Five Tricks To Boost Your Brand With Unique Makeup Packaging

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Makeup Boxes are specifically designed for the Unique Makeup Packaging of versatile cosmetic products. They are customized according to the product requirement in terms of their shapes, styles, sizes, materials, and printing. They are made out of the most excellent quality eco-friendly materials and keep the beauty essentials protected from all sorts of damage. They are printed with attractive graphics and eye-catching colors to appeal to the senses of customers. Different surface finishes, die-cutting, and printing options are available to further intensify their functionality and appearance.

These attractive boxes serve as a great promotional tool for the packaged goods as well as the respective brand. A lot of competition has grown in the makeup industry, making it difficult for a brand to draw the attention of customers towards it while they have endless other options to consider. Makeup Boxes can act as a game-changer in this regard. They have the potential to grab the attention of customers and tell them THIS is what you want. But, you have to break the grounds to make your Unique Makeup Packaging such an attention-grabber. Here are five of the most innovative tricks that will make you cut through the clutter and run the show.

Holographic Effect:

The glistening appeal of holograms instantly steals the attention of every beholding eye. This is why giving a holographic effect to your cosmetic Unique Makeup Packaging is a great idea to enjoy immense customer attention. They will give your boxes a distinct decorative edge over your competitors. The advancement in technology has opened the doors for more innovative and flexible hologram printing and 3D visual effects. Many leading beauty companies are using holographic and iridescent packaging for their specific range of products. MAC’s Lightful range is a great example.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Milk Makeup, and Benefit cosmetics have also given striking holographic effects to some of their Cosmetic Products packagings. Although several brands have used this technique, that does not mean it will not make you stand out among them. You can be creative in your color choice to highlight your packaging among the rest. For example, a black background with iridescent effects on it would be an excellent idea. Think of some other unusual combinations and rock the show.

Symbolic Colors:

Include some specific colors on your packaging that will become symbols of your brand. Most of the leading cosmetic brands use colors to build a particular brand image. This is why when we think of purple in cosmetics, Urban Decay comes to our minds while the bold black and white direct towards Makeup Forever and pink significantly belongs to the Too Faced Cosmetics. You also need to do the same thing if you wish to make your brand as successful as they are.

So explore a color palette that not only stands out from the rest but gets symbolized with your brand as well. Knowing what kind of personality you want to give to your brand will guide you towards choosing the right colors. Go for pastels if you’re going to give your brand a minimalistic vibe and choose vibrant if you wish to remain on the flirty and edgy. Similarly, black and white are perfect to have a classy flair, while the golds and silvers can associate luxury with your brand.

Unique Fonts:

A uniquely stylized font can set the whole character of your packaging. It is the best way to exhibit your brand image. So use exclusive fonts that give a clear impression of what you are as a brand. Look at the bold font of Urban Decay, giving it an edgy side while the clean and straightforward font of Chanel perfectly represents its sophistication. A handwritten font would also be great to stand yourself out from the crowd. Whether it has a retro vibe, a quirky style, or a bold statement, an innovative font will strike people’s minds and remain in their memories for longer than you might think and become easily recognizable by the customers while they are scanning the aisles.

Unconventional shapes:

Play with the ways of your Cardboard Makeup Boxes to give them an unusual appeal. Give them a configuration that best complements the shape of the actual product. Huda Beauty’s diamond palettes are packaged within the same diamond-shaped boxes, while the Makeup Revolution has made donut-shaped tempting boxes for its donut makeup collection. You also need to do the same thing to make people rave about your products. Also, keep the nature and idea of your products in mind and consider the mood you want to bring into your packaging. Considering what style you want to give to your packaging will help you create the perfect shape.

Intricate Patterns:

Detailed patterns crafted with elegant lines are a timeless trend in the cosmetic packaging industry. Especially the hand-drawn illustrations give an outstanding appeal to the boxes when placed smartly on some parts of the box or even when covering the whole area. Floral drawings work really well, but if you want something not so feminine, then geometric and abstract patterns are a great option.

This is a perfect way to portray that your brand pays attention to even the smallest details while creating your beauty products. The smart idea is to draw the individual ingredients you use in your products on the face of your boxes. It will have a significant impact on your potential customers while reinforcing your brand image. Many online packaging suppliers have a fantastic team of designers that can make your anticipated drawings for your packaging. Share your ideas with them and get perfectly designed Makeup Boxes Online without any hassle There are tons of innovative ideas that you can implement on your cosmetic packaging. With the right design and the proper packaging, you can make your brand the talk of the town and become a leading brand of the cosmetic industry. These exclusive customizations can increase the cost of your packaging, but you can have some discounts by ordering Wholesale Makeup Boxes despite having them in smaller quantities.

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