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Use Of Cryptocurrency In Gambling

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If you observe in today’s economic scenario, then you will notice about the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a major source of funds. There are popular vendors like Steam, Subway, WordPress, and Microsoft which consider cryptocurrencies as payment. Apart from these big vendors, there are also those vendors who also accept cryptocurrency as payment. But before accepting payment, they first prefer an intermediary to convert cryptocurrency into standard currency. If you are abreast of breaking crypto news, then you will find that not only vendors but there are casinos who too accept cryptocurrencies as a payment mode. You can even find casinos that are completely based on cryptocurrency. But the limit of this digital concept does not end here. The use of cryptocurrency in gambling is too very popular. 

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency In Gambling

The use of cryptocurrency in gambling can be observed in many popular casinos like Bustabit, Wagerr, Stake, Funfair, and others. The main benefits of using cryptocurrency in gambling can be explained through the following points given below:

  • By using cryptocurrency in gambling, there is a rapid occurrence of transactions comprising withdrawal of deposits that are instant and automated.
  • These transactions cannot be reversed back indicating no possibility of cheating and non-payment. However, the fees of these transactions are a little high. These enable casinos to make the best use of Bitcoin for having minimal house edge.
  • Anonymity can be kept by the players in casinos, allowing users not to bother about regulations including jurisdictions, where there is no permission for gambling).
  • The creation of players’ accounts is not required. So there is no need to worry about any security for accounts or funds. So this is yet another benefit of cryptocurrency in gambling.

If you follow blockchain crypto news, then you might know that the use of blockchain in gambling allows verification. This ensures fairness in playing games. With the use of this digital ledger technology, there can be no cheating and hindrance in payment and outcome. However, the use of cryptocurrency in gambling can also result in problems as it is not so easy to intercept such online gambling. It is because the use of blockchain in these sites cannot be easily stolen or captured. From the regulation point of view, it does not fall under any regulations because of no involvement of banks in transactions. Transactions are free from the imposition of any rules and regulations. Besides this, another problem that can be posed in the use of cryptocurrency in gambling is anonymity. 

The use of cryptocurrency in gambling can be done if there is better connectivity of the internet. Traditional banking services cannot be accessed here. New cryptocurrencies are created for special gambling such as CasinoCoin. The introduction of a non-profit organization like Double C Foundation by CasinoCoin aims to promote and educate the people about the use of cryptocurrency in gambling. 


So this is all about the use of cryptocurrency in gambling. Now you can assume about the growing importance of this new digital currency in trading as well as in gambling. But with some secured provisions like blockchain, there can be no cheating and interference in terms of payment. But these online gambling becomes a problem when it comes to putting an end to it. It is all because they are free from regulations or censorship. Another problem is anonymity in cryptocurrency. However, you can count for benefits like these transactions cannot be reversed back. And because of it, there is no possibility of cheating and non-payment.

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