Decentraland: A Virtual Platform Underpinned By Ethereum Blockchain

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If you have been constantly following the latest news on Ethereum, then you might have come across Decentraland, a virtual platform that came through from proof-of-concept, four years ago. During the inception, it was popularly called as ‘’Stone Age of the Decentralized.’’ Powered by Ethereum blockchain, this virtual platform features a certain amount of parcels that are called LAND. This canvas lets users making their adventures. Availing the freedom of creativity, these users can make money by creating something.

Decentraland is a decentralized and open market, where it is possible to manage the LAND parcels, other than buying and selling. To browse and traverse Decentraland, a user must utilize the featured Atlas mechanism. Cryptocurrencies are not limited only to their underlying distributed ledger, blockchain technology. Rather, they can be best utilized for several complicated information types, citing an example is game assets. And it is all done without any dependency on any third party, in keeping records. This is when Decentraland, a virtual platform, steps in. 

This virtual platform gives opportunity in curating your own habitat, on your owned virtual field. And there is no interference or control of any centralized authority. In that way, Decentraland can be picturized as tokenized, boundless, and decentralized form of those platforms, where there are no restrictions or barriers in creating anything as per your wish. The credit for the foundation of this virtual platform goes to its CTO and founder, Esteban Ordano. He has wonderful experience working in Bitpay as a software engineer and has a big contribution to the co-creation of Bitcore, the Bitcoin infrastructure library. Ordano has gained experience working on a Bitcoin blockchain API, Insight, and a Bitcoin wallet, Copay. 

In this new contemporary digital world, virtual reality is on the verge of mass adoption, and can even be more impactful for the future as well as in our regular lifestyle. The project of Decentraland was applied by a group of virtual enthusiasts in a curiosity to know about the feedback, and to know about the how would it be if a solo entity is being enabled to monitor its future, just like Facebook does for social media, and Google does for browsing. Such a centralized entity would certainly hold the authority to deciding the price, monitoring content, and to fabricating the platform for personal motive. But this was not the VR future to be expected, that is why Decentraland came in as a virtual platform to keep this situation at bay. 

Can Decentraland Resolve Real Issues?

Well, it can’t be said for sure now, but it can be expected in the future. Decentraland, a, is making all possible efforts in resolving the issues that seem to be illusionary in the actual world. The team behind this virtual platform is also aware of this fact. Some are fully evaporated, but remaining digital applications can foresee in resolving issues that are yet unknown to mass. Decentraland faces the same case too. 


If we go back to previous times of the internet, many critics ridiculed the trend of online socializing, buying or selling of goods, through digitally. But with the change in time, now one can see maximum participation of people getting familiar with digital technology in their daily lives. Any decentralized platform, that utilizes such an opportunity to amalgamate the latest digital socializing, transactions, gaming, will be going to become a slaying application. Decentraland, a virtual platform, is too heading for the same. If you are abreast of Ethereum classic news today, then you will come to know about such innovative platforms backed by Ethereum blockchain.

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