Kundali Matching Is Important Before Marriage As Per Hindu Vedic Rituals

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As per the Hindu Vedic Rituals, Kundli matching is the initial and the most prominent stage before two souls tie their knot. 

Matchmaking is one of the customs of Vedic Astrology where the horoscope of a prospectus bride and groom is analyzed in depth before their marriage. 

The practice of Vedic astrology Janam kundali holds an eminent place to avoid any disharmony in nuptial life. Therefore, it is considered as sacrosanct in Hindu culture.

The following table signifies the eight main factors that are commonly checked and used while matching horoscopes

Kundali Factors Interpretation
Varna Defines each of the four Hindu castes – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra. 
Vasya It defines influence and control over counterpart. There are various types of Vasya signs – Chatuspad, Dwipad, Jalachar, Vanchar, Keet.
Tara Signifies the favourable and unfavourable nakshatra of a person. It is divided into 9 categories: Janma, Sampat, Vipat, Khesma, Pratyeri, Saadhak, Vadha, Maitree, Aadhi-Maitree. 
Yoni It shows the sexual compatibility between the couple and it is segregated into 14 classifications.
Rasi Depicts the placement of the moon at the time of a person’s birth.
Gana It defines the temperament level of boy and girl. Three ganas are Dev (God), Manav (Human), rakshasa (demon)
Bhakoot This category depicts the love that is calculated based on Moon’s position of bride and groom. 
Nadi This is the most important factor that is related to the health and genes of both the partners. 3 Nadis are Adi, Madhya, Antya.

Importance Of Kundali Matching

  • Measures Financial Stability and Career

The moment when two souls unite in the sacred relationship of marriage, their planets start affecting their lives mutually. Kundli matching also provides insights into the financial and career stability of each partner individually as well as collectively.

  • To overcome pitfalls and Doshas of Life

When a child takes birth, placement, and position of stars, timings and place decide their fortune and this is scientifically proven. 

Many times, situations and timings of stars create Doshas in the natives’ chart. It can be in the form of Shani or Mangal Dosh that leads to many problems after marriage and with the help of Vedic astrology Kundli matching, it can be detected and cured. 

Astrologer guides the person to perform certain pooja (worship) to lessen its effect and in a few cases, the bond between bride and groom may not be advisable.  

  • Depicts the compatibility to bear offspring

One of the major aspects known through matchmaking is the health and happiness of offspring. Nadi, the eighth guna carries the maximum points that indicate the possibility of childbirth or the problems that can occur, if any. 

Since a family is said to be completed after the birth of a kid, parents are very particular to secure such happiness for their children.

  • Signifies physical and mental compatibility

Kundali matching for marriage is essential to measure physical intimacy as well as mental temperaments. Partner’s interest, behavior, temper, mindset, aptitude are important factors to be considered.

Janam Patri reveals personality traits and evaluates the well being and health of both mates. Physical attraction is also scrutinized and tested to ensure adequate desirability between couples. 

  • Overall compatibility

The reason behind the utmost importance of Vedic Astrology is that it provides qualitative as well as quantitative measurement of horoscope match. 36 Gunas are defined and out of which overall Guna Milan is based on the 8 Kundali factors that are defined in the above table. 

Thus, as per Hindu Vedic rituals, Kundli matching is the prime factor that is considered before a bride and a groom tie a knot. Overall it is reckoned to ensure the prosperous and happy marriage life of the duo. 

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