7 Important And Easy Steps To Value a White Pearl Necklace

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White pearl necklace is considered to be an everlasting item of jewelry that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It is dissimilar from other necklaces and this type of ornament easily blends in any fashion era. You will find a lot of variety of jewelry items, but pearl necklaces are the favorite of all because of its shiny appeal, colour and shapes.

Pearl is synonymous to endless grace, and the necklace is available in different style and designs. The shapes you can found these necklaces in are in pear, potato, teardrop and uneven decorative shape.

So when it comes to valuing a necklace that is made from pearl, there are 7 easy steps that can help you in valuing a pearl necklace with ease and confidence. The 7 valuing steps are as follows:

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1. Shininess

The shininess of the pearl is an essential factor in determining the quality of the pearl necklace. The surface of the pearl should not only emit shine, but there should be a luminance emanating from within the pearl. Hence, a pearl that has a shiny and deep glow would be considered as a desirable one than the one with a dull appearance.

So to make the assessment more easy line-up two strands next to each other to analyze the quality to make the valuation easier.

2. Nacre

Although shininess of the pearl is considered as the most important aspect in determining the quality, however, it is extremely important as well to determine the thickness of the nacre of the pearl. In order to meet the customers demand some farmers remove the pearls from the oysters too soon even before the nacre has thickened. But a thumb of rule is that the thickness of the layer of nacre should be equivalent to 4 crisp bills laid flat. Therefore the thickness of it is also more valuable.

When you are rotating the necklace between your fingers if the marble bead is visible beneath the surface than it means that the nacre is too thin.

3. Surface

If you want that your pearl necklace lasts for longer than you need to check for any blemishes on the surface of the pearls. If there are cracks, chips or peeling particularly around the area that is drilled then never purchase that necklace. It is because it will get worse over time and will cause problems. The lesser the defects that more valuable the necklace it is.

So to identify the genuineness of the pearl necklace, then before purchasing it, gently rub the pearl surface against your teeth. If you feel that it is rough and gritty instead of smooth and silky, then it is proof of it being real.

4. Shape

Overall, the round pearls are considered to be more valuable. It is a shape that is preferred by the women and is traditional as well. However, it is also worth mentioning that the non-round pearls that have a shape of baroque can be considered as valuable too because they are also unique and fashionable.

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5. Size

In general, the pearls with larger size are considered to be more valuable. The size of the pearl is measured in millimetres that ranges from 1mm to 20mm.

6. Matching

Pearls are usually created organically, so it will be extremely scarce that two will be exact. Therefore, the pearls when gather together should look similar because it will make it more desirable.

7. Colour

You can have them in multicolour. Although the colour won’t make a huge impact on the value. However, relying on the type of pearl, few colours are considered to be more highly desirable than others. Further, pearls can also exhibit overtones. Overtones are usually different than the dominant colour. For instance, the white colour can have a hint of rose.

When you have profound knowledge of your white pearl necklace, you will be more comfortable and confident about your purchase. It will also help you in purchasing your next necklace with ease. And add it to your jewellery collection or also to purchase it as a gift for your loved one. Also, getting knowledge about pearls is fun too. You get to know about the facts and valid information regarding it.


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