Everything You Need To Know About How to Become a Blockchain Consultant

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Looking for new and exciting careers in blockchain? You’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about how to become a blockchain consultant and why you should consider this career. One of the major reasons, of course, is that you will get high pay and it is one of the most reputable as well as a demanding career in the blockchain sector. However, you cannot become a blockchain consultant overnight and you need to acquire both technical skills that include coding and smart contracts and an understanding of distributed ledger and how blockchain works.

If you think that you can only benefit from crypto by trading and investing, then you need to reconsider it. There are tons of high paying job opportunities in the crypto and blockchain sector but due to lack of blockchain skills, not even half of them are fulfilled. Let’s start with our today’s article by learning what is blockchain consulting and move on to the other parts where we will explain why you should go for it.

What Is Blockchain Consulting?

What do you understand by blockchain consultants

As you know every company needs a consultant for various purposes, there are business consultants, IT consultants, financial advisory consultants, and now there are blockchain consultants too. The salary packages might differ according to the company but it is definite that like other jobs in blockchain, this has also high wages. Let’s find out more about the Blockchain consulting career.

Basically, the job of blockchain consultants is to examine the, suggest updates and any improvements and come up with other plans and technologies to make the blockchain better. At last, they have to send reports about their suggestions to the concerned developers’ team to get the changes applied.

So, clearly, in order to be able to do all these tasks, you must have deep knowledge about the blockchain and should also acquire the technical skills like what is blockchain development and its concepts. Continue reading to know more about how to become a blockchain consultant.

How to Become a Blockchain Consultant?

In order to become a blockchain consultant, you must acquire the following skills.

Computer Programming

As a blockchain consultant, you must have a great command over coding skills. That being said, you might have to work sometimes along with the developers in the blockchain projects, so you should also know everything about blockchain development including the programming languages, at least the ones basically used in blockchain projects. Some of the programming language used in major blockchain projects are C++, C#, Java, and Python. Moreover, you’ll also need the knowledge of web development languages including HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

These are all the coding skills any blockchain consultant should acquire. However, as it is said, the more, the better. So if you’ll have the knowledge of other coding languages like Solidity which is used for developing smart contracts, you can land in a big blockchain firm.

Clear Your Concepts of Blockchain

Of course, if you are planning to do a job in the blockchain sector, doesn’t matter where or at what destination, you should acquire wholesome knowledge about blockchain. Before you apply for an interview for Blockchain consultant, clear your concepts about the distributed ledger, use cases of blockchain, as well as the blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos etc. 

How To Develop, Manage And Run Smart Contracts

Etheruem was the first blockchain with the ability to build and manage Smart Contracts on the platforms. Now there are plenty of blockchain projects who either have this ability or are trying to build it to make their blockchain better. In order to work as a blockchain consultant, you must know everything about Smart Contracts including how to create it and how to manage etc.

For your information, smart contracts are digital contracts that work automatically by verifying, updating and implementing contracts on the actions of its user. 

For instance, think of it like if you subscribe to online services i.e. news, website or a magazine, a smart contract is created automatically. This contract contains all the information about your subscription including when was it started and when will it end. Any changes made to this subscription, like if you forget to pay for the subscription, the smart contract will be automatically updated and your subscription will get terminated.

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, they are considered ideal for managing smart contracts and as a business consultant, you must require the skill to create it.

Everything About Distributed Ledger

Just knowing what is distributed ledger isn’t enough. If you want to secure a job in the blockchain sector, you must understand the working of distributed ledger and acquire the skills to manage it. In simple words, distributed ledgers are a bunch of computer networks interacting with each other and the blockchain technology is based on it. Learn about the concept as well as the protocols used in distributed networks for interacting.

Reasons You Should Go For The Jobs Of Blockchain Consultant

Now, that you know how to become a blockchain consultant, let’s talk about why you should consider this job. 

  1. The first reason, of course, is that consultant jobs have high salaries and you have to work with high-end clients. As a fresher, you can get a salary package between $60 – $ 170, it depends on the consulting service you are providing. ​
  2. Another reason for going for this career is that there’s a high demand for Blockchain consultants in the market. It is due to the fact that the technology is new and there are only a few who have significant knowledge about it. One of the responsibilities of the blockchain consultant would be to teach the CEOs and COOs about this technology.
  3. Next, as there is not much competition in the market yet, you can easily rise to the top with a little hard work. And it’s not like you are only getting high salaries, there would be other benefits like high bonuses, vacations and many more.
  4. The job of blockchain consultant is to consult the CEOs and concerned parties for updates or any change in the blockchain. As a consultant, you’ll start from a very high position as compared to other jobs that take years to get you to that position.

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