Ideas for Safe Holiday Travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The holiday season is not just a time for festive family activities; it’s also the period when most of us finally get enough free time to go on a relaxing holiday. And considering the fact that we have spent a large portion of this year locked inside our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the lust for travel and exploration has never been higher. But with the pandemic continuing to spread, you might be wondering how you can ensure safety and protection while traveling. To that end, here are some COVID-19 holiday travel ideas that will make for a safe yet enjoyable vacation:

Plan out an exciting road tripPlan out an exciting holiday road trip

Not only do road trips tend to present incredibly freeing and enjoyable experiences, but they might also be among the safest ways to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Driving your own vehicle allows you to feel safer and more comfortable, knowing you will avoid mass transit options where chances of exposure are much higher. However, that doesn’t mean you should relax completely.

It’s still advised to choose a destination that’s relatively close to home, and opt for scenic drives if you’re looking for new and exciting experiences. Remember to plan out your route carefully in advance, including any rest, bathroom and gas stops, and adhere to all recommended safety guidelines whenever you step out of your vehicle.

Book a private rental home

If you have a specific destination in mind, whether in your own country or abroad, it might be a good idea to forgo hotels this year, and opt for private vacation rentals instead, such as apartments, cabins, and villas. Private homes are more likely to be safer during this period, as there tends to be less traffic in these rentals, as well as fewer interpersonal interactions.

What’s more, when you book a private rental where you’ll stay with your closest family or friends, the same ones you have previously isolated with, chances are significantly higher you will stay healthy and safe than if you booked a room in a busy hotel or stayed with more distant family members.

Consider a yachting vacationConsider a yachting vacation

Another brilliant way to avoid large crowds and potential exposure is to spend your holiday at sea. As long as you opt for a reputable private boat charter company, you can ensure you and your family will stay safe and protected, while still having a pleasant, luxurious vacation.

Apart from providing you with unprecedented comfort and exclusivity, renting a private yacht will also give you complete freedom to create your own holiday schedule. You can decide to visit less risky destinations, or even choose to admire the beauty of nature and wonderful ports from the comfort of your vessel, giving you the opportunity to stay isolated and perfectly safe, even while going on an incredible vacation.

Choose a vacant camping location

For the more adventurous travelers, camping is another great option to stay safe while traveling this holiday season. Whether you decide to rent a campervan or even pack your equipment into your car and pitch a tent in a scenic location, camping is the perfect way to stay protected, while still embracing the wonders of nature.

However, it’s still recommended to opt for a relatively close destination, as well as campgrounds that aren’t quite as popular, and therefore crowded. Similarly, you might want to go camping only with the friends and family you’ve quarantined with, especially if you plan on sleeping in small tents together, and don’t forget to stock up on hygiene supplies, more than you would normally bring when camping.

Think about an active outdoor holidayThink about an active outdoor holiday

In case you were lucky enough to live in more rural surroundings, consider spending your vacation doing outdoor activities that are fun and enjoyable, while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines. For instance, you could go cycling in the nearby woods, hike through a national park close by, or go skiing on a mountain just a short distance away.

Of course, it would still be wise to opt for more remote and relatively empty locations, choose private accommodation if necessary, and follow all essential health and safety guidelines in order to remain protected, even during an active outdoor holiday.

Evidently, there are still some ways you can spend your holiday in a safe and protected manner, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, as long as you adhere to recommended guidelines, and maintain your distance.


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