Printing Techniques Used For Printing On Kraft Boxes

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Kraft Boxes are well known for their salient feature of being manufactured from recycled materials. Kraft paper is used most commonly in printing projects to acquire an old and antique look. Printing kraft packaging is quite hard if you use an inkjet or laser printer because the thickness of this paper is a lot more as compared to standard materials used for printing through these printers. This is the reason why packaging vendors use certain different printing techniques to get the desired prints on their kraft packaging.


Flexography printing is considered to be one of the two most common and productive printing techniques that are used for printing on kraft boxes. This type of printing is most commonly used for stand-up pouches, but packaging vendors use it for the printing of corrugated boxes as well. This printing method is quite similar to lithography, but instead of plates, flexography uses light-sensitive polymer to transfer any image onto corrugated kraft boxes, almost like a mechanized rubber stamp.

In the current times, almost 60 percent of the packaging products are printed with the help of flexography. Modern-day flexography printing machines also have a die-cut and lamination procedure integrated into them, which makes the cutting and lamination of kraft packaging a lot easier. Kraft paper has triple the thickness as compared to standard paper. Die-cutting the boxes separately would involve additional costs and high-end machinery if they are printed by any other technique.

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Solvent-based inks, water-based inks, and UV curable inks can be used with this printing method on kraft boards with supreme effectiveness providing immaculate prints. Water-based inks are preferred for this process since they are quick-drying and allow faster print runs. However, the kraft packaging material is highly absorbent. Therefore, this printing method is not suitable for printing high definition images on them.

It is ideal for the printing of texts or 1 to 2 graphical color printing. Flexographic printing machines need a lesser amount of maintenance, which makes this printing method cost-effective. The cost-effectiveness of this printing method makes it ideal for both small to large print runs.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the second most commonly used printing technique for the immaculate printing of kraft boxes. In this printing method, the inked image is transferred from a metallic plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. The rubber blanket gives great liberty allowing printing on wood, cloth, metal, leather, and kraft paper. The inked image that is to be printed on the metallic plate is neither raised above its surface like in letterpress nor is sunken below it like in gravure or intaglio printing; instead, it is even with the surface of the plate.

This is what makes offset printing classified as a Planographic printing method. This type of printing works on the method of eliminating grease from water. This way, the greased inks can be applied to the grease-treated areas that require printing, while the areas where printing is not required, hold water, thus rejecting the inks.

The plates used for offset printing are made of either zinc or aluminum and are then coated with photosensitive materials. This printing technique is best for printing on the kraft board since the inks used are oil-based, which defy the absorbent nature of the kraft board and allow full-color printing on them.

Kraft packaging is considered to be cost-effective due to its recycled nature. The above-mentioned printing techniques are not only ideal for printing on kraft boxes, but they also complement its affordability. With the ever-increasing offers by packaging vendors of wholesale kraft boxes, industrialists are getting more inclined towards choosing this packaging for their merchandise.

In this time of recession, wholesale kraft boxes prove out to be a source of relief not just for newly launched businesses but for well-established brands as well. The prices of wholesale kraft boxes are further reduced because, in addition to their readily available material, their printing processes are also cost-effective.

People related to all types of businesses are hunting for the best wholesale kraft boxes offers to revamp their packaging solutions in the most economical way. It has also been observed that online packaging vendors offer a lot more attractive price package for their wholesale kraft boxes as compared to local packaging vendors.

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