How To Indian Farmers can Enhance Their Income

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Farmers can double their income by following bellowed mentioned tips. 

Farmer Education

Farmer education is the first and important tip for a good income. As we know, most of the farmers are away from education and are unaware of its importance. Less education is the biggest reason for their income loss over the year. Due to less education, farmers don’t know about advanced farm machines like tractors, implements, and tools.

If farmers get educated then they will understand the latest technologies. they can understand good or bad things about crops, maintenance of farms, due to which they can enhance their income. That is why farmers must understand the importance of education, also understand how it is important for them. 

Hence, the government brings many schemes so that the farmers get an opportunity for education and they can also increase their income. With the development of India, farmers have started coming to understand the importance of education. Hence, many new-age farmers are increasing their income by adopting education.

Water Resources

As we all know that water resources are very important for farming so through the water farmers can also improve their production and income. With proper water irrigation, farmers can improve crop quality and the number of crops. Through the availability of watershed development, exploitation of groundwater, lift irrigation, and large irrigation projects. With more water resources farmers can double the income. 

Technology Interaction

To increase the income farmers should enhance the interaction with technology. Farmers should collect the information about tractors, farm machines and many more things which improve farming productivity such as Sonalika tractor manufactured many advanced farm machines for the success of the agriculture sector. Farmers can increase their income with the help of tractors like Sonalika tractors.

Fun Fact: Do you know which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

Understand the Value of Crops and Marketing 

Most of the farmers don’t know about the marketing or their value of crops. Even today, farmers are focusing more on activity per acre. To improve the market countries will be linked to the domestic market to the international market. We are all aware that there is a huge production of agriculture in India. And sellers buy it from farmers at a very cheap rate and export to other countries and earn 10 times more. 

Therefore, understanding the value of their products to the farmers and guiding them about international marketing and export is also a great way to increase their income. If there is no middleman then the profit will be doubled and they can earn a good income. E-mandis are helping them sell directly to retailers, but it also depends on how much knowledge and education is given to the farmers. But now, only 7% of Indian farmers can use it which is very important and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Financial Literacy

With financial literacy education, farmers can increase their income. But most farmers are unaware of these policies or things given by companies. According to recent research, The National Center for Financial Education conducted India’s first National Benchmark Survey of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion. The highlight of the survey was that farmers are not aware of basic financial products and crop insurance products. The highlight of the survey was that farmers are not aware of basic financial products and crop insurance products. 

Farmers should know about financial literacy because due to disasters farmers suffer a lot of damage in a whole year which can be covered by the company. This thing will give farmers a good return value for their damaged crops. 

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