A Complete Guide On How To Write The Most Compelling White Paper

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With the growing interest of people in cryptocurrencies and ICOs comes the need for rules and guidelines. Initially, when there were not too many cryptocurrencies, many ICO launched without whitepaper, not that it left a good impact. But nowadays there’s already too much competition in the market with over 5000 existing altcoins and new ICO openings every now and then.
At this time if you want to attract investors to your ICO, you would have to work really hard to get it at every point. The first being creating an attractive white paper. After all, it’s the only way they are going to know about your idea and only then they’ll think about it. How can you expect anyone to be interested in your project if they don’t even know about your plan? In this article, we are going to help you out with the process of creating compelling white papers and attract potential investors to your project. Let’s get to the point right away! 

What Is An ICO White Paper?

What is an ico whitepaper

In simple words, an ICO white paper as your business strategy that you are going to sell to your angel investors. It is the way you can attract investors to your project for crowdfunding and make your idea work. A compelling white paper includes all the information about your project, issues that need to be addressed in the crypto space, how you can provide the solution, details about your token distribution, roadmap, team members collaboration as well as advisors. You should remember that to invest in your ICO, investors must believe your idea first. There’s no way anyone would invest in your project if they don’t even believe in it. 

Besides making your white paper attractive, also add some real facts and information in it. The first thing, of course, is your plan and the fact that if it is actually going to work or not. All things including how attractive your white paper looks come next. You wouldn’t get points for a compelling whitepaper with attractive front and back covers if your project is a flop.

How To Create  A Compelling White Paper?

Bitcoins whitepaper

Before you start writing your white paper, let’s talk about all the things that it should include. Any ICO white paper should have an abstract at the very beginning followed by a table of content, and then the introduction, the problem, the solution, how your product is going to help, roadmap i.e. what all is ready and your plans after the ICO, description about the token, token sales, and at last mention the team members included.

At last, you can summarize all that you’ve mentioned in your whitepaper. Keep reading to know the details about how to write an ICO white paper.

How to Begin?

The beginning of the white paper is its necessary segment. This is the most important section of your white paper as after this only, the interest of the reader will continue and he’ll end up reading the entire document. What to add at the beginning of your white papers to maintain the interest of the reader?

You can start with a disclaimer, legal notice or any important notification and step directly to the Introduction part. The abstract should be catchy and easy to understand. A good thing would be to add a table of content before you start with the introduction so that the readers can know what is included in the white paper. An ICO white paper is a long technical document that can go up to 25 to 30 pages which is why adding a table of content makes it more convenient for the readers. However,  you should not focus on writing more, instead, be point to point and do not include any unnecessary information.

An introduction can vary from a page to two. You can write it in the form of a letter from the company’s CEO writing to crypto users. 

What’s Next?

The next part would be where you will address the problem with examples and elaborate it. Mention why it is necessary to address this problem and continue with its consequences and effects on the industry.

This is the section where you can grab the interest of your reader and make them believe that you have some point. Make use of necessary tools to support your compelling white paper like graphs, charts etc.

Moreover, if you’ve used some technical terms in your content that you think needs to be defined, add a glossary at the last of the page or section.

Your Project

Continue writing by adding more sections as mentioned above. Make sure to elaborate your project in detail. Start with what is your project, what does it include and add the facts why it is necessary. Don’t expect the investors to believe in your words and back up your document with research and analysis. Most of the investors would only be interested in your project if you have something read to offer. Things like having an existing user base or ecosystem will make you attract the most potential investor as then the survival rate of your project would be high. 

Your Plans Regarding Token Distribution

Talk about your token, how it is unique from others or how it can be successful, when it would be distributed, how many tokens would be distributed in the ICO etc. also you can add the financial details about your project that interests the potential investors. For example, how much capital the project would need and where the funds collected will be used. Make sure to clarify that the funds collected would be used in the development of the project and nowhere else.

Project’s Roadmap And Team Members

The roadmap should include the plans of at least the next 2-3 years. Highlight the tasks that have already been achieved as it would help attract the attention of the reader.

Your last section should be where you would talk about the team members of the project. Unless you are sure that your project is going to be the next Bitcoin, you would need to explain why the team behind the project is crucial. Provide a short biography and explain their achievements in the segment. Unlike other sections, you can give this section a little creativity by adding images of every person.


Now that you know how to write a compelling white paper, we must suggest you read as many white papers of successful projects as possible. At this time of high competition in the crypto industry, it would be hazardous to make even a single mistake in your white paper. Before you begin writing your paper, read our guide about Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An ICO White Paper.

Don’t forget us when your project would be successful.

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