How To Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Instantly

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Cryptocurrency trading is not so easy as it seems. One has to familiar with difficult tools and detailed procedures for registration, even if you apply for a loan. Now, this can be very irritating, but since the concept of cryptocurrency has now become much popular around the world, more and more youngsters are driven to explore it. Now, when it comes to exchanging currencies, then it must have reminded you money changer in your nearby locality to swap your local currency with another, in a very easy and speedily. But our main subject is not based on any money changer for local currencies, rather we would like you to know about how to exchange cryptocurrencies, instantly. 

Platforms That Let You Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Instantly

If you are abreast of recent Bitcoin news, then you must be getting all the news about cryptocurrencies and the exchanges for trading. Today, we are going to list down some of the crypto exchange platforms that will help you to exchange cryptocurrencies in a much speedy manner. So let’s start with:


Bitpanda is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms that would help you to exchange cryptocurrencies. It is known to be the leading retail exchange for selling and buying of cryptocurrencies in Europe. Two years back, there came the launching of Instant swap feature by Bitpanda. Here, registered customers are permitted to convert their cryptocurrency, instantly from their wallet account of the said exchange (Bitpanda). This exchange has a satisfactory track record of providing an extensive range of altcoins for buying. 


When it comes to listing the best platforms to exchange cryptocurrencies, instantly, then it will be a big mistake to skip the name of CoinSwitch. It is a popular exchange platform for altcoins. If you are searching for the best crypto exchange rates in the market, then it is suggested to tick on CoinSwitch, and know the best rate offers from different exchanges. All you have to do is mention the name of cryptocurrency to exchange it with another. Click on to View All Offers, and you will receive a plethora of offers from all exchanges. These include many popular names like HUOBI, IDEX, Binance, Ethfinex, and KuCoin.


Shapeshift is a tremendous exchange service to exchange cryptocurrencies, instantly. It does not clasp any cryptocurrency. But there has been an instance, when an employee zeroed a Bitcoin wallet, resulting in the loss of $200K. Therefore, for system security, their exchange was taken offline, briefly.

Atomic Wallet

Coming on to next is Atomic Wallet. Although we cannot term it as instant exchange, it does permit atomic swap exchange. This sets it apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges. Atomic Wallet enables the conversion of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, having no intervention of the third party. Many of the instant exchanges carry the risk of this third party’s desires. Such is its result that you can be even forced to unveil your identity. Even your crypto assets can be kept as a hostage. There have been instances like this before. In comparison to all these, Atomic swap exchanges emerge as absolute. 


If you follow the latest Bitcoin news, then you must be getting all updates about various cryptocurrency exchanges and digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. But today, we revealed some of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Shapeshift, Bitpanda, CoinSwitch, and Atomic Wallet. Although the latter one stands different from these exchanges, it does find its importance in terms of being revolutionary and no intervention of any third party. Whereas, there is the possibility of third party whims and fancies found in other exchanges. Apart from the mentioned exchanges, there are other exchanges like ChangeNow and Changelly. These are also the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms for the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies.

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