5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of decision making in a short amount of time. Getting boxes and choosing the right moving date are a few of the minor decisions you will be making. The most important decision when it comes to relocating is choosing a moving company. 

There are thousands of moving companies worldwide, each with their own specialty. They differ from in-state to overseas, some may offer services that others do not. Just like with anything; it is important to ask certain questions before hiring a moving company. 

Keep reading and we will discuss 5 important questions you should be asking moving companies before hiring one. 

Are They Properly Licensed?

Whether a company is licensed or not should be on the top of your priority list. Licensed individuals mean less worry of scamming or rouge movers for you. All legitimate moving companies should have a license number registered through the United Department of Transportation. However, you should keep in mind that moving companies who only move within the given state; are only required to follow state laws not the U.S Department of Transportation. 

Local movers should hold a state license. Each state will have their own set of regulations; so even if you are just moving within the state, be sure to research those. If you selected a moving company from GetYourQuote you won’t have to worry about this, as all registered moving companies are licensed. 

Do They Have Experience With My Type Of Move?

You wouldn’t hire an in-state moving company for an overseas move, and visa versa. Be honest with moving companies you are interviewing when it comes to what you need. You may be surprised by the special equipment they have to make your move that much easier. Movers should be able to handle anything that comes their way. So be sure to let them know if the heavy lifting includes several flights of stairs. 

What Kind Of Liability Coverage Do They Provide?

There are two different kinds of liability coverage available with moving companies. Before you load your belongings onto any truck; you should know what coverage you will be using. This protects you from having a long legal process, in the end, should anything unfortunate happen to your things in transit. 

Full Value Protection

The movers are liable for the replacement value of any damaged, lost, or stolen items. The cost of this protection varies depending on the moving company you choose. 

Released Value Protection

This form of coverage is a bit more budget-friendly as it is offered at no extra charge. However, it is considered minimal coverage which means they are liable for no more than .60 cents per pound of any item. 

You are also able to purchase insurance for your items through a third party insurance carrier. You should check your homeowner’s insurance just in case you are already covered through that. You should also ask to see proof of insurance coverage through the moving company of your choice. Any legitimate company will be able to provide this easily.

Always Check The References Of Moving Companies

With technology today it is easy to see a company’s reviews and references online. Asking friends and neighbors if they have heard anything about your chosen company is a great place to start. Reviews should also include a moving company’s DOT number and you can always check the Better Business Bureau. 

Can They Provide A Fixed Quote Or A Not-to-exceed Estimate? 

Always know a moving company’s fees. You should receive a copy of all the charges that will be due upon completion of a job. Read through this carefully and ask as many questions as you need to. This will help you avoid any sudden surprises when you get the final bill. If you have had the company come to your home and see what they will be working with; you shouldn’t have any surprise fees where equipment is concerned. 

A binding estimate is an easy way to avoid any surprises. This means that there won’t be a different number from the original estimate that was given at the beginning. It should include any add-ons or potential charges along the way. 

How To Find Moving Companies In Your Area

Speak to friends and family about companies they may have used in the past. You can also pull up thousands of moving companies online with a simple Google search. However, if you are interested in having moving companies contact you, I would suggest you Find the best Moving Companies at GetYourQuote.com

If you use the above method, you can rest assured that each moving company that contacts you is licensed. They will hold the correct license for your move and will be able to be matched with you based on your specific needs. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

  • Move Date
  • Move Description
  • Address from and to
  • First and last name
  • Number for contact

By providing the above information you will be matched with moving companies in your area to complete your move. Be sure to interview at least three companies to get the best estimate for your upcoming move. 

Give a moving description to be better matched with moving companies. This allows them to know if you need a company that can handle overseas moves or even a move between states.

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