How famous marketing campaigns have made a difference in the cosmetic industry?

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The beauty and cosmetic industry are amazing. It feels amazing to work in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The beauty and cosmetic industry are continuously growing. If you are working in the cosmetic industry, let me tell you that your future is secured because it is such a business that can never decline. Have you ever thought why famous people like Rihanna and Kylie jumped into the cosmetics industry? Well, the answer is very simple and obvious, because the cosmetic industry is continuously growing and the future is secure in this field.

No doubt that cosmetic industry is growing rapidly and we see numerous brands popping out in the cosmetic industry. People love the new products that are coming out, they like testing out and recommending it to others. There are so many bloggers and make up influencers these days, whose job is to try out products and recommend them to their followers.

Well, it is not that easy to enter into the cosmetic industry. Competition is tough and the standards of cosmetics have raised. You have to meet the high standards and bring out high-quality products into the cosmetic industry to make your mark. People working in the cosmetic industry are looking for ways to grow and make their mark in the cosmetic industry. Well, the first thing that is important to enter into the cosmetic industry is to make high-quality products. There are so many cosmetic brands, why would people choose you? You need to do something different to make the people choose you. Give customers a good reason to choose you. Are you offering high-quality makeup products? If no, then why would people waste their money to buy your low-quality products?

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The competition in the cosmetic industry is so tough that even if the quality of your products is high, there are few chances that people would choose and buy your products. It takes years for a cosmetic brand to gain customers. Well, a lot of cosmetic brands took the help of marketing campaigns to promote their cosmetic business. They have made a remarkable difference in the cosmetic industry with the help of these marketing campaigns:

  • Cover Girl marketing campaign

Long gone are the days when beauty was used to be measured with the scale of how fair or how tall or how thin you are. Not only the cosmetic industry has changed but people have also changed. Their mindsets have also changed. Trends have changed. In 2018, a famous cosmetic brand called “Cover Girl”, did something different that nobody had done before. Brands used to hire beautiful, young faces for their advertisements but Cover Girl changed the whole game. Cover Girl featured a model with vitiligo. They did not cover her flaws with foundation, instead, they enhanced her beauty by using their newly launched truBlend foundation. Cover Girl won the customers’ hearts with this advertisement. They bring the concept that diversity is acceptable and all skin types are beautiful and acceptable.

  • Fenty beauty marketing campaign

Who does not know Fenty Beauty? Well, everyone knows about Fenty Beauty because it created a buzz in the cosmetic industry as it was launched. This cosmetic brand is owned by the famous singer Rihanna. The reason for the popularity of this makeup brand was not that it was owned by Rihanna. This makeup brand gained popularity because it brought something different in the cosmetic industry. It was unique. Her marketing campaign was “Beauty for all”. Targeted all the skin types. She launched 40 foundations that were for all the skin types. Didn’t just launch her makeup line but she wanted to inspire people. She wanted to include all the skin types so that everyone can have fun with makeup, not just the fair people.

  • Rimmel London marketing campaign

Rimmel London is another famous cosmetic brand. This brand started its marketing campaign #LiveTheLondonLook. It was a short movie in which several makeup-influencers were casted including one male makeup influencer. The message they gave through this campaign was “Be bold, be you”. They gave a message to their customers and followers to be their own type rather than copying others. This marketing campaign changed the way cosmetics were used and it gained popularity for quite some time. Rimmed London changed the way beauty was viewed. It inspired the customers to play with their looks and be their own type rather than trying to be someone else.

  • Babor marketing campaign

Our society has created so many beauty standards and media has also played its part in setting the beauty standards. Well, makeup influencers and cosmetic brands are constantly trying to break these beauty standards with their marketing campaigns. Their purpose is not just to promote their products but to break the stereotypes that this world has created. A skincare brand Babor collaborated with the All Women Project and created a campaign in which they showed a 57-year-old women and an activist and some other models. They showed with their advertisement that people of all ages, all races and all colors are beautiful. They did not Photoshop the pictures in the ad and inspired so many people to feel beautiful.

  • Revlon marketing campaign

Our media and fashion industry keeps telling us that the ideal body shape is the one that has an hourglass body shape. They keep telling us that plus-size women are not beautiful but the famous cosmetic brand Revlon collaborated with Ashley Graham, who is a plus-size model. People used to tell her that her face does not look plus-size but her body is. Revlon gave her the chance and casted her in their “Live Boldly” marketing campaign. They gave a message to the world that beauty is beyond size. Everyone has the right to be beautiful.

How can you create your unique marketing campaign?

All these marketing campaigns have made a significant difference in the world of beauty. If you are looking forward to create your unique and inspirational marketing campaign, then you should take inspiration from all these marketing campaigns that big brands have used. What were the things that they targeted? Most of the people have targeted the social issues. They have tried to break the stereotypes that do not let the people feel beautiful. Open your mind and brainstorm a few ideas that you can use. Do not restrict your ideas. Target your audience and find inspirational ideas that you can use to make a difference in their lives. Make sure the content you create is powerful and engaging. Create such content that showcases your products and influence the viewers.

There are thousands of ideas that you can use. You can use anything to create your marketing campaign. Even, you can use your own products to engage and attract the customers. You can get visually appealing wholesale custom cosmetic packaging and create a powerful marketing campaign. This is the age of social media, you can take the help of social media to launch your campaign and promote your products at the same time. There are so many brands that have taken their products to social media and inspire people with their marketing campaigns. You can share your message with the help of multiple social media channels. Take inspiration from all the above-mentioned campaigns and create your unique marketing campaign.

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