10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Body

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As Reggie Ray, says “Body is the source of the sacred”. Our body is a magical being and has a divine intelligence of its own. If we slow down and truly Reconnect With Your Body, it has a lot to teach us and show us.

Here are 10 ways to reconnect with your body.


One of the single most effective ways to reconnect with your body is to practice yoga asanas. The yoga postures and pranayama help us get in touch with our bodies on various levels.

You can go for yoga retreats. There are thousands of yoga retreats all around the world that offer lovely spaces and opportunities to get in touch with your body. You can have a daily yoga practice that opens up your body and helps you connect deeper to the beautiful vessel that is your body.

The yoga postures not only twist, stretch and turn our body in various positions; they also help us move the energy in our body, which allows us further feel our bodies on a deeper level.

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The truth lives in our bodies. We search the whole world for truth, but where we find it is in our bodies.

As Gabrielle Roth says “Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth — not some big truth that belongs to everybody, but the get down and personal kind, the what’s-happening-in-me-right-now kind of truth. We dance to reclaim our brilliant ability to disappear in something bigger, something safe, a space without a critic or a judge or an analyst.”

Dance helps us get out of our heads and come back into our sacred and divine bodies. When we dance and move our body the way it wants to move, we discover truths that cannot be found in a book but can only be found through ecstatic experience.



Nowadays, the concept of meditation has become complicated, where we are taught to watch our thoughts and be detached from the thoughts and emotions that arise during the meditation. There is another way to meditate.

The other way brings you closer to truth and helps you in feeling more connected to your body. The technique involves sensing the body and all the different sensations that arise in the body.

This way of meditation brings up stored feelings in the body that can be released. This release of stored emotions and feelings helps us feel more connected to the body.

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The breath is the holy anchor. The breath is what connects all of life. Breathe and circulate your breath throughout the body. Let your body breathe and feel the miracle that unfolds when you let your body breathe.

It is not some grand miracle but a potent yet straightforward miracle. When you breathe consciously throughout the body, you become more present, feel more connected to your body and come alive. Just simple breathing is a wonderful gift that we can offer our bodies.


The relationship we have with food reflects deeply in the relationship we have with our sacred bodies.

If we overeat and eat a lot of junk food, it is evident that we are not connected to our bodies. Being truly connected to the body means eating healthy, eating right and understanding what food your body needs to stay nourished and healthy.

To reconnect with your body, eat healthily, eat right and find your right relationship to food.

Reduce technology use

In our technologically advancing world, the use of technology is rampant. Phones, laptops, kindles, video games have become our best friends, but it comes at a cost that is disconnection from our bodies.

To reconnect with your body, reduce the use of technology. For example, when you wake up in the morning, instead of checking your phone first, sit up, connect to your breath and be with yourself for 10 minutes and then get on with your day.

In the day, take breaks from technology, be conscious of how much time you spend on technology and instead strive to come back to your body with the breath.

Feel your feelings

Our body is a magnificent being who stores information. This information is often stored in the form of emotions and feelings. Our body is so sensitive and receptive to our environments and often generates feelings and emotions.

Some of the feelings can be unpleasant, and so instead of feeling them, we suppress them with food, technology, work, etc.

This suppression of feeling leads to us feeling disconnected from the body. To reconnect with your body, feel all your feelings and emotions and release the stuck energy from your body.

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