5 Reasons why your Website Content Isn’t Ranking Well?

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Every website is created with a purpose to gain the top rank on search engines, but only a few get to the spot. Why?

Because they write a keyword optimized Website Content copy. When you start doing SEO your mind must have popped questions like:

  • Why my website isn’t ranking?
  • Why my web traffic isn’t increasing?
  • Why are keywords fluctuating?

These are the common SEO queries that you come across while optimizing your Website Content for SEO. But even after applying all SEO strategies, your website doesn’t rank well on search engines.

Here are f reasons why you don’t get a top place on Google.

  1. Longer Loading Time

If your Website Content takes more than 6 seconds to load then it’s longer than usual. The extended loading time frustrates the users and makes them look for another website. So, it’s important for your website to have a quick speed website that allows users to scroll in seconds.

If it’s taking too long to load, analyze your website and search the factors that affecting your website speed. You can fix your website speed by cutting down the animations, HD images, broken and dead links or anything else that’s hurting your website.

  1. Audience Can’t Connect with your Content

If you have written a website copy that doesn’t resonate with the latest practices of search engines then it will be of no value. For example, the BERT algorithm, Google released recently talks about natural processing language, prepositional words, grammar, and punctuation.

If these elements are missing from your content, then it’s of no use no matter how long the word count is. Apart from this, your content should add value to the user’s experience. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and know that he wants to be heard, understood and informed so that’s why he craves the best experience from your site.

  1. You aren’t Targeting the Right Keywords in your Website Copy

Your website won’t rank if you don’t target the right keywords in your website copy. When you’re clear about your niche, you must know what your keywords are. You can also use tools like SEMrush and UberSuggest to find the right keywords and then include them in your website.

If you include the wrong keywords in your site, so no matter how much quality you put into the design, your website won’t rank.

For this purpose, search the keywords including long-tail keywords and find out what your customers are talking about and then write your copy targeting those keywords.

  1. You’re Not Posting Regularly

To stay updated with the search engine practices, you should be in the news on a regular basis because when you publish content regularly, Google starts recognizing you. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should focus on quantity and start neglecting the quality.

Publish twice or thrice in a week but stay consistent throughout your efforts. Quality coupled with consistency gains you more traffic as compared to the quantity posting only. So, to stay on top of the search engines, keep quality posting twice a week so you can stay connected with our audience and the search engines.

  1. Poor Navigation

Do you know your website traffic depends solely on the audience? And they come to your website when it offers easy navigation and scrolling. If the structure of your website isn’t clear, then visitors can bounce off your website to the SERP pages to find another website.

Poor navigation is a sign that visitors shouldn’t visit your site and regardless of the excellent looking attributes, your site won’t rank well in the competition.

Seek Professional Help

Your business depends on your website so you shouldn’t tolerate an inch of the attributes that hurts your website SEO. You should always seek professional digital marketing companies who can move you out of the ordinary and makes your website successful.

Once you have developed your website copy, read out loud to the proofreader and SEO consultant so they can point out the mistakes and make it worth the latest Google practices.


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