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It is easier than you think to find a natural athlete’s foot cure in your home. The answer is, it is dependent upon the type of athlete’s foot you have. Not every kind of athlete’s foot will react to the same remedy. First, what exactly is athlete’s foot? When you have an infection of the skin around your feet, this is what’s happening. The fungus causing the infection is called “Coccidioides immitis”.

This infection affects mainly people who wear athletic shoes or are engaged in sports like football, basketball and volleyball. Often, when you visit your doctor, he or she will prescribe you medicine for athlete’s foot home remedy. If you don’t, then your doctor can direct you to a natural remedy at home. Natural remedies are often recommended by dermatologists to address the athlete’s foot that is resistant to drugs. Before starting any of the remedy at home, make sure you have done the research. This will tell you the correct remedy to use and also the proper dosage to use.


Take the remedy to its maximum potential and you should notice a difference in the infection. A natural remedy at home is one that works to eliminate the fungus from the area affected by athlete’s foot at home remedy. There are two types of medicine that should be used. “Steroid cream” and an antibiotic. Steroid Creams work by reducing the irritation that the fungus causes into the area of the foot influenced. By applying a lotion or lotion, the pain is reduced and the condition tends to improve. These lotions are best applied during the night but can be used as much as two per day. Antibiotics are best used when the athlete’s foot is beyond the point of diminishing returns.


These drugs kill the fungus and the infection quickly vanish. They are also best taken at bedtime. Before using any of these medications, you must consult your doctor to get the directions on how to use steroid cream or antibiotics, etc. Once you’ve gotten all of the instructions, start using a steroid cream immediately, followed by a course of antibiotics. There are numerous studies out there that support the use of athlete’s foot remedy at home. A few of these include: One that showed athlete’s foot home remedies that work could be eliminated by taking in just one gram of vitamin C daily.

Another study was done in which researchers found that an all-natural, whole grain diet improved the health of the feet. Finally, another study showed that the nitric oxide produced by eating apples daily helped relieve athlete’s foot symptoms. Although there are no prescription medications available, a natural remedy at home is definitely worth a try. This way, you won’t spend a lot of money on expensive drugs prescribed by your doctor.

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