What Does Term Mooning Indicate In Cryptocurrency?

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If you want to enhance your knowledge about cryptocurrency, then it is better you should follow breaking crypto news, to get an update about the latest developments which are taking place in the crypto sphere. If you are newly introduced to this digital world, then you should also brush up your crypto vocabulary by learning new terminologies. Today we are going to tell you about the term mooning.

With the appearance of term mooning, you might be relating it to the moon, but this term has nothing to do with astronomical science. Rather it is a term which is related to cryptocurrency. So let us explore its actual meaning in this blog. Whenever we discuss the term mooning, it means a major price movement upwards.

Now, let us take you to your school memories for a short while, where you have studied all about moon having the mass, and mass results in gravitational force. This force plays a pivotal role in holding everything on our mother planet, earth. It either leads us to be more stable or less. This concept matches completely with the stability (more or less) of cryptocurrency. However, in comparison to human stability, cryptocurrency is a bit stable. When it comes to term mooning, we can relate the cryptocurrency with the moon in terms of stability.

The term mooning can be described as a situation when cryptocurrency falls under the upward market trend that is strong. The term can also be related to the phrase that reads ‘’to the moon’’. This indicates a firm belief about the possibility of the price rise of a particular cryptocurrency. Akin to several specific fields, the eco-system of financial or cryptocurrency has spawned the number of terminologies, memes and slangs. It is not limited to the popular digital ledger, blockchain. The term mooning finds its wider space in the cryptocurrency community. It is much special for traders and investors.

Apart from the term mooning, there are many several terminologies, like HODL, Escrow, Nodes, Bear, Bull and several others, which you must grasp if you want to make your career in cryptocurrency. Now it has been decades since the launch of popular crypto coin, Bitcoin. And now there are several other alternate coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo, Dash, Tron and so many. So if you are keen to find cryptocurrency jobs, then better gulp all these important terms that are mentioned above including the term mooning


So now you understand what is the meaning of term mooning. The term can be best explained by linking it to the astronomical study about the moon having a gravitational force. This force plays a pivotal role in holding everything on our mother planet, earth. If being asked to define mooning in one single sentence, then it all means a major price movement upwards. Besides mooning, there are several other terminologies like HODL, mining, market capitalization, liquidity, lightening network and various others. If you want to explore jobs for cryptocurrency as a career, then you are expected to be knowing all these terms at the back of your hand. 

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