How to Avoid Getting Banned: Common Mistakes New Sellers Make on Fiverr

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One of the biggest fear every Fiverr Seller, both old and new, has is getting banned from the platform. If you are a new seller, you must know what you can and cannot do on Fiverr.

So, we are going to bring you the most common mistakes that can result in getting you banned from Fiverr and how you can best avoid them.

Making your Email Address and Phone Number Public

This must-have happened to everyone. You must have had a buyer asking you for your number or email address so you can speed up the communication. This is against Fiver’s Terms and Conditions. To put it simply, all of the communication between you and your buyer has to go through Fiverr. You cannot communicate using any other means.

As for personal details, this is only allowed if it is for completion of a task. For example, you need to use the buyer’s email so to add to the website that you are creating for him. If this isn’t your situation, then you must avoid giving such information to your Buyer. If he insists, tell him straight up that you are not allowed to give out such information. Mostly, Buyers understand this.

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Reviewing GIGS Yourself

You cannot review your own GIGS to boost your rating. Ratings are significant on Fiverr. But reviewing your GIGS yourself could not only get you banned from Fiverr but also impact other Sellers as the ratings lose their credibility.

If you want to gain new and good ratings, there is one thing you can do. That would be to sell your Gigs at a reduced price for some time so that more people think to get services from you. Also, every client you deliver service, ask them to leave a rating and review at the end of the order. If you do a good job and the client is satisfied with your service, you are going to get a new review on your profile.

Buying your GIGS

This pretty much explains itself. You cannot buy your own GIGS. This would damage your Seller’s metrics big time. Some sellers are of the view that this way, the process of getting new customers is going to pick pace. But this is going to get you banned if not right away, then within a few days.

Instead, what you can do is use social media platforms to promote your GIGS. Also, you could design an infographic or get one made with your GIGS’ URL linked to it. You can also share your Gig’s link in your email signature or blog. But see that you don’t spam people, or it could lead to a negative impact.

Sharing your Payment Account

This is very important. You cannot share your payment account with other users. This would get you banned from Fiverr. Sometimes, your friends or someone from the family might ask you for your payment account details for the temporary withdrawal of funds. Never agree to it. Ask them to get their own account as this one-time favor is going to get you banned from Fiverr.

Using Multiple Accounts

Another action that could get you banned from Fiverr is using different accounts. Now, this might be allowed on other platforms, but not on Fiverr. Especially, if you share a house with another Fiverr user (someone from family).

What happens is that if someone else is using Fiverr from your family, see that both of you use different computers. If the other user logs in to Fiverr using your laptop/computer, see that he cleans all the browser cache and cookies before logging in to your account. No one knows for sure how Fiverr keeps track of this and identifies this infraction, but this would surely keep you from getting banned.

Writing Negative Material on Online Forums

One that you should know is that the Fiverr platform is controlled. It is unique in the sense that even the direct conversions that you have with customers during an order are controlled as well. Due to this reason, all the communication rules are the same. If you write things that are considered as bad, your account might get restricted. This includes insults, rude comments, and having a disrespectful attitude that others may find offensive.

Do not Spam Users

Yes, you should stay in touch and follow up with your customers to get more orders. But never spam them. Only contact those who contacted you first. Otherwise, they can get annoyed and even report you to Fiverr. But this is unlikely. Usually, Buyers are understanding and know that Sellers are just trying to find work and make their living. So, not many make a deal out of it. Even then, you should never spam them.

When you work at Fiverr, always have an open mind and be willing to find a solution to a problem. O through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly. This way, your career is going to be successful in the long run. Mouth to mouth marketing is extremely effective within the Fiverr community.

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