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At the moment, there are plenty of crypto exchanges that offer buy, sell and trading services for cryptocurrencies which makes it challenging to find out one best platform among all. If you haven’t heard about CoinMetro then you got to read this Coinmetro guide. CoinMetro is the best option for those looking out for fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat trading services. Although it still on its growth curve and is not listed among the top exchanges, the time isn’t far when it would become the choice of every trader. In this guide, we are going to tell you everything about CoinMetro, including what services it provides, how it is ideal for everyone etc.

What is CoinMetro?

The cryptocurrency exchange was established back in 2018 and unlike other famous exchanges like Binance, it didn’t attract that much traction right away. However, after the launch of its open beta platform, the exchange has attracted many eyes. Estonia based crypto platform is one of those exchanges that succeeded in obtaining cryptocurrency licenses in the country.

The main motto of CoinMetro is to develop a new vast ecosystem for crypto trading through their easy to use, straightforward as well as secure exchange. Although not many crypto coins are supported on the platform, it almost covers all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin.

Is CoinMetro Exchange Safe?

everything about coinmetro

From the very beginning of its journey, CoinMetro has been transparent about everything to its users. On the official website of CoinMetro, you can find out all the information regarding the team behind the exchange along with their LinkedIn profiles as well as Coinmetro review. Moreover, they have even posted their Estonian license as proof of them being legally registered to provide crypto trading services as well as White paper there.

As long as the security of users is a concern, they have two-factor authentication, captcha protection as well as email verifications for their platform. The exchange is a brainchild Kevin Murcko who already have enough experience in the field as he was the CEO of the well-reputable forex broker FXPIG. 

With the experience, Kevin Murcko got from FXPIG, he is working towards bringing security and simplicity to the crypto exchanges. He is majorly focussed on building an easy to use and understandable exchange that works for all, beginners as well as experienced traders.

Though CoinMetro only supports a few cryptocurrencies, it provides instance crypto-to-fiat liquidation, an intuitive and user-friendly platform, as well as many other advanced crypto trading tools.

Everything About CoinMetro Margin Trading 

After a year of its launch, CoinMetro rolled out margin trading feature on its platform for pro traders. If you don’t know it yet, CoinMetro offers three user interfaces including The Beginner, Ther Intermediate Trader and the pro trader. So whether you are a novice to cryptocurrency or a pro trader, CoinMetro is the best fit for you.

Coming back to margin trading, the platform lets you leverage up to 3X with the option to set order types, stop loss and many more features.

Know that crypto margin trading is a complicated method of day trading that lets you earn high profits by investing less. It’s indeed very beneficial and can get you high profits but at the same time, it is highly risky too. You could end up with high losses that couldn’t be earned back for months. If you are not aware of margin trading and new to cryptocurrency, we suggest you focus on simple trading. However, you can learn more about margin trading on our platform and find out the best crypto margin trading platform available in the industry at the moment.

CoinMetro Native Token, COIN (XCM)

CoinMetro has also launched its ERC-20 token called COIN (XCM). The native coin can be used for buying services and products across the network, and those using the coin will get extra benefits. Moreover, according to CoinMetro policy, the token would be repurchase using the 20% quarterly profits of the platform for the growth of the token.

The ICO participants will get a lifetime fee discount, however, the traders using the native coin will get fee discount depending on the number of XCM they have. The makers on the platform will get 0.05 maker bonus.

What Makes It Unique?

CoinMetro provides users with some of the best investments models such as Tokenized asset management (TAM) and traded crypto fund (ETCF). These models allow users to access various trading options in a single click. Given below are everything about CoinMetro exchange that makes it one of the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

  • Easy to use and intuitive platform that makes crypto trading easy for all levels of traders.
  • An all in one stop for all crypto users providing crypto exchange, trading platform as well as ICO platform.
  • Excellent customer support for all customers, whether you are buying, selling, or trading on the platform.
  • Provides its own debit card that lets users withdraw coins from cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide.
  • Offers real-time trading due to its ETF model

How To Trade On It?

Now that you know everything about Coinmetro, let’s discuss how to trade on it. Well, it is pretty simple and anyone without much knowledge of crypto trading can understand it. As we’ve said above there are three different interfaces of the platform, the beginner, the intermediate and the pro. In case you are a beginner, use the below steps to place your order in four simple steps.

  • Sign up on the platform and complete the verification
  • Select the crypto you want to buy
  • Now choose the fiat or crypto that you are going to deposit
  • Place your order and confirm

If you’ll step up to intermediate or pro dashboard, you will find some more information regarding your trade, that includes crypto analytics, charts, and other advanced trading tools.

Ready to trade in cryptocurrencies but don’t know which coin can provide your profit? Read our guide best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 and get your head cleared up. Also, you can find other articles about the strategies that can help you succeed and keep going with your investmentsM

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