7 Benefits Of Choosing Custom Rigid Shipping Boxes

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If you are into the packaging business, you must be aware of the different kinds of packaging materials people use for their products. These products vary from customer to customer or industry to industry. They are used to package certain materials inside. However, we can classify these packaging materials into different categories. One of such categories includes custom rigid shipping boxes. We use these boxes in our daily routines. They are multipurpose when we talk about their usage. Companies usually use these boxes to pack our mobile phones and other luxury items.

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Rigid card boxes

Rigid packaging is a highly unique product packaging materials for customers’ demands and requirements. These are cardboard boxes with creating a unique experience. They are made up of tough cardboard material making them more reliable. They are preferable for all kinds of businesses as you can add customization of your choice. And they look better than cardboard boxes.

Here are some of the features of rigid packaging:

1- Size

Rigid packaging is relatively heavier and appears big. The basic reason for this is that to make rigid boxes, hard cardboard material is used. The multiple layers of cardboard materials to achieve specific thickens make rigid boxes heavier. Due to being heavier, there are chances that the product occupies more space and volume.

2- Packaging

These packaging boxes are better where you’re planning to package delicate items. These fragile items can be packaged inside and can remain secure. Rigid packaging is used to package electronics items etc. with protective styrofoam or pillow. This keeps the product secure during shipping and minimizes the cost

3- Eco-friendly

Packaging material determines how eco-friendly packaging is. For this,  simple cardboard packaging is the most-ecofriendly in nature. And this level of eco-friendliness alters with the use of different materials.

Things to consider while choosing to package

In contrast to rigid packaging, flexible packaging options are also available. However, the kind of packaging you choose for your product is really important. Because packaging ensures you better sales and safe transport of the product. Here are things you need to consider before any choosing packaging material:

1- Budget

The first thing to keep in your mind while choosing a packaging material is your overall budget. You cannot go for those packaging materials that are expensive to affect the overall sales.

2- Type of product

Product type is also important before choosing your product packaging. For instance, for a liquid product, you cannot afford to have rigid packaging. Likewise, for electronics items, you cannot choose flexible packaging.

3- Product requirement

If your product has any special requirement you have to wisely choose to package. For example, for your temperature-sensitive item, you can choose custom rigid shipping boxes. Therefore, packaging material depends upon the product you are shipping.

4- Stacking

The packaging volume of your items also affects your material choice. For example, if you are going to package bulk items, rigid packaging is better for you because you can stack multiple items over one another. This will your requirement for the storage space as well as keep product components safe.

5- Flavor

One of the most important things about packaging edible items is that you need to protect their taste. The type of packaging genially affects the taste of the product. For these kinds of edible products, you need to avoid rigid packaging.

6- Consumer experience

You can keep rigid boxes for longer. They are relatively easy to store and handle. For an enhanced consumer experience, you can use the packaging and print the details on it. These details can include manufacturing and expiry dates to inform the customer about the shelf-life of the product they are buying.

7- Branding

One of the most important marketing tools nowadays in custom boxes. These custom boxes are not only to grab customer attention. But can also be used for publicizing your brand name. You can use catchy graphics and colors to appeal to customers. Therefore, rigid packaging can add a high-end appeal to your products.


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