Xtra PC is Perfect for Crypto Miners and Investors

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Xtra PC is Perfect for Crypto Miners and Investors

If you are a cryptocurrency or blockchain fanatic, then the latest news of BTC’s rise from $4,000 into the $10,000 region should be good news – although right now BTC is stuck with resilience between the $9,500 and $10,500 mark. However, the rise from $4,000 at the beginning of 2019 is no small feat.

It means that cryptos are finally finding their worth once again. We are also crypto fans and just recently we discovered a tool that has made mining cryptocurrencies much easier and also helps us use low tech equipment and maximize its processing power.

This tool is called Xtra pc. It is literally a piece of equipment that has been named after its primary function. That is to give you an extra PC. Now Bitcoin mining may not be feasible these days, but there are plenty of other cryptos out there that you can mine while you are at work and make a profit. That means you can pay the electric bills and make money on top of all your running costs.

Currently, the top 10 most profitable cryptos to mine only require that you have a PC that uses its processing power sparingly. This is difficult these days with Windows 10 which takes up so much RAM and processing power. This is where Xtra PC comes into play. This is a USB stick that runs Linux and can be used on your device to boot it up into the Linux OS.

Now you are probably wondering how this helps you to mine cryptos. It is simple actually. Linux uses hardly any processing power at all, and its OS has been designed not to use 100s of services that suck up all the processing power and power from other hardware resources to operate. This means you are basically using an operating system that uses minimal power consumption thus leaving more processing power for mining cryptos.

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At the top is Grin (GRIN) and zCash (ZEC). These are perfect cryptos to get started as a crypto miner. If you are looking to become a real pro, then you probably want to have several machines running at the same time, but the investment required for these machines can be pricey. Or you could do what a lot of miners that use Xtra-PC do and that is to relieve people of their old PCs and laptop, plug in the Xtrapc stick and boot via Linux.

The only investment you need to make is to buy several Xtra-PC USB units in order to boot these old PCs and laptops so you can join them to your crypto mining network. The cost of one of these USB sticks is around $30.00. Now the advantage you will have over most newbie crypto miners is that your investment costs will be low, and you get enough of processing power in the meantime to begin successfully turning your mining strategy into cryptos that can be sold for cash on exchanges.

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