoins, then collectively they can be termed as a crypto portfolio of traders. Regularly updating your portfolio aids you in hedging the risks and gaining more profits associated with digital assets. A few years ago, traders and newbies had to face a number of challenges to update their portfolio as keeping the records of various currencies was not a hassle-free exercise. But as the crypto industry started growing, many crypto portfolio Apps flooded the market which allows the traders to manage their assets in the best possible ways, saving a lot of time and obviously money too.

Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

Portfolio tracker apps are turning to be mandatory for both novices and advanced traders. Tracker apps help in monitoring changes in prices of so many cryptocurrencies on a single platform and also suggest adding or subtracting the particular coins from your portfolio to balance the risks associated with digital assets. In the next section, a few of the tracker apps will be reviewed so that you can choose the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for the management of your single or multiple crypto portfolios aimed for both the long and short term investments.

Best crypto portfolio management apps in 2020

Delta If someone googles, “best crypto portfolio tracker Reddit”, then you might end up in downloading the “Delta” Portfolio App for tracking your crypto portfolio. It is one of the widely accepted app as it provides a variety of charts along with analysis, trading volume, market capitalization, and many more. With 3000+ crypto coins and 300+ exchanges, Delta provides the feature of portfolio tracking with advanced price action alerts. Delta Portfolio App is available for both mobile and desktop users with a user-friendly and API synchronized interface. You can use the app in a normal version but have to pay for the premium one.

Blockfolio BlockFolio Signal, currently, 400+ teams including the leaders of best crypto exchanges are managing the portfolio of over 5 million crypto traders across the globe. Available as a completely free version, BlockFolio successfully provides the real-time updates, notification alerts on price levels, latest crypto feeds and publications, and handy communication tools. BlockFolio with its intuitive interface, emphasis hugely on the better security and privacy protection of the crypto traders.

Coin TrackingCoinTracking is considered more than a cryptocurrency excel spreadsheet tracker as it makes sure that traders make the decision after analyzing the information related to coins and exchanges. This app provides the interactive charts along with trend analysis of past years and connects the renowned crypto exchanges using API. Along with the feature to set price alerts, CryptoTracking suggests the options related to real-time trade profitability. Available in both desktop and mobile app versions with a highly user-friendly interface. CoinTracking is mostly preferred by advanced crypto investors with long term investment plans.

Crypto compareCryptocompare is not only a cryptocurrency tracker, but also offers the various services related to the crypto ecosystem. With a cloud-based platform, Cryptocompare manages your portfolio with the added features of risk analysis and tracking the ICO along with timeline function. With Cryptocompare, you can manage multiple portfolios with different objectives of both long term and short term. With a free mobile app and web interface, Cryptocompare helps you in visualizing the changes in the portfolio with an intuitive interface. Either a trader is a newbie or already experienced, Cryptocompare can definitely help in managing their portfolios.

CoinstatsCoinStats can be the most popular crypto portfolio tracker 2020, as it allows you to manage your crypto holdings by just getting connected with your crypto exchange and crypto wallet. Why to choose CryptoStats? Not only because it tracks more than 8000 cryptocurrencies over 400 exchanges, but it also helps in choosing the best crypto portfolio by comparing pie charts and many other statistics. With a number of different filtered alerts, Crypto Stats also facilitates traders with trends associated with bearish and bullish markets. Moreover, it is available not only for Android or iOS users but also as a Chrome extension, Mozilla add ons, and many more.

Summing Up

Portfolio trackers apps are more than crypto spreadsheet trackers and suits differently with different users. These apps offer you the opportunities to assess your funds residing in different wallets and exchanges on a single interface. While saving time, effort, and chances to lose huge amounts of money, crypto portfolio tracker apps manage your assets in the best possible way. But while choosing any crypto portfolio tracker, you must read about their reviews, check about the number of coins and exchanges they are supporting, safety and security, and also don’t forget to check your pockets if the trackers are not available as free apps.

I hope this guide will help you in choosing the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker as per your requirements to manage your diversified portfolio and thereby balancing the profits and losses associated with your digital assets in crypto markets!

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