A Complete Beginners Guide About How to Be a Blockchain Developer

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It all started after the creation of Bitcoin, the whole new technology, the whole new sector, blockchain and cryptocurrency came into existence. With it came the need for new talents with such technical and blockchain skills. In the last year, the requirement for the blockchain sector has increased more than 200% and not to mention most of these jobs have high salaries including the blockchain developer salary. If you are also wondering to jump into the blockchain career, then it’s the right time to do it. Why? Because currently there’s a high demand for skilled blockchain talents and even the competition in the market is low. That being said with a little hard work you can be someone on the top.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about how to be a blockchain developer. If you are already in the technical line or know web designing, coding, and computer programming, you can pursue this career easily after learning a few more things. However, if you are a complete beginner to computer programming and does not possess any technical skill, you might have to invest some time to learn about it. Let’s get started without any further delay.

What Is The Job Of Blockchain Developer?

As you can tell by its title, a blockchain developer is someone who develops the blockchain software. In detail, the responsibility of a blockchain developer is to develop protocols, dApps, architecture, smart contracts for a particular blockchain. For this, you’ll need sufficient knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and computer programming.

That was the responsibilities of a blockchain developer in nutshell. Now let’s know about it in detail.

For starters, there are two types of blockchain developers, i.e. the core blockchain developer and the blockchain software developer. The core blockchain developer is someone who builds the base of the blockchain i.e. the architecture and designs its security. Blockchain software developers then use this architecture built by the core developer for creating dApps, smart contracts etc. Although, both the responsibilities can also be fulfilled by the same person and it depends on the company if they want to hire two different developers or just one to manage all these tasks. Most probably in big firms, you’ll get to choose a title but in small businesses, you might have to manage it all by yourself.

The many responsibilities of Blockchain Developer are as follows:

  1. Developing protocols for the blockchain
  2. Creating smart contracts as well as managing it
  3. Designing dApps on blockchain
  4. Designing the core architecture of blockchain
  5. Maintaining security issues and updates
  6. Come up with new attractive ideas to constantly improve the blockchain

Moreover, a developer has to accomplish complex tasks like debugging software. To fulfil all these responsibilities, the developer must have knowledge of various programming languages and a range of blockchain platforms.

So, How To Be A Blockchain Developer From Scratch

Well, if you are completely new to programming, here are the things you can do to get a blockchain developer job.

Start With Learning About The History Of Blockchain

When we say, starting from scratch, it should be from scratch i.e. the foundation of blockchain. The technology came into existence with the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. So, in order to learn about the history of blockchain you must learn about the history of Bitcoin, why it was created, what was the motive behind it and everything else. 

Not only that you should collect the knowledge about bitcoin, but also buy, sell and trade in it to get some practical experience about how everything happens, we’ll talk about that in detail in the next section. Also, keep yourself updated with the latest Bitcoin news and follow forums on Reddit, go through blockchain developer tutorials and read as many articles as possible. Leave no topic unread and no question unanswered.

Get Yourself To Real Action

Before you learn the skills about how to become a blockchain developer, see how a blockchain works in real life. To do this you need to examine the work of exchanges and wallets and for that, you would have to buy cryptocurrencies, trade online, and experiment with as many features as you can. However, make sure you don’t put a lot of capital at stake or else you’ll end up with losses. As you buy crypto or tokens from exchanges, give attention to the procedure and how everything happens. Then you should learn the use of crypto wallets, what are the features that make a wallet best and everything else about it. Learn about the various types of crypto wallets and what types of wallets are considered safest. 

Next time when anyone asks you about which crypto exchange is best or which crypto wallet is most secure, you better be prepared with the answer.

C++, Javascript, Python, Get A Grasp At Multiple Programming Languages

Before you step into the coding and programming of blockchain, learn all the required programming languages that you might need. This includes C++, Python, SQL, JavaScript and many more. The more languages you know, the better it would be for your career. But make sure you have a clear grasp at whatever languages you already know. 

Smart Contracts and Solidity

Learn how smart contracts work

As you know Smart Contracts is now one of the crucial parts of the blockchain, if you want to build a career and learn how to be a blockchain developer, you must learn about it. To learn how smart contract work and how to build, first, you’ll need to learn the programming language used to write it. Solidity is the language used for creating Smart contracts, it is quite similar to JavaScript but with much more surprises. So, if you know about JavaScript, you might grasp its concept pretty soon.

You can learn the basics of solidity from CryptoZombies, Space Doggos or Ethernaut. These games would help you learn the coding language in an interesting way, however, to get the entire knowledge about the blockchain language you should also read its official documentation. There you can learn about many things like the structure of the smart contract, the basics of solidity, about its variables etc.

At last, we recommend you to take courses for blockchain development from an accredited blockchain training provider.

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